Bucket update

  • Have Rachel Ray cook one of MY dishes
  • Make a case of my own wine at a vineyard 
  • Climb a 14er


Home -- Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros

Home -- a song, and the place I am at right now. I haven't been here for Christmas in over 2 years. A lot of things have changed. It is fantastic seeing my family -- they all have such great stories, and the little ones are so energetic! Yesterday, I was able to treat my mom and sister to some Bud cooking. We had "Adult Mac & Cheese", for those of you actually reading this post maybe if you are lucky I will cook it for you sometime....it is to die for.
I received some really neat things for Christmas -- and one of the most AMAZING graduation presents one could ask for.
Something that crossed my mind, isn't it semi-ironic that now two kids that grew up in freezing cold weather whom now live beach front now take their vacations to to cold? Odd wording, I know. But, to me...it seems like the only appropriate place that people vacation would be ski areas -- Crested Butte thrives on tourism so I was always used to it and...well..OBX is a second home for me...so I don't really consider that a vacation.
Babe in Helmets. We went on the coolest road bike ride before we took off for Christmas vacation. 
Skullcandy Aviator's. Pretty nice little gift from Utah.....They sound amazing! 

Christmas breakfast!!! Tamales and eggs! YUMMO! Ah ya, thank you mista' Chase! 

Three cool things: 1) Clearly I am a kitchen fanatic. I LOVE cooking, I am more than happy to cook a lavish meal for anyone! What ever you want, I will cook it up! So, Spencer and I used to go to a cooking store when we lived near Pasadena, and I would DROOL over the utensils there. I found these Bodum cups that I had been googely eyed over, but were way out of my price range. Well, today I found them for $6. Who's stoked? THIS GIRL! 2) I tasted my first Genesee beer. Tomorrow we are trying some cream beer -- turns out, I really like other beers than PBR so I am excited! ha! 3) This was the sign I came home to on the closet doors. Yes, not only do I STILL sleep with a stuff animal -- I also think that I may run into the boogie man and a monster in the closet. All in all -- I have slept 2 out of the three nights I have been here, tonight doesn't seem promising. Oh well.
This trip has been one of the most interest visits I have had to the east coast. I have learned a lot, I have had to confront a lot of issues, and all in all I am ready to just take a deep breath and relax. Fingers crossed I found a car -- hopefully everything works out tomorrow, I am beyond nervous and I wish that I could get more support than I am getting....but....I know something will work out.

I wish I didn't have to leave on Thursday -- leaving my mom is the hardest part. But, I am so excited to get back and see Spencer...I miss him (a lot).

Sending Love from the empire state!


Magic 8-Ball

I have a magic 8 ball on my desk. I ask it at least 12 questions a day -- today it had some GREAT answers! You could only imagine the question I had just asked this sucker....
Well, lets start this off oddly (since I have had the most oddly outstanding-- by all means I sincerely mean this in the most positive way possible -- week of my life), I have small ears....yep...along with my small feet and stature -- at the end of the day I am small -- BUT -- just to clarify I am legally NOT a midget. Maybe I need to jump on the Kim Jong il train and wear platform shoes er'ryday?

Okay, so I have that out of the way..haha...

I am sure you are wondering where on earth I was going with that rant? Today I got the most amazing box of goodies delivered from Skullcandy as a Thank You (Sidenote: I am so incredibly thankful for this box!!!). I never thought that anything like this would come my way -- oddly enough I was on the market for some new headphones and I found myself having to decide between three different pairs (I am testing out pair number two right now) -- I was reminded today about how small my ears were via the sender of this gift. Oh, thanks! I totally forgot that I was miniature -- I feel like I could be put on a shelf and call it a day. Right? ha.

