Trying something new...

Here goes nothing.....we are trying to eat extra super duper healthy. Spants (yes, Spencer) came up with the idea while skimming through his latest book and reading a chapter about a slow-carb diet -- and well, with me ALWAYS complaining about my weight it seems to be a perfect match. Right?

We start today.

After a secret binge of Trader Joe's popcorn and a  chocolate and sea salt covered caramel (which I very very very secretly had) we headed to my new favorite grocery store Fresh & Easy to bring home some good lookin' greens.

Let the cooking begin...

Well, we already "cheated" with a Reese's to "celebrate" the beginning of our new diet.
Basically, we are allowed to have as many greens as we want throughout the day along with proteins too. We have to eat every 4 hours (sooooo with my long classes who knows how that is going to turn out). We decided that we would meet half way on not consuming grains and could have quinoa. We can still have coffee, wine and as much water as we would like. Breakfast actually has to be made in the morning -- ugh! No more get up 30 minutes before class starts.

We are allowed one splurge day -- were essentially anything can be consumed.

Tonight we started with lentils (which I had never had before and I like them! The texture is odd, and the taste is different -- it is a good change), chicken, red peppers, onions, jalapeno, garlic, corn, black and pinto beans. As bland as that meal sounds it was surprisingly good.


Here goes nothing....

Sending love from Southern California!

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