Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Well, Spencer and I had a fantastic Sunday and I wanted to share a few pics with you.....

First, we started off with a hirun (that's a hike/run -- duh!). Then we headed to Dot's (the best cupcakes in the world -- with the worst hours possible) and grabbed 1/2 a dozen Fleur de sel minis. BUT WAIT, it doesn't stop there -- we went to the beach!!!

Sunday was the first time that I had really been to the beach for some true hang time since I arrived on the coast. It was great. The sun was out, I got to work on my latest read: If you have to cry, go outside by Kelly Cutrone (my idol!). Then we walked around -- the art down there is amazing, I would love to learn more about how the buy/trade system works down there because there were some magnificent pieces I would LOVE to get my hands on. The sunset was one of the most amazing I have seen so far.

The beaches here are SO different from what I am used to. It is polar opposite from good ole' Pelican Perch. 

I love it here.


I like this

When the sun goes down...

So friggin beautiful!
Sending love from Southern California

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