Monday Funday.

So today, I should have been in school. Wooah, woah, woah -- don't worry. I didn't ditch, it was president's day therefore campus was closed. I made sure I wasn't scheduled for work and Spants and I planned a day full of adventures together.

Originally, we came up with two choices A) Skiing B) Biking (Spants just bought a Cervelo in the fall). Skiing didn't work out (Thanks for the try dad! -- next time, I will give you more than a one day notice). So biking it was. After a lazy morning we finally got our acts together, google-d some rides and found one not to far from the house. Off we went. I love being able to ride from home, and not have to commute in a car to get to the place I want to ride. It was a nice easy ride, next to the Los Angeles river, WHICH surprisingly was well kept.

I think I want to try and join a bike club up in Pasadena so that I can learn about other rides, and make some fellow pedaling friends.

Guess who?

Happy girl!

He's alright.....

So then -- to make today even more awesome Spencer's roommate, Ginger (which he really doesn't even live at the house, it is essentially a glorified storage unit) and her boyfriend, Henry,  wanted to do something exhilarating. What better thing to do than go to the ZOO! After a 30 minute deliberation on which outfit would be appropriate as zoo attire we headed out. The traffic was horrible, evidently we were not the only people in Los Angeles who thought that going to the zoo would be a good idea. After battling the traffic we battled the lines to find we only had 2 hours until the zoo would close. We sure did make those two-hours count. I am pretty sure we basically covered all the important exhibits: tigers, lions, elephants, monkeys, zebras, hippo, funny looking creatures. My favorite was the giraffes. They always remind me of my little sissy -- I know....weird. I think it is because they are so tall. I sent Sarah a txt and she responded "thats funny" -- few we are on the same page. :) I miss my sister.
Giraffes. An adult giraffe can have a 27" long tongue.

I spy...

One of my favorite parts of the zoo, the walk way is made out of recycled glass. I want this at my house -- when ever I actually own one....

After a long day of exciting activities, we make chicken masala for dinner and are completely vegged out on the couch.

Back to the grind tomorrow.

Sending love from southern California.

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