winter dry hands cure

Well, I was supposed to go on a hike this morning. Then that changed to the gym. Then that changed to maybe hopping on my trainer in the living room. Then that changed to eating pancakes, drinking coffee and blogging before I head to work. I've managed to forget how to properly manage my time with all of the rain we have had here.

Okay, but cutting to the chase...

I thought that moving to LA would mean less hand creams, and less lotion in general. I was trying to justify the humidity as working on my side - ha ha! What on earth was I thinking?! Okay, so maybe my hands are a tad bit softer, but after you put in all the sunglass cleaning solution that I touch pretty much basically my hands are drier than hell. There  is something weird about touching a persons hand (during a greeting for instance ewwww especially a man's) that are SOFTER than yours.

Over the years I have developed quite the collection of hand potions -- I follow in the foot steps of my mom. ha! Here are three that I found work the best!

Crabtree & Evelyn -- Gardeners Hand Therapy
Not only does this stuff smell AHHHMAZING it is very soothing on dry hands. It is very lightweight for a "creme" lotion. You can find it on the Crabtree & Evelyn website, it is about $10 for 1.8 oz. The saying "A little bit goes a long way' is true when it comes to this stuff. My Grandmother found it for my mom last summer at the Hallmark store, if I am not mistaken, my mom does a lot with her hands (gardening, fly rod building, biking, being a mom, etc). I steal all of her remedies. I put this on before bed, and try not to touch anything because it can be somewhat oily, but, of course since I LOVE the feeling of it normally I put it on before I leave my house, ha, I have learned it is VERY slippery  (my iPhone flew out of my hand the other day and met the concrete).

Lather & Fizz -- Hand Job Cream
I became very partial to this product when I worked for Sue at Lather & Fizz. It works miracles! It is a vitamin packed lotion that comes in an 8 oz bottle for  about $11. You can order it online, or you can stop by one of her two locations (Northstar or Squaw Village's and pick some up -- be warned: you will probably want to buy more when you go in there!!!). The bottle that I have had has lasted me a wicked long time. It has a honey-tangerine scent to it, which sometimes catches me off guard. All the other lotion potions that Sue has created are GREAT, I was a big fan of the body souffles for A LONG time.

Zim's -- Crack Creme
This stuff rocks! It is something my mom introduced me to while we lived in Crested Butte, Colorado. Talk about suffering from dry hand and yucky cuticle syndrome -- because of the altitude everything dries up right away. When we lived in CB we were able to find Zim's at Wal-Mart, but I am sure that in a more civilized area you could find it at most drug stores, or of course online at crackcreme.com. 2.7 oz will set you back around $7. If you have any cuts, or sores on your hands this might sting a little bit, but you know it is working. It has a very refreshing smell to it, but can prove to be very oily (similar to the Gardeners Hand Therapy). I probably wouldn't make this my EVERYDAY lotion, but rather something I use every few days.

So, if you are looking for some dry hand remedies try these three lotions out! Or, if you have any other suggestions I would be stoked to hear!

I hope everyone is enjoying winter!




This is what my mom gave me for Christmas....awesome huh? An old ratty book. Really, umm neat!

I was a little confused..... There was no label on the book...I opened it up trying to figure out what on earth this book was...

And this is what I found inside......

 A Barnes & Noble gift card!!! VERY VERY VERY CREATIVE!

Another one of my gifts came in a King Arthur flour, flour bag! 

Gosh -- my family is WICKED creative! 


The Power of Nice

Last spring I went through a stage where I was really nervous about graduating from college. I was scared of 'growing up', and I didn't feel as though I really got out of my education what I hoped. Although I do have a BA now from the University of Nevada, Reno I decided to head back to school. For those of you who do not know I have relocated to Los Angeles and I am attending the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. I absolutely love it, my mother said "you are in the right place" during a phone call the other day. She is right, I am in the right place. Even though I am away from snow I could never be happier. I am glad with the decision I made, and the transition I did. I finish FIDM in less that 9 months now, I feel as though after this I will be ready to get a job and really apply my knowledge.

