this makes me happy

My friend from my college years at the University of Nevada, Reno (who I can proudly say defeated Boise in football last week...HELL YES!), Tim (who coincidentally used to play football for them) has this AMAZING bLAHg Taste The Married Life. It is all about his experiences with, well...being married. HA! He got hitched last spring in Arizona. I was planning on adventuring down for the festivities but of course I had to go and mess my knee up only days before the shindig. Anyways, I REALLY enjoy reading his blog whenever he gets around to updating it -- it is VERY random, and HILARIOUS. Most of the time it makes absolutely NO sense and that is what I love about it. He put this on his blog a few days ago and it really made me smile, AND it made me want to go to the grocery store and turn all the labels...ha ha ha! I know the text is TINY, but, if you can read it -- it might just make you giggle too!


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