Making it in LA

I should be taking a shower and getting ready for work, BUT, I decided it was time to have some eggs & coffee and blog a little bit. I need to get back on track.

First off, I finished a FANTASTIC book the other day that Warren Witherell sent me for graduation, "First you have to row a little boat". I bought a new book the other night, It is one of Kelly Cutrone -- my idol. When I was looking for it I looked in biographies, and art, all over the damn store only to be lead to a table labeled "self -help", I make a comment to Spencer that all I have been reading lately are self-help books, I must have a problem. The lady next to us over heard and said 'or you are just trying to be prepared' ha, sure! Spencer reassured me I don't have a problem.......errrrrrrr..... :)
But, I am REALLY excited to read Cutrone's book, my drafting teacher suggested it.

Big day Thursday day -- Career center appointment. Time to start looking for a big girl job.

Ohhh and tomorrow I have an entire day off! No school! No work! Beach maybe?

Something that I have heard a lot lately is "Oh, they didn't make it in LA", or "Yeah, they are really successful and are totally making it". What on earth does that mean?!?! When I think about it the idea of 'making it' seems like a whole bunch of jibberish. Okay, so out here I have learned that you have to have a thick skin and you have to be willing to really GO for things -- but people can still be successful if they chose a different route.

A choice that a lot of people that are in the industry that I am trying to 'make it' in go and party, or "network" like it is going out of style. I on the other hand have decided that I don't need to do that, for some reason it just doesn't seem professional. "Hey, lets meet at a bar and you can see me get totally wasted", NO! Who knows, it is probably my prospective hat is skewed.

But, back to the idea of 'making it', everyone makes it. From those who live the 'untouchable' lifestyle to the homeless in skid row. We have all made decisions that have landed us in the specific life location that we are at. At any moment WE can change the way we are making it too. How do you differentiate if a person is 'making it' in LA or not? Income? Lifestyle? Fakeness? Amount of celebrity friends?

When I look at my current lifestyle I am beyond making it -- in my own terms -- I am reaching levels that I never saw myself doing 4 years ago. I have stepped out of the ski bum norm and became a warm weather, traffic loving, fast paced city lover. 

Are you 'making it?'

This morning I went on a fantastic run up to the top of Griffth park's Dante's peak. It is yet another gorgeous day in Los Angeles. I friggin love it here!! 

Okay, breakfast and blogging is over -- time to hit the showers!

Sending love from Southern California.

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