This week as been oddly amazing for me. I have been able to relate to so many of my friends on so many different levels -- quite honestly I blame it on my new desk ornament: The Magic 8 Ball....which was purchased during our target toy buying spree last week (Hey Wilson, at least I have upgraded my superstition-ist to a magic 8-ball instead of collecting piles of dirty heads up pennies! So you can no longer tell me to stop picking up the pennies I find on the ground and strangely placing them all over Syd). I just couldn't part with it. I have been asking it questions for the last week....the answers have been oddly truthful, almost like a horoscope. Spencer and I looked up Scorpios and Cancers tonight...typical. I am so pumped for all the good news from Colorado that two of my closest friends have graduated...see, oddly amazing!? hahaha!

Okay...ranting again. I am a music nerd (by this I mean, in no way am I musically inclined -- but I can put on a pair of headphones or crank the volume in Syd and know a good song when I hear one). Musical Thursday's? How about it? (and I apologize ahead of the time if A) there are vulgar lyrics B) the video is lame C) you don't like the music I listen to, maybe the songs are on reply 86.3% of my life -- just sayin.  D) I am not a lyricist, but, I used to have a dream of being a platinum blonde, gold grill wearin' fashionista in New York City -- clearly that is not going to happen and I have to settle with mah Jeffery Campbell's and my Oakley gear...which at this time of my "mature' (and I use that term ridiculously loosely) life.

 The Naked & Famous -- Young Blood 

Florence + The Machine -- You've Got the Love (Mr. Wonk's Dubstep Mask Mix)

Billy Currington -- Let Me Down Easy 
By far one of my favorites. Go ahead, make fun....

Rihanna -- We Found Love 
Okay...seriously...not my kinda jam...but, then again I totally LOVE IT (I think er'ry girl does)

Macklemore -- Hold Ya Head Up 
Forever a favorite. Hold ya head up, theres a light in the sky. 

Rise Against -- Savior 

Strength To Go On -- Rise Against 
One, more...why not?

Social Distortion -- Story of My Life 

Slackstring -- Sunday Jen 
If I could stay in this moment forever I would.....

Atmosphere -- She's Enough 

DJ Fresh -- Gold Dust (Flux Pavilion) 
Mah Jam

Katy B -- On A Mission 
This just makes me want to jump on my bike and climb, climb, climb -- something I love dearly.
Cadence to beat.

Sending SO MUCH holiday love from SoCal.....now get me outta here and back to the East coast! 



The List. 

Late one Tahoe winter night my girlfriend Emily and I were sitting at my table which was covered in beer cans (if you have been a follower or over to the TD house -- you have seen the table that we covered in old beer cans)  which was the center of attention in the dinning room -- it acted as a desk to study on, a table to eat dinner on, a beer pong table and one to just sit around and share gossip with my girls with. 
During a bottle of Cupcake wine (which I don't suggest to anyone...) Em and I decided we need to come up with bucket lists along with a classic video message to her sister..... Okay, so we might only be in our early twenties...but...why not start now? I absolutely love adventuring. After an abrupt change in a relationship I was able to spend an entire summer checking things off my list, of course my bucket list is still growing. 
I have this pink (I know, how cliché notebook that I keep shoved in my bedside table -- the secret is out. Which obviously, I didn't do that good of a job of hiding it because after my college graduation party I found that my mom had discovered this and added a few things...embarrassingly enough...my bucket list is not the only thing this nice like pink book contains. And......we are done with that subject.), I have things scratched all over it -- I haven't added anything in a while, but after readying a fellow friends blog I need to get back into the swing of things. I figured it was time to share some of the things I want to do, that maybe some far off person that may come across budreeder.com can help me achieve something on my bucket list...you never know... (and Wilson..I know you can take me Skydiving, I am just not ready. I am still waiting for our Redwood trip, SERIOUSLY) :

