picture update.

My life is complete chaos right now. My room is a mess and I hate it. The kitchen floor REALLY needs to be cleaned, but I have so many other important things to take care of before that. Ugh. Finals are approaching at school; this means both exams and projects. Talk about overload!
I have had a pretty rough week. Sunday started with the gate of my apartment complex being rammed into the side of Syd, now after our almost 6 year relationship she has her first REAL boo-boo (I am hoping management will pay for it to be fixed). Monday I was sent home from class because I looked sick (which was okay with me -- I was able to get a lot of homework done), but of course before this Syd's check engine light came on so I had to bring her into a shop immediately -- I AM SO OVER HER. Tuesday. I was up at 5:30 am to sign up for classes! I got all the times and teacher that I wanted for next quarter (one of my classes is 6 hours long!). I also was able to go out to breakfast with mah girl Kerry B from Tahoe, we worked together this summer! It was nice to have some Tahoe in my life, even though it was only for 2 hours. I have been working on a giant project for my survey class, it was alllllll put together until I went to class where it was deconstructed because one of the sides was not perfect. I lost it. I don't think I have ever left a class crying before -- yep, I was that bummed out. Luckily, it has been put back together (and because Spencer is the best and was able to go get me the supplies I needed). Wednesday was Wednesday - work, work, work. Thursday, some more work. Friday, a little more work (this afternoon). I am super backed up with Hello Drama work right now too. Of course, to add to this mess all 3 of my e-mail accounts are not pushing to my outbox, sooooo if you are wondering why I haven't e-mailed you back it is probably because there is a message sitting in my outbox for you. Yesterday, my heart broke just a little more when it came to family. The realization of Christmas without family hit pretty hard. Humm, what else happened so far this week? I went and saw Harry Potter the other night -- I had no clue what was going on...I was just happy I was able to have some junior mints.

Here are some random pictures:

Model: Miss Tiffany, Photog: Kevin Weaver, MUA: Sarah Bachman, Stylist: Me! wardrobe: Hello Drama

Big City Life. I actually life traffic, it gives me time to think.

Breakfast with Kerry at the Pantry off 9th and Hope (I think), right near school!! Fast, inexpensive, friendly and YUMMY!

A drawing I did for ideation....

Yummmm! NOT!

The project that made me cry.

Dinner the other night. PB&J wings, garlic green beans and roasted potatoes! SO GOOD!

Syd needs a band-aid, but because she is being so mean to me she doesn't get one.

My mess of a living room.

waiting for glue to dry...story of my life this week.

Christmas list ideas:

1. New windshield (I need it no later than the 28th...thank you LAPD for the ticket you gave me on my brithday -- jerks).
2. Renew my Real Simple
3. A small gnome that will do all of my homework for me and allow me to sleep.
4. A few days of quality shred time up in Tahoe. I just need gas $ and a few tickets. I'll sleep in my car if I have to.....


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