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Monday's are one of my favorite days on campus. Lately I have been having career meetings with my adviser, then off to drafting class, then if the timing is done right a quick "lunch" or in my case coffee break with one of my favorite girls Lily, then Materials and Props with a lunch break with Brittany and Kaylyn. We have been taste testing all the restaurants in walking distance from campus. Here is what we have found so far.....

Of course there is always Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf kitty corner to the school park. Good prices, open early and late. Quick. Same menu, good snacks. Obviously not really lunch worthy.....my guilty pleasure lately has been a Jasmine Dragon tea latte, with 1/2 the vanilla. I am not a fan of the drip coffee there, but the tea selection is pretty neat.

Simply Salad has been my favorite place so far. It is a salad makery (I am making up words) that has a very similar lay out to Yogurtland, except for they make it for you. Great menu. You can either have your salad (which is wicked big) in a resealable bowl, or you can have it as a wrap -- there is almost enough to make two meals. My favorite salad so far has been the "china town" minus the oranges. The employees are nice and welcoming. The service is quick, the prices aren't too bad. There are places to sit both inside and out.

The Panini Cafe is right in the mix of eateries around campus. So far we have eaten there twice -- I haven't really been that impressed either times. The service isn't the fastest in the world, but, they do give FIDM students a discount on meals. You can order your panini as a "1/2", or whole. There are different alternatives for sides, opposed to the normal  greasy potato chips. The prices are a little bit higher than they should be......but it is nice to sit down and feel like you are not at school anymore. I had the "highly recommended" Chicken panini the first visit with cous-cous. It was small, I wish I would have ordered a whole sandwich. The second visit we all went for the same meal -- charbroiled chicken shish kabob with basmati rice and an avocado salad. The chicken was AMAZING! They fooled us with the price though, they said it was $9 and couldn't give us our FIDM discount because the food was already discounted. Hmmmm.........They have a good liquid (wine, beer, juice, soda, etc) selection. It is VERY convenient.

The Pantry Cafe is my weakness. Although I haven't been there with my lunch time friends yet -- I have ventured down there with my friend Kerry. The OG Pantry has been in Los Angeles since 1924. They only take cash and have an AMAZING breakfast menu!!! Oh my gosh!! Everything is very simple to order. Breakfast is only served until 11 am. Lots of good hot coffee. Normally, there is a wait to sit down because it is SO popular. There is a constant hustle and bustle -- but that makes the whole experience fun! I highly suggest squeezing into the Pantry for some legit food!! Ohhh -- and if you forget cash there is an ATM there! :)

Of course there are a bunch of other fantastic restaurants around, we have just yet to get there. Ralph's is really convenient -- a full grocery store across the street from school. There is a subway, and a starbucks, a quiznos and other little chain's around. We tried Yojie, but it takes tooooo long. Big Wangs is just down the street,  and so is Bogetta Louie (they always have the most amazing bakery window displays! YUM!) -- technically everything is "close" downtown, time is the only thing that hold us back from exploring more. Hopefully we will find some more delightful eateries soon!

Sending love from So cal!

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  1. When I make my way to Disneyland/Southern California, I am going to refer to this blog post! I lovelove local little food joints and secret hidden gems :-)