  • Take a trip with TOMS shoes to Africa or Argentina 
  • Go to Thailand and spend a day on Koh Samet
  • Watch the Tour de France in real life, and ride the course
  • Ski at Kick Horse, British Columbia 
  • Go to the Olympics, winter or summer to watch (once upon a time I wanted to be on the US team for biking)
  • Fly in a helicopter
  • Go to Alaska
  • See Emeril Lagasse
  • Meet Rachael Ray and tell her how I love all of her 30-minute meals
  • Go sky diving
  • Learn to speak another language (all those year of French, Spanish and Latin didn't stick with me)
  • Learn how to roll sushi
  • Have an article in a magazine written about me
  • Go to Russia and buy a fur hat
  • Visit NYC and go to MoMA, wax museums, China Town, Grand Central, Central Park, Broadway
  • Go to Japan and ski some pow
  • Backpack through Costa Rica with my high school friends
  • Own some Jimmy Choo's (which has not changed to Christian Louboutin's..a girls gotta dream!)
  • Go to Fenway
  • Go on a cruise (which I could go on a cruise to Alaska and check 2 things of my list)
  • Donate blood (in college I was told I was to small to do this, plus needles are not my forte)
  • Section hike the Appalachian trail with my mom
  • Get my Masters 
  • Have a garden
  • See Dave Matthews live
  • Open a "Sunnies"
  • Get my avy cert and EMT level 1
  • Take a cooking class at King Arthur Flour (which could be difficult now considering my mom and Ed don't live in Hanover anymore -- and I don't foresee myself weekending there)
  • Ski the Alps
  • Go Sailing
  • Learn how to play an instrument 
  • See the big red wood forest (come on wilson....lets get our s*it together...not during flood season)
  • Coachella
  • Start a family 
  • Have a nice bottle of champagne 
  • Give my mom a lot of hugs and love her forever (my mom wrote that, graduation 2010)
  • change someones life -- in a good way
  • sell a painting
  • Go boating on Tahoe (believe it or not...I have never been....)
  • Run a 1/2 marathon 
  • Do a 1/2 triathlon, or a full
  • See Peter Gabriel live
  • Touch a snake
  • Go surfing
  • Learn how to open camp -- Raven Lake.
  • Eat the following: Alligator, kangaroo, ostrigde 
  • Bathe in a tub of beer (strange, I know...but the idea is cool I think... & it would be PBR of course)

Things I have checked off my bucket list: 
  1. Experience a Boardwalk -- Venice, which I ironically go to at least twice a month to see my best friend who lives there now. 2011
  2. Design some clothes -- Armada 2011
  3. Get a certificate in design -- I went beyond that and actually got a degree. 2011. 
  4. Conquer my fear of heights -- I like to think I did this when I flew in a small plane over Tahoe with fellow Northstar ski coach Bryan. 2010
  5. Go to Burning Man -- Best experience of my life, hands down 2010
  6. This was one I won't mention...but I can check it off my list.... 2010
  7. Go paddle boarding -- with Spencer Applegate, 2010
  8. Try Indian food -- Spant's has created a monster, I always want Indian food now. 2010
  9. Shoot a gun -- after I wrote this I remembered I had shot one at camp when I was younger
  10. UNR v. UNLV game -- Thanks to Chrissy 2010, amazing time with my bestie! 
Of course there are numerous things I have scratched out -- and tried to forget -- but it is time to start checking some of this stuff off and adding more. Help me.......

Sending Love from SoCal with lots of dreams....

Save those annoying pieces of paper

January 2011. I sat in my drafting class. 8:30 am. J was my teacher -- it was a love/hate relationship, at the end of the day she has been one of the greatest inspirations and teachers I could ask for. She impacted me, like no one has before (Brad is a close second).

My class sat at our giant drafting desks that day our first day of winter quarter classes and she lectured use on how we cannot be late, and how homework must be on time, how expensive our supplies were going to be, etc. Then....she mentioned the amount of money you can save during tax season by keeping your parking receipts -- SOLD! I am always a person that LOVES to try and save money when I have the opportunity. From that day forward I started to collect a fat stack of those lovely yellow stubs the attended left under my windshield wiper. Tonight, I gathered everything and realized the following:

I have spent $1,865.99 on gas, $1,441.99 on Syd being a piece of poo-car (hopefully soon to be replaced), and over $600 on parking. 