During my transition breakdown I went on a book buying spree. The main topic: life transitions and things alike. One of the books I really enjoyed last year was by Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval, "The Power of Small". With the move I haven't had much time to read, which isn't very personally satisfying. I love reading. So, yesterday as I headed out the door to work I grabbed "The Power of Nice" from my bookshelf and went to town with reading!I was able to polish it off in a number of hours! Fantastic read! Like that other book that I read by Thaler and Koval. I suggest this short read 110%. The forward was done by Mr. Jay Leno, and there are small excerpts throughout the book of his thoughts, or how being nice has helped him becomes as successful as he is currently.

My mom drilled the idea of "kill 'em with kindness" while I was growing up to Sarah and I. Now --  I really appreciate her for that. I know it is not easy to be nice to a person you are disagreeing with, but, it will get you a lot further in life if you try your hardest. Thaler and Koval have taken the 'kill 'em with kindness' motto and expanded on it. Sometimes nice can be fake. Sometimes nice cannot be found. Nice can be something we have to dig for, but nice can also be life changing as many of the small stories in The Power of Nice proved.

"It's not about being phony or manipulative. It's about valuing niceness -- in yourself and others -- the same way you respect intelligence, beauty, or talent. Niceness is a powerful force. In fact, it can literally save your life" (pg 12).

I love the little tips, or the "nice cube" that are inserted at the end of each chapter. The nice boxes are fantastic ideas of ways to increasing your....well...niceness! My favorite is "Do five nice things that have no immediate payoff for you". Thaler and Koval mention Yvon Chouinard -- founder of Patagonia -- and his book "Let My People Go Surfing", I have been wanting to read this for a while -- add it to the list of " to reads".

In Chapter 4, Thaler and Koval write a section called "Let 'em eat cake", sometimes (especially in a business driven environment) we dehumanize people and forget that we are all alike, the fancy degree that one may have makes them no mightier than another person at the end of the day -- we are human we really do like simplicity -- some homemade cookies can make a person feel like a million bucks. When I was applying for college 6 years ago Warren Witherell sat me down and said "Bud, the greatest CEO's are not those who had A's and B's in school, but they are the ones that had C's and D's", he has also mentioned numerous times over our friendship that "its only your undergrad", and I completely understand what he means -- and after reading "Let 'em eat cake" it made me that much happier, and I realized that even though I may not be a A+ student I am climbing my way to the top by satisfying others through meaningful recognition and true and meaningful devotion:

"We often act as if business is very complicated, convincing ourselves that our policies have to be ultrarational and our approach high-tech. We focus on our negotiating techniques and intellectual prowess. We carry on about our skill sets or drop the name of the prestigious business schools we attended. We forget that sometimes a simple inducement or reward can trump the most sophisticated systems. Having an MBA from Harvard or Wharton is fine, but there are times when a fancy degree just can't match a simple glass of ice-cold lemonade" (pg 31). 

There are several other chapters that get into education, teamwork, etc that I thought were interesting. I am looking forward to my next group project at school -- especially because I struggled so much with the last one I worked on. 

Of course "When you smile at others, you literally "infect" them with happiness" (pg 35), if you know me you know I LOVE smiling, and LOVE showing off my pearly whites. Why not smile? 

I would love to tell you more about this great book, but I am going to leave it to you to head over to the local library or Barnes & Noble and read it yourself. This book is full of fantastic ideas, and I urge you to take a few hours and read it! Thaler and Koval have another book out that I am going to try and get my hands on when I replenish my reading collection next time, it is called "Bang! Getting your Message Heard in a Noisy World". 

Right now I am working on Richard Bode's First You Have to Row a Little Boat: Reflections of Life & Living. I am in love with it! I have actually had a difficult time putting it down -- I will share my reading experience with everyone as soon as I am finished with it! 

I was also lucky enough to have Santa give me a Barnes & Noble gift card for Christmas! I can't wait to head to the 3 story one in Glendale!!! 


writing contests?

I am looking for writing contests......

Any suggestions?

I am hoping to apply the money that could potentially be rewarded towards my student loans.

If you know of any websites that have contests puuuhlease let me know!

much love!


Merry Christmas

Everyone is probably already tucked away in bed and I am just getting around to spreading some Christmas cheer -- ha! I hope that everyone had a fantastic day, and spent it with loved ones! 

