I love noise -- i.e. music. I find it comforting. I always have some type of jam on around me. Yesterday, while I was sitting in horrendous traffic due to the immense amount of rain we have been getting I had my phone on shuffle (surprise...not). Beethoven came on. Yes, believe it or not -- I do enjoy classical music, I used to listen to it a lot while I was studying while attending UNR (now everything at FIDM is a mad dash so I don't really pay attention to what is on). The specific song that came on was "symphony No. 1 in a C Major, Op 21: IV. Adagio -- Alegro Molto E Vivace" (try saying that 10 times fast...) I actually listened to it twice in a row before letting the next song play...

THEN...the coolest thing happened, the next song to come on was Bassnectar "Timestretch" a little bit of dubstep. Okay, so I guess that you have to have both the ear, and appreciation for this type of music. I for one, absolutely love it.

A long time ago when I was going through the Spice Girl/Hanson "MmmmBop" stage of my youth someone told me that all I listen to is "bubble gum" music -- of course being about 9 years old that didn't really mean anything to me, but it has unfortunately stuck with me. Look here I am now listening to Beethoven...haha! 

I was also told that I would grow out of the music that I listen to. BUT if you think about it, has anyone REALLY grown out of the music of their generation? When the Beatles, the Who, Santana, etc were big when our parents were our age (teens and twenties), they didn't grow out of it -- matter of fact they still listen to those bands -- and I know that my mom -- the COOLEST person ever, has more updated music knowledge than I do. I always find it funny that I tell her to download a song and her response is "Yah, that song was good last month when it came out" or " oh, that play that on XM all the time -- you are just listening to it?" ha ha ha ha. Anyways back to my rant..... That is the music that defines their generation. My generation of music seemed to get very divided up by genres -- but I know that years from now I will probably be listening to my favorite hip hop songs, most likely still Bassnectar, etc because that is the music of MY generation. (oh and by the way --I still do have Spice Girls..but honestly who doesn't that grew up at that time?)

The reason that I thought both of these songs were so interesting being played back to back was because they are two very different takes on how instrumental music is played. If you listen closely you can hear similarities between the two. Neat! Its a total progression in music.

Well -- yesterday it poured here. So I geared up for it to be pouring AGAIN and its sunny of course. I have a BUNCH of homework to get done over the next day and a half. No bike/hike/walk/run today before work. :(

Sending Love from Southern California!


side-show by the sea

On Saturday I went on a shoot for a jewelry company "sideshow by the sea", they featured Hello Drama clothing. The company has some pretty neat stuff,  very different than Hello Drama's. Great experience.....really really really really really long day.....

Sending Love from So Cal...


Monday Funday.

So today, I should have been in school. Wooah, woah, woah -- don't worry. I didn't ditch, it was president's day therefore campus was closed. I made sure I wasn't scheduled for work and Spants and I planned a day full of adventures together.

Originally, we came up with two choices A) Skiing B) Biking (Spants just bought a Cervelo in the fall). Skiing didn't work out (Thanks for the try dad! -- next time, I will give you more than a one day notice). So biking it was. After a lazy morning we finally got our acts together, google-d some rides and found one not to far from the house. Off we went. I love being able to ride from home, and not have to commute in a car to get to the place I want to ride. It was a nice easy ride, next to the Los Angeles river, WHICH surprisingly was well kept.

I think I want to try and join a bike club up in Pasadena so that I can learn about other rides, and make some fellow pedaling friends.

Guess who?

Happy girl!

He's alright.....

So then -- to make today even more awesome Spencer's roommate, Ginger (which he really doesn't even live at the house, it is essentially a glorified storage unit) and her boyfriend, Henry,  wanted to do something exhilarating. What better thing to do than go to the ZOO! After a 30 minute deliberation on which outfit would be appropriate as zoo attire we headed out. The traffic was horrible, evidently we were not the only people in Los Angeles who thought that going to the zoo would be a good idea. After battling the traffic we battled the lines to find we only had 2 hours until the zoo would close. We sure did make those two-hours count. I am pretty sure we basically covered all the important exhibits: tigers, lions, elephants, monkeys, zebras, hippo, funny looking creatures. My favorite was the giraffes. They always remind me of my little sissy -- I know....weird. I think it is because they are so tall. I sent Sarah a txt and she responded "thats funny" -- few we are on the same page. :) I miss my sister.
Giraffes. An adult giraffe can have a 27" long tongue.