All because I saved my receipts. Lesson learned....tax season, I hope you are prepared for this girl! 

Sending love from SoCal. 

More soul music. 

Trevor Hall. 
31 Flavors. 

I can hear the fireworks from the last night of the boat parade! 

Sending Love from SoCal! 

Ansel iPhone

Okay -- So I have FINALLY downloaded some radical photo apps on my phone (about time, eh?). Enjoy!

Turkey Day 
PBR: Prince Bud Reeder. Mah, Fav! 

Concrete Jungle at its finest. 

Yep. I am fast....again. out of 43 competitors. 2 women. I came in 15th over all. 1st for women. Typically we know how to spell at Oakley too..... just saying...
Apré Aspen. BAM! You can't tell Colorado kids a theme and expect them not to dress up. I have a stud of a boyfriend. 

Top of Joplin. You can see LA. Epic! 

Top of San Juan! One of the most amazing views I have seen since I arrived in LA, with amazing people too! 

Life down south.  
IT SNOWED HERE!!!! I was overly excited! 

$500 in parking stubs will attending FIDM, I hope the person that does my taxes is ready... 
Happy doesn't even justify the way I feel since I have been able to be back on my mt. bike. 

Whale Watching. 

We both have the chubbiest checks EVER! 


Art. Kind of. 

Road bike ride at sunset on back bay.

Turning 25 with mah best friends.  
Sweetest birthday present ever! Yep, computer case and a new iPad cover. 

Oh, yah. I got a kindle too because my boyfriend ROCKS!  
Sunset from work. Love it!  
Enjoying mahself.  
Lopes. This was one of the coolest things to watch EVER! 

A little bit of art.... 
It was in a gallery....for Bridge to Skate. NBD.  
My SoCal weekends. Art, biking and beer.  
Newport Beach Boat parade. 

Sending Love from SoCal.


Giving Back.

Lately, I have been really conscious about trying to find ways to give back to my community and those who have helped me along my journey so far. Through high-school I always would clean out my closet and bring everything down to the local thrift store and I defined that as giving back....well...now with a little bit of maturity under my belt I have stepped it up a notch and actually GIVE back.
It all started with the cold weather rolling into Newport and my apartment exploding with extra blankets from living in the mountains my entire life -- no need to clog up the small amount of storage that we have, with un-useful materials. I packed my car with blankets and headed to the library, where I had seen a lot of homeless people.When I arrived I saw two ladies having a conversation, I nervously approached them and asked if they would be interested in some blankets. Of course they wanted them. I have never seen people so grateful in my life -- it was purely amazing! I loved it. I know that those blankets are going being utilized now instead of being useless in my house. It is about time for me to go through our stuff again and make another drop off. When I told Spencer my accomplishment of the day, his response was "You did what?", he was under the impression that I was going to drop them off at Goodwill, not actually hunt people down and give them the pieces. Well, I am glad I did.
Since I started working at Oakley the opportunities to give back have been plentiful. It started with Thanksgiving. It saddens me to know there are people that cannot afford the simplest of foods, while I am stuffing my face with mountains of mashed potatoes, tons of turkey and gravy galore (which I froze in an ice cube tray and still have, great idea!). My department put together a box of food which was then given out. But, it didn't stop there. I was so excited and telling Spencer all about how awesome of an idea this was, and how I felt so great about helping out as we strolled into Sprouts. The floor was covered in "grab bags/donate bags", after some hemming and hawing waiting for our fennel to be brought out, we decided it was time to buy a bag and make sure someone had a full stomach the next day.
Yesterday, was the best out of all of the giving back. Oakley is collecting toys for Toys for Tots. My department started off with a $5 pot for a toy. At lunch a few of the girls and I headed to Target to pick something else -- I went there with the mind set that I wanted to be able to give more...I guess the other girls were on the same brainwave and we went from being able to carry our items around in our arms to quickly having to grab a cart. We were on a spree -- it was so invigorating to know that some little kid is going to be so pumped on Christmas when they get to open one of those gifts! We ended up filling the drop-off bin with games, barbies, transformers and other great things. It was fantastic!

