I love noise -- i.e. music. I find it comforting. I always have some type of jam on around me. Yesterday, while I was sitting in horrendous traffic due to the immense amount of rain we have been getting I had my phone on shuffle (surprise...not). Beethoven came on. Yes, believe it or not -- I do enjoy classical music, I used to listen to it a lot while I was studying while attending UNR (now everything at FIDM is a mad dash so I don't really pay attention to what is on). The specific song that came on was "symphony No. 1 in a C Major, Op 21: IV. Adagio -- Alegro Molto E Vivace" (try saying that 10 times fast...) I actually listened to it twice in a row before letting the next song play...

THEN...the coolest thing happened, the next song to come on was Bassnectar "Timestretch" a little bit of dubstep. Okay, so I guess that you have to have both the ear, and appreciation for this type of music. I for one, absolutely love it.

A long time ago when I was going through the Spice Girl/Hanson "MmmmBop" stage of my youth someone told me that all I listen to is "bubble gum" music -- of course being about 9 years old that didn't really mean anything to me, but it has unfortunately stuck with me. Look here I am now listening to Beethoven...haha! 

I was also told that I would grow out of the music that I listen to. BUT if you think about it, has anyone REALLY grown out of the music of their generation? When the Beatles, the Who, Santana, etc were big when our parents were our age (teens and twenties), they didn't grow out of it -- matter of fact they still listen to those bands -- and I know that my mom -- the COOLEST person ever, has more updated music knowledge than I do. I always find it funny that I tell her to download a song and her response is "Yah, that song was good last month when it came out" or " oh, that play that on XM all the time -- you are just listening to it?" ha ha ha ha. Anyways back to my rant..... That is the music that defines their generation. My generation of music seemed to get very divided up by genres -- but I know that years from now I will probably be listening to my favorite hip hop songs, most likely still Bassnectar, etc because that is the music of MY generation. (oh and by the way --I still do have Spice Girls..but honestly who doesn't that grew up at that time?)

The reason that I thought both of these songs were so interesting being played back to back was because they are two very different takes on how instrumental music is played. If you listen closely you can hear similarities between the two. Neat! Its a total progression in music.

Well -- yesterday it poured here. So I geared up for it to be pouring AGAIN and its sunny of course. I have a BUNCH of homework to get done over the next day and a half. No bike/hike/walk/run today before work. :(

Sending Love from Southern California!

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