My coffee cup.

I have my specific coffee cup. I have my specific wine jug (yes, jug -- I cannot use a fancy steam wine glass because I would prefer not to have wine on my carpet). I always fear that someone is going to dear to use one of MY cups but then I realize my roommates (past, present and future) get the hint.

Having a specific mug, jug, and/or cup reminds me of my mom. She has a tea cup -- which sounds like it might have morphed into a coffee mug these days?

I bought my coffee mug from CVS, in Truckee. It was supposed to be a sundae cup. Right.............It was the best $1 I spent. EVER. The inside of my mug is green, which matches several of the dots that are sparingly spread on the outside. You can tell my mug has seen a few cups of coffee because there are forever stains on the inside.

Most of the time in the morning I wake up and find my coffee in my mug. Sadly, it has to be poured into my travel cup -- on the positive side both mugs fit the same amount.

Seldom do I wash it. Yah, whatever -- get disgusted. It give the cup character -- and I am full of character. We were made for each other obviously.

I used to have a different mug. It was big and white and said "Diva" on it. I broke that in a huff this summer. Emotions sometimes get the best of people. That will be the last time that I ever break something while I am distressed,  especially a coffee mug -- because the worst part of the situation came in the morning when I realized I didn't have something to pour my freshly brewed coffee in. Hummm.

Sending love from Southern California.

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