New Years, Reno. Good friends. Fireworks. Champagne.

Shredding -- Heavenly, CA

Waiting -- Heavenly, CA. This sign made me giggle.

Back to my palm trees and 65 degree days :)

Teach me how to bucky, teach me, teach me how to Bucky. A fantastic Spencer find
NYE @ Wurk with friends.

As many of you know already Spencer and I adventured up to Tahoe for New Years. After the LONGEST most bored week of my life and driving around the LAX airport loop about 15 times Spencer was FINALLY back. We RUSHED to get ready to head to towards Tahoe, a quick bag change, a trip to Target and my new favorite LA breakfast joint The Coffee Table Bistro (I HIGHLY suggest the super breakfast burrito!! YUMMMOOO!) we hit the road.

We took the 5 to I-80 up to Reno. Made it in around 7 hours. Easy. Picked up some Qudoba, 60 Coors Lights, 30 red cups and some electrolytes. We headed over to MattVance's house and all my old friends slowly started to appear. We shoved our faces with food and quickly got ready only to find that all the cabs where busy and there was no way that we were getting down town that way. Luckily, we had a driver (parking is a disaster downtown during the holidays -- cabs are the way to go!). Instead of joining the rest of Reno inside clubs and under the arch Cam, Mac, Steph, Spencer and myself stayed in the warm car watching the fireworks with a nice bottle of champagne and some good music. Afterwards, we headed to the ultimate bar Wurk to meet with everyone else. I saw a bunch of friends it was awesome. We checked out Imperial and decided it was time to head back to Matt's some how. Spencer and I were on a solo mission -- we managed to lose EVERYONE else somehow. Oh well, I decided that he HAD to experience Awful Awful since we were in Reno -- and let's face it, there is no better time than 3 am. He loved it. We were FINALLY about to hail a cab and home we went.

The next morning we headed to Northstar. We skied our hinney's off! It was REALLY great because we were able to have pow runs the entire time we were there. I showed him all my favorite hidden little spots. For those of you who don't know, Spencer and I know each other from our days of racing in Colorado. He skied for Winter Park, and I was based out of Crested Butte. We saw each other on occasion -- I will admit it is WICKED funny to reminisce. This trip was our first time that we were able to ski, racing aside -- it was SO nice skiing with a person that could ACTUALLY ski! I had a blast! He met my dad. It was nice to briefly see him.  That night I showed Spencer Rick Shaw (my favorite sushi place in Reno), he doesn't like sushi, BUT, he liked this. Vance came with us too! We all ate so much we could have puked. We were in bed by 9:30.

After 12 hours of sleep we work up and headed to my other favorite eating establishment My Favorite Muffin. It was awesome, we scarfed it down as we drove to Heavenly. Thanks to Spencer's dad we were able to get tickets to ski there. We met up with my good friend Courtney and her boyfriend and they showed us around -- then we took off on our own. The conditions were PERFECT! The snow was total ego snow, you could lay down a turn (with no edges), no lift lines, the view of the lake was spectacular, I didn't want to leave (okay, I am lying -- I was excited to get back to LA). After some advice from both our dad's we decided that 395 would be the best route home...little did we know...

A 7 hour trip turned into a 12 hour trip. It was snowing all the way to Palmdale, CA. I guess that it really rare. We were both slap happy by the time we got home at 2 am. Luckily, we were both able to sleep in a little bit the next day. Later, we found out that it was good that we took 395 because I-5 was closed for 24 hours because of bad conditions. Still, it was funny to laugh at the horrendous winter driving skills a majority of the people on the road had -- including ambulance drivers.

Over all it was a GREAT trip, but I was really happy to get back to Los Angeles. I love the mountains, and I love skiing, but I am so happy where I am with life right now. It makes me happy to be excited to come back to a place I was some what skeptical of several months ago. LA is where I belong right now.

Speaking of...I started class today! It was RADDDDD!!! I'll explain more once I have my first FULL week of classes done.

Spencer and I had our Christmas the other night, let's just say he is the best boyfriend EVER. I am very lucky -- like wicked extremely lucky! 


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