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Well, I was supposed to go on a hike this morning. Then that changed to the gym. Then that changed to maybe hopping on my trainer in the living room. Then that changed to eating pancakes, drinking coffee and blogging before I head to work. I've managed to forget how to properly manage my time with all of the rain we have had here.

Okay, but cutting to the chase...

I thought that moving to LA would mean less hand creams, and less lotion in general. I was trying to justify the humidity as working on my side - ha ha! What on earth was I thinking?! Okay, so maybe my hands are a tad bit softer, but after you put in all the sunglass cleaning solution that I touch pretty much basically my hands are drier than hell. There  is something weird about touching a persons hand (during a greeting for instance ewwww especially a man's) that are SOFTER than yours.

Over the years I have developed quite the collection of hand potions -- I follow in the foot steps of my mom. ha! Here are three that I found work the best!

Crabtree & Evelyn -- Gardeners Hand Therapy
Not only does this stuff smell AHHHMAZING it is very soothing on dry hands. It is very lightweight for a "creme" lotion. You can find it on the Crabtree & Evelyn website, it is about $10 for 1.8 oz. The saying "A little bit goes a long way' is true when it comes to this stuff. My Grandmother found it for my mom last summer at the Hallmark store, if I am not mistaken, my mom does a lot with her hands (gardening, fly rod building, biking, being a mom, etc). I steal all of her remedies. I put this on before bed, and try not to touch anything because it can be somewhat oily, but, of course since I LOVE the feeling of it normally I put it on before I leave my house, ha, I have learned it is VERY slippery  (my iPhone flew out of my hand the other day and met the concrete).

Lather & Fizz -- Hand Job Cream
I became very partial to this product when I worked for Sue at Lather & Fizz. It works miracles! It is a vitamin packed lotion that comes in an 8 oz bottle for  about $11. You can order it online, or you can stop by one of her two locations (Northstar or Squaw Village's and pick some up -- be warned: you will probably want to buy more when you go in there!!!). The bottle that I have had has lasted me a wicked long time. It has a honey-tangerine scent to it, which sometimes catches me off guard. All the other lotion potions that Sue has created are GREAT, I was a big fan of the body souffles for A LONG time.

Zim's -- Crack Creme
This stuff rocks! It is something my mom introduced me to while we lived in Crested Butte, Colorado. Talk about suffering from dry hand and yucky cuticle syndrome -- because of the altitude everything dries up right away. When we lived in CB we were able to find Zim's at Wal-Mart, but I am sure that in a more civilized area you could find it at most drug stores, or of course online at crackcreme.com. 2.7 oz will set you back around $7. If you have any cuts, or sores on your hands this might sting a little bit, but you know it is working. It has a very refreshing smell to it, but can prove to be very oily (similar to the Gardeners Hand Therapy). I probably wouldn't make this my EVERYDAY lotion, but rather something I use every few days.

So, if you are looking for some dry hand remedies try these three lotions out! Or, if you have any other suggestions I would be stoked to hear!

I hope everyone is enjoying winter!


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