I really wish...

..that I had one of these right now...

Sorry I have been so bad with following through with promises I have made over the last few weeks. I am swamped with school and other silly unexpected life hiccups. Gahhh!

For my birthday my amazing grandmother sent me a neat little sign that said "Everything happens for a reason" -- that is my motto I decided.

I found a heads up penny the other day. That is always a good sign.

I took a final the other day -- the only probably was....I forgot I had it that day. Ooops.

There is a stack of Real Simple's staring at me, saying "read me! read me!", I have my work cut out for me over Christmas break. I must admit I am sad I have to take a 'break' from school, I just want to keep on going. I love FIDM way toooooooo much.

I decided tonight that my #1 wish right now is that a portion of my loan's magically become paid off. I guess I need to catch up on my witchcraft reading....

My projects are all next level right now! I am so proud of them!

Looks like the hunt for a second job will have to start soon.....when I will actually have time to have a second job is beyond me.

What is everyone doing next Thanksgiving? ha, just kidding! For some reason that saying always reminds me of my friend Trenton. He randomly asked it one day on the chairlift like the DAY after turkey day -- it caught us all off guard.

I am OBSESSED with Aloe Blacc right now! Oh my goodness! Such a fresh artist!!

Welp, bedtime perhaps? I deserve it!


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