At the end of the day, I know the ways that I am giving back are some what minimal and I would love to somehow contribute more -- maybe that will come with age. I would love to just drop thousands of dollars towards someones educations, or help a person with medical needs. I am looking forward to applying to the OneSight program here (once I am eligible). I like this streak....what a fantastic feeling!

Sending Love from SoCal!



I love to eat. Food and I have the typical girl "love/hate relationship". Spencer introduced me to Freshii about  a month ago, Fresh Food. Custom Built. The first time that we went there I was sold. The second visit...ehh. Third time? Not so much. Tonight....sold again. I have a problem of finding what I like and then manipulating my order so that it tastes odd. The idea of Freshii is great though -- fresh food. Just what everyone needs! Green, not brown. Fresh, not fried. I like healthy stuff, I snack on almonds and bananas throughout the day. Greens are a favorite part of my meal -- I admit, I love jalapeño poppers, the occasional onion ring basket and a burger. 
Freshii is pretty quick. We can get two meals (to go, of course) under 10-15 minutes. The menu is easy to understand. If you are into sauce and protein I suggest doubling your meats and sauces. The employees have been nothing but nice. The prices are reasonable. It is worth the haul from Newport Beach to UCI. The atmosphere is refreshing and clean. It is worth a try...and actually, I found out there is one up near my old school in LA...sooooo google it - no excuses! In my opinion, we need more eateries like this....

One of my favorite parts of dinning at Freshii is the sticker they put on each meal -- 

Let's Eat. 
Let's eat without regret. 
Let's love cucumbers. 
Let's embrace mushrooms. 
Let's throw caution to the wind and order the inions. 
Let's try new things. 
Let's try unlikely combos. 
Let's eat and feel good. 
Let's eat things that are good. 
Let's eat things that make us feel good. 
Let's not eat and run. 
Let's sit eat and sit. 
Let's take the whole lunch hour. 
Let's slow down. Let's enjoy. 
Let's be good to the earth. 
Let's let the earth be good to us. 
Let's eat and celebrate. 

Sending Love from SoCal.

Lime Tree

Soul Music. 
Trevor Hall never gets old. 

Spark a match and watch the candle burn
the wick runs out and love takes its turn
on fallen angels and broken sounds
we will last past the final round
it took a while for you to find me
because i was hiding in the lime tree
above the city in the rain cloud
i poked a hole and watched it drain out
parallel to the city streets
our broken crowns beneath our feet
but as we walk across the diamonds
we know that love is always shining
so save me love save me all the time
i'll wash you down with a simple sip of wine
and toast my glass to all my loved ones
to let them know that the stars well they still shine

Sending Love from SoCal


Infographics. They are pretty cool, and totally eye catching! I have recently become totally obsessed with researching anything and everything that could be put into infographic form -- colors, school expenses, danger of sitting, Apple products, shoes, etc. I really wish that I had something to make infographics about...seems right up my alley! Check out the cool ones I found below -- 

Sending Love from SoCal


I am sitting in bed, after a ride. I decided it was time to dedicate sometime to my b(LAH)g. Oddly, since I have found myself a big girl job with extra time (as in...no more all-nighters studying, and finishing papers and projects last minute) I still find time to completely neglect budreeder.com. I honestly think that it steams from staring at a computer screen the entire day -- the only think I want to "stare at" is the back of my eyelids.
I have been riding my bike like a manic lately. It has been the best thing on earth for me. Over a year ago when I had knee surgery I knew that I secretly knew it was going to take a lot for me to get back into the whole competitive mountain biking scene.
Well, that changed. I "raced" the other day. Oakley put on a race and I was totally into it. 43 racers. 2 girls (as in me and another girl). 15-20ish miles -- 7 up, 8-10 down on some of the most technical stuff I have ever ridden. I finished 15th overall. It was great! I have been lucky enough to have a really strong group of guys from work let me tag along with them on rides.

