Hello Drama/Harlow Shoot

Today I was given a fantastic opportunity to style for Hello Drama Jewelry for a feature in Los Angeles based,  Harlow Magazine. Here are some photos I snapped with my handy dandy iPhone (can't wait to see the finished results!), Enjoy!

Photographer: Saki Suruki
Hello Drama Jewelry: Kalia Yu
Model, Ballerina: Natalia Barulich
Model, Silver outfit: Mila Melissina
Model, Black outfit(s): Steph Rai
Clothing designer/stylist: Katt Lee
Make-Up artist: Candace Williams
Hair: Brittney Yabs
Art Director: Matt Rivera
Stylist: Elizabeth Reeder

Sorry I've been so bad about blogging, I'll get back on it soon. I've been sick as many of you know -- plus school just started. Talk about a whirlwind of excitement! ha ha!

Sending love from Southern California!

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