This was my first year all alone, no family, no real friends. I was pretty bummed out -- yesterday (Friday) I got wicked bummed after I dropped Spencer off at the airport and realized that I am here in LA with nothing to do and no one to hangout with, AND that this would be my first Christmas not spent around snow. Sure, I guess you could consider that part of growing up.....but I am not ready to be that mature yet! 

After thinking about some different routes I could take in order to make sure I saw snow on Christmas I sent my dad an e-mail. Within a matter of hours he had hooked me up with 2 tickets to ski at Bear Mountain (THANK YOU SCOTT TOWSLEY) . Suddenly, I felt normal and complete again -- even if I didn't get those tickets I was going to figure out a way to get to snow. 
My friend Bo Wade and I have been talking about snow a lot lately, so this just turned out to be the perfect opportunity. Bo is a very talented professional flatland BMX rider...aka bike dancing, who I RANDOMLY met in a Vegas casino years ago during SIA. 

We left my house early, only to hit a few road closures, a hungry stomach, a gas fill-up and some silly directions with a handful of U-turns and a touch of frustration -- all that aside...WE MADE IT! I have never been so happy in my entire life to see snow. 

We got on the first chair we saw and were lucky enough to be pair with a single who was on SNOW BLADES!!! bad a**! hahaha! He sure wasn't messing around, he had a go-pro and EVERYTHING, he was even sponsored, that instance alone made my day. 

I wasn't mad that I didn't have edges, I wasn't mad that we got stuck on the chair lift, I was the most satisfied person on earth. It is amazing how comforting snow can be. It is a lifestyle -- something I am so used to, and to not be around it for a little bit can make you go silly. I sure do miss skiing a lot. I miss 'my people'. I miss the crazy antics that come with skiing. I now realize how much of a luxury it was to be able to ski 7 days a week for the last 23 years of my life if I wanted to do so. I also realize how much skiing plays a part of me -- this is something I will NEVER be able to give up. 

Bear was surprisingly fun! It reminded me of Echo, in Denver, met Boreal in Tahoe and Howlson in Steamboat and created a baby. The lines weren't bad at all, which was surprising! The features looked fun, I didn't hit any since it was my first day back on skis since good ole' March 10th -- the day my knee disagreed with me. I am a little sore, but that is expected. 

Thank you parents for making skiing possible for me this Christmas. I couldn't have asked for a better gift. I wish I would have been able to spend it with my family, but I guess it is part of growing up....right? Sometimes growing up is dumb -- I am starting to have the same mindset as Peter Pan. 
I am really looking forward to some quality time in Tahoe next weekend! 

I also enjoyed all my gifts and the friendly and love filled phone calls from everyone today! Sorry I didn't answer, my phone died. I miss everyone so much! 

I hope that you all had a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS! 



well, well, well,

I'd say this quarter was successful! I am so proud right now!




They have a beautiful little boy now, Thatcher Charles!He was born on the 14th. I swear he is the CUTEST baby EVER!!! I can't wait to watch him grow!




I would like to personally thank the jerk who decided to hack into my banking account and withdraw all of my money somewhere in Las Vegas. Karma is going to get you. I can't believe this is how I get to start my winter break. So much for leaving and going up to Tahoe now......awesome...really really really friggin awesome.

I hope you get hit by a friggin bus!

GET A LIFE -- hell, maybe even a job...that way you can STOP stealing from others, now there's an idea!


Good way to start finals week...

I have to make this quick...but I thought I would share the good news.....

First off, I totally had my mom fooled this afternoon -- I called her once I got out of class and told her that I had needed up with a C in my sketching class, she was puzzled because I have had stellar grades all quarter. I then proceeded to tell her that my final project was so horrendous that it brought my final overall grade down a few letter grades. As I was explaning this horrible news to her I was walking to the elevator. I got in. I waited for the doors to close, as she remained puzzled as to how I recieved such a bad grade, and then I let it out......


BBBBOY did I fool her!! I am so stoked on my grade, I am pretty sure that that might be the first A I have EVER gotten over all in college, truth be told......

She says I am in the right place. I agree.

Then, I went to my Marketing class. Last