I spy...

One of my favorite parts of the zoo, the walk way is made out of recycled glass. I want this at my house -- when ever I actually own one....

After a long day of exciting activities, we make chicken masala for dinner and are completely vegged out on the couch.

Back to the grind tomorrow.

Sending love from southern California.


Trying something new...

Here goes nothing.....we are trying to eat extra super duper healthy. Spants (yes, Spencer) came up with the idea while skimming through his latest book and reading a chapter about a slow-carb diet -- and well, with me ALWAYS complaining about my weight it seems to be a perfect match. Right?

We start today.

After a secret binge of Trader Joe's popcorn and a  chocolate and sea salt covered caramel (which I very very very secretly had) we headed to my new favorite grocery store Fresh & Easy to bring home some good lookin' greens.

Let the cooking begin...

Well, we already "cheated" with a Reese's to "celebrate" the beginning of our new diet.
Basically, we are allowed to have as many greens as we want throughout the day along with proteins too. We have to eat every 4 hours (sooooo with my long classes who knows how that is going to turn out). We decided that we would meet half way on not consuming grains and could have quinoa. We can still have coffee, wine and as much water as we would like. Breakfast actually has to be made in the morning -- ugh! No more get up 30 minutes before class starts.

We are allowed one splurge day -- were essentially anything can be consumed.

Tonight we started with lentils (which I had never had before and I like them! The texture is odd, and the taste is different -- it is a good change), chicken, red peppers, onions, jalapeno, garlic, corn, black and pinto beans. As bland as that meal sounds it was surprisingly good.


Here goes nothing....

Sending love from Southern California!


My coffee cup.

I have my specific coffee cup. I have my specific wine jug (yes, jug -- I cannot use a fancy steam wine glass because I would prefer not to have wine on my carpet). I always fear that someone is going to dear to use one of MY cups but then I realize my roommates (past, present and future) get the hint.

Having a specific mug, jug, and/or cup reminds me of my mom. She has a tea cup -- which sounds like it might have morphed into a coffee mug these days?

I bought my coffee mug from CVS, in Truckee. It was supposed to be a sundae cup. Right.............It was the best $1 I spent. EVER. The inside of my mug is green, which matches several of the dots that are sparingly spread on the outside. You can tell my mug has seen a few cups of coffee because there are forever stains on the inside.

Most of the time in the morning I wake up and find my coffee in my mug. Sadly, it has to be poured into my travel cup -- on the positive side both mugs fit the same amount.

Seldom do I wash it. Yah, whatever -- get disgusted. It give the cup character -- and I am full of character. We were made for each other obviously.

I used to have a different mug. It was big and white and said "Diva" on it. I broke that in a huff this summer. Emotions sometimes get the best of people. That will be the last time that I ever break something while I am distressed,  especially a coffee mug -- because the worst part of the situation came in the morning when I realized I didn't have something to pour my freshly brewed coffee in. Hummm.

Sending love from Southern California.

Ansel iPhone

 Late to bed. Early to rise.

Brighten your day.

We are non-digital gamers.

Doughboys Cafe.
 (I suggest trying the Scrapple. Damn good)
Mi Piace
 V-day date.
V-day flowers. Legit.
Sending love from Southern California.

chowing around FIDM

Monday's are one of my favorite days on campus. Lately I have been having career meetings with my adviser, then off to drafting class, then if the timing is done right a quick "lunch" or in my case coffee break with one of my favorite girls Lily, then Materials and Props with a lunch break with Brittany and Kaylyn. We have been taste testing all the restaurants in walking distance from campus. Here is what we have found so far.....

Of course there is always Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf kitty corner to the school park. Good prices, open early and late. Quick. Same menu, good snacks. Obviously not really lunch worthy.....my guilty pleasure lately has been a Jasmine Dragon tea latte, with 1/2 the vanilla. I am not a fan of the drip coffee there, but the tea selection is pretty neat.

Simply Salad has been my favorite place so far. It is a salad makery (I am making up words) that has a very similar lay out to Yogurtland, except for they make it for you. Great menu. You can either have your salad (which is wicked big) in a resealable bowl, or you can have it as a wrap -- there is almost enough to make two meals. My favorite salad so far has been the "china town" minus the oranges. The employees are nice and welcoming. The service is quick, the prices aren't too bad. There are places to sit both inside and out.