Here is the teaser of the trail --

Oakley Backyard Enduro Teaser from Hans Arnesen on Vimeo.

I am slowly getting used to southern California living. I am not completely sold on it yet, though.

T A H O E from Shortt and Epic Productions on Vimeo.

I will admit, I miss Tahoe a lot. There is something about that place (and Colorado too) that just wants to pull me back. At the end of the day I know I can't do that because I have to be realistic about growing up -- for those of my friends who have figured out how to living in those places, good for you! I envy you, I wish I could pull it off.

I am really excited because I am spending Christmas with my family this year. Spencer's parents were so gracious and got me a ticket. It has been over 2 years since I have been there with my mom & my sister. I am really looking forward to it!

Okay -- I have some work to do. Any the apartment needs to be picked up. Ahhhhh, Sundays!

Sending Love from SoCal.


Well -- I have officially become a horrible blogger again.
Actually, I have become a horrible social networker. To tell you the truth, I kind of like it. By the time I get home from work I am so exhausted and force myself to go the gym the last thing on my mind it longing on to my blog & Facebook. But -- I am going to try to get back into the grove.

Here are highlights of the last few weeks for me:

-I turned 25. Yah, over the hill.
-I saw one of my BFF's and he complained about how I don't update my blog (so there Wilson..updating..)
- Syd is still syd. Talk about a gold digger...between my parents and myself we have poured more money into the car that it was purchased for. I want a new car -- end of story. Frankly, I deserve one to.
-I have been a cooking animal -- cilantro lime pesto tacos, goat cheese roasted chicken macaroni, braised tofu...
-Spencer's parents are truly amazing, they are making it so I am able to travel east for christmas for the first time in two years. Wow, I have no clue how to re-pay them.
- I have become highly addicted to the TV show Lost -- which is on Netflix.
- I learned that Big-O is a Big-money stealing company.
- I decorated my office with photos of people who mean the world to me.
-I started a tumblr -- but, going back to the social media thing..I don't really use it.
-I have been mountain biking!!!!! One of the few things I am overly pumped on right now.
-Made some friends -- really really pumped on this.
-Spent my birthday in Venice with my bestie (s)  from LA.
-I am working on an art project for a charity foundation (bridge to skate), pretty excited about that.
-Decided that I am going to walk at the FIDM graduation in June (well I am like 72% sure).
-Donated blankets to homeless people -- it was so rad to see how happy they were.
-Donated food for the less fortunate so that they can enjoy Thanksgiving.
-Got a popcorn maker for my birthday, WHICH I have been using EVERY SINGLE day. AWESOME!
-Become a SoCal gym junky -- that is only until daylight saving again.
-Got my own insurance for the first time in my life -- I ALMOST pay for EVERYTHING myself.
-My neighbor got evicted, which is GREAT for me -- finally some silence.
-IT has been POURING here today, which means the mtn. biking trails will be AWWWESOME!

So, pretty boring. Right? I am trying to get some apps on my phone (like 3 months later so I can actually take rad phones again) and then there can be some more Ansel iPhone.

Sending Love from SoCal.



I have ALWAYS been fascinated by colors.
One of my favorite books is Tony & Tina's Color Energy

Freshman Yr. Highschool

" I Alone" by Live 
Throw back to Highschool



I found this the other day while I was looking for some inspiration -- The ABC's of work essentially:

ACCOMPLISHMENT -- We all need to feel like we are getting things done & reaching worthwhile goals.

BELONGING -- We need to interact with others in such a ay that our relationship with them influences our definition of who we are.

COMFORT -- We all need to feel some degree of security so that we can relax and be calm and safe.

DEPENDABILITY -- We all need a certain amount of predictability and regularity in our on going life.

ESTEEM -- We need to feel reasonably good about ourselves.

FINANCES -- We all need enough funds to lead a fulfilling life.

I am not sure if there are more -- but I thought these 6 words were great, they are an excerpt from Resilience at Work by Maddi & Khoshaba. I would love to eventually read more of the book...soooo it will be added to the long list of books to read that I have piled up.

Sending Love from SoCal!


Hunter S. Thompson

This man fascinates me. 
His writing is amazing. 
His imagination & creativity is next level. 
I probably would have voted for him to sheriff of Pitkin County.
I think that the idea of "Fat City" is fantastic. 
I wonder if he was ever at the Tavern when my parents would bring me there when I was little? 


Hot Glue Dress

Here are two of the professional photos of the hot glue dress I made (with my team's help in one of my last classes at FIDM). The dress was made out of a black cotton that we got for basically pennies at the student store and then covered in a "lace" that was made from creating circle of hot glue and then painting it black and fitting it to the appropriate form. It was A LOT of work -- but, I am very proud!

Sending Love from SoCal!

Keeping up with Miss Bud

Sunday Funday -- goes like this:
Wake up, drink coffee, go biking, come home, google random things, go tanning & read books, go running, do some sort of cleaning activity and/or baking, take a nap, repeat. 
What I woke up to on Sunday -- yep, as in breakfast in bed. He's a keeper. 

Best decal ever. Spant's got me the "giving tree" decal for my computer!  I am so excited! I love it!  Get it..the giving tree is giving the little boy an apple!
Well - I have been busy with work and trying to catch up on my normal life & sleep. Speaking of...it is WAY past my bedtime!

Sending Love from SoCal!


I have been finishing books left and right since my wonderful boyfriend got me the new kindle. I LOVE it! So between my iPad & Kindle I am flooding myself with text -- and now of course I have a new piece of technology to occupy me when I don't feel like reading...Apple TV! So amazing! We don't have cable so we rely on our internet (which we ALWAYS have a bad connection, props to Time Warner for that). I have become a NetFlix queen, now I am excited to utilize iTunes for renting movies and TV shoes.

Anyways I was on DailyBeast (my go-to news source) and was looking through the new book suggestions -- I was immediately interested in a book called Failure by Philip Schultz. He also wrote a book called My Dyslexia which is on my reading docket now. Failure is a collection of poetry, that Schultz has complied over the years. Ironically, he originally hails from Rochester, NY (whenever I find a writer, or an artists, a teacher or an athlete that is from the Rochester/Fairport area I always get excited and become curious if they know my family)! Schultz's work encompasses an emotional technique of creative writing -- I was automatically interested in his play on words and how all of his sentences flowed together so beautifully. There is one poem in particular that I absolutely LOVED, it is titled What I Like and Don't Like. 

I like to say hello and goodbye. 
I like to hug but not shake hands. 
I prefer to wave or nod. I enjoy
the company of strangers pushed 
together in elevators or subways. 
I like talking to cabdrivers
but not receptionists. I like 
not knowing what to say. 
I like talking to people I know
but care nothing about. I like
inviting anymore anywhere. 
I like hearing my opinions
tumble out of my mouth
like toddlers tied together
while crossing the street, 
trusting they won't be squashed
by fate. I like greeting-cards cliches
but not dressing up or down. 
I like being appropriate
but not all the time. 
I could continue with more examples
but I'd rather give too few
than too many. The thought
of no one listening anymore -- 
I like that least of all. 

I really enjoyed reading this book or poetry. It is a quick read, and well wrote. I suggest if you are looking for something simple/ some what inspiring about change, grieve, love, life it is a good thing to pick up. 

Time to go running! 

Sending Love from SoCal 


Face lift.