The Panini Cafe is right in the mix of eateries around campus. So far we have eaten there twice -- I haven't really been that impressed either times. The service isn't the fastest in the world, but, they do give FIDM students a discount on meals. You can order your panini as a "1/2", or whole. There are different alternatives for sides, opposed to the normal  greasy potato chips. The prices are a little bit higher than they should be......but it is nice to sit down and feel like you are not at school anymore. I had the "highly recommended" Chicken panini the first visit with cous-cous. It was small, I wish I would have ordered a whole sandwich. The second visit we all went for the same meal -- charbroiled chicken shish kabob with basmati rice and an avocado salad. The chicken was AMAZING! They fooled us with the price though, they said it was $9 and couldn't give us our FIDM discount because the food was already discounted. Hmmmm.........They have a good liquid (wine, beer, juice, soda, etc) selection. It is VERY convenient.

The Pantry Cafe is my weakness. Although I haven't been there with my lunch time friends yet -- I have ventured down there with my friend Kerry. The OG Pantry has been in Los Angeles since 1924. They only take cash and have an AMAZING breakfast menu!!! Oh my gosh!! Everything is very simple to order. Breakfast is only served until 11 am. Lots of good hot coffee. Normally, there is a wait to sit down because it is SO popular. There is a constant hustle and bustle -- but that makes the whole experience fun! I highly suggest squeezing into the Pantry for some legit food!! Ohhh -- and if you forget cash there is an ATM there! :)

Of course there are a bunch of other fantastic restaurants around, we have just yet to get there. Ralph's is really convenient -- a full grocery store across the street from school. There is a subway, and a starbucks, a quiznos and other little chain's around. We tried Yojie, but it takes tooooo long. Big Wangs is just down the street,  and so is Bogetta Louie (they always have the most amazing bakery window displays! YUM!) -- technically everything is "close" downtown, time is the only thing that hold us back from exploring more. Hopefully we will find some more delightful eateries soon!

Sending love from So cal!


Where have I been hiding?

This was for my sketching class. Each one of these pictures is drawn to scale. First in pencil, then inked, then copied, then colored. It's a process. But, it is neat to see how my work is progressively getting better.

This group of sketches where the set design that I thought up for a character named "Beth", she was what my teacher said "social anorexic and a cat lady" ha ha ha. 

This project was for my Material's and Prop's class. We created textures out of just paint. The goal is to make it look as realistic as possible -- of course the colors didn't matter. After we did all the painting we were responsible for cutting the swatches up and designing a 'flowing pattern' for presentation. I got an A.

Now we are working on mold making. I am planning on doing a Buddha -- I am using latex to make the mold.  I am SO excited about this project!

This was for Mats & Props too. It was so the teacher could see our level of cutting and understanding of scale. A...duh!

This is for my trends class. We went to Melrose and took pictures of street art and had to create a trend out of it. I called my 'Soul paint' and centered my trend around human faces and figures -- and the important of natural beauty.

Then we had to take one of those pictures and create a trend from gathering art from outside sources. I called mine "recre-faction" -- a trend of different ways faces are used in art movements.

This was my first sketching project of the quarter. We had to draw the set of a comedy. Seeing that I don't really watch comedies that was hard for me, so I picked Will and Grace since I was able to find the most resources.

So -- school is going really well right now. I am learning a lot. I am also taking a computer rendering class, as well as drafting. Computer is really fun, I am learning a bunch of really neat tricks in Adobe Illustrator -- hopefully I will have some legitimate work to show you all soon. As for drafting we are just getting started -- I have my first project due this Monday. I was able to get a hell'uva deal on a 24 x 32 portable table, so I can do my work at home instead of finding time in my hectic schedule to go to school. I am a little nervous about this class, I already managed to mess up on my lettering -- ugh. I guess there was a mis-communication between how I thought the assignment was supposed to be done. Oooopppps. 

Well -- back to the grind. Time to head to work for the next 9 hours of my life.
I can't wait to share my adventures of this weekend. I am hanging out with one of my girlfriends on Sunday and going to the Getty Villa for a school project and well, tomorrow .... who knows.

Sending love from Southern California.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 
There is always something new and cool to discover here in Los Angeles. I think that is why I am so  captivated by it.