Forgive me -- I am trying to give my blog a face life. Things could get ugly for a little bit -- but we all know it turns out beautiful in the end ;)


I love this song right now. 
Awolnation -- Sail

Ohhh This is good too! 

"Funny How life can go. First you ride high -- then you might lay low"
Love Song - K-Os


Hitting the Nail on the head.

Catch Up, Not Ketchup.

The last week of my life has been awesomely hectic! I started my job -- I love going to work everyday and having a somewhat structured list of 'to - do's' I feel so friggin accomplished at the end of the day! The best is coming home and being about to go out on a nice long run or bike ride after a day in the office.
Spants's parents were here over the weekend and we had all sorts of adventures (mainly eating, but that is fine in my book!) We went to a place in Costa Mesa called La Cave on 17th & Irvine. It was amazing -- one of my favorite parts about going out is being able to order fish (Spencer doesn't like fish; well he does like my pet fish Jasper -- the energetic blue beta I have that lives under our living room TV). The atmosphere was like we stepped back into the 60/70s. The food was AWESOME -- the twice baked potatoes are to die for!! Can you say guilty pleasure? I can. We also went to the Chart House -- it was their 50 year anniversary. I had fish again -- we talked about how awesome the boats where that were docked next to us and shared chocolate lava cakes. The next day was the most exciting...we went whale watching!!
Okay, so I know what you are thinking...Whale Watching? YEP, you've got it! We headed down to Dana Point  early on a Saturday where Capt. Dave's Dolphin & Whale Safari is based out of (PS, I have been wanting to go to Dana Point for over a year when my friend Jamie told me about it, and he tried to convince me to live there and commute to LA -- haha!). After debating about which snacks would be necessary for our two+ hour adventure on the water and a quick potty break we got on the catamaran with about 45 other people. Basically as soon as we were out of the harbor we started seeing whales -- it was SO neat! During the trip we saw both Blue Whales & Fin Whales -- there were bigger than the boat! We even got to see some of them dive and show off their tail -- it was amazing! There was a lady on the trip who was entirely tooooo passionate about whale watching, it was kind of funny -- by the end of the trip we realized she was a regular on the trip. I'm not sure if you are familiar with the SNL skit about the Target Lady -- but, she was that to a T! We didn't see any dolphins -- but that was okay with me, especially with all of the whales we saw. Seriously we saw in-between 30-50, it seemed like we saw 100. Spenc joked around that one of the things we were told at the start of the trip was "we are not going to chase around the whales when we see them in different locations", but oddly enough as soon as we would see one 25 yards away we would buzz over to that area. haha!
After our Whale Watching adventure we grabbed lunch in Laguna -- ohmygoodness! I love it there, I need to go and explore this area more -- so much smaller and nicer feeling than Newport! We had some tasty Mediterranean food at a place called GG's Cafe Bistro (which Yelp pointed me towards) they had GREAT outside seating.
On Sunday we woke up early again and hoped on our road bikes and road down to Huntington to meet up for one last meal at the Sugar Shack. A little breakfast nook on main street, it reminded me of SqueezeIn -- it was soooooo good, just basic breakfast -- nothing fancy. I told Spencer I wanted to start doing this on Sundays...we will see how that pans out (more or less if I can get out of bed). We road back to our place and passed A BUNCH of other roadies. I think it is funny, the riders down here are SO unfriendly!!!!! They don't smile or wave or anything -- they LOVE the idea of sucking onto your back tire. I purposely just want to slam on my breaks and make them go flying. Let that be a lesson/warning...never draft a person whose riding style you are unfamiliar with.
The rest of the day was pretty relaxing. I learned not to go to South Coast Plaza on Sundays, and that because the sun is setting earlier I need to change my "normal" side of the pool for tanning -- dratttts!
Life is treating me well.
Pretty Flower. 


We've been trying to master the Rubix. It isn't working -- Clearly. 




Me & Him. 

Sending Love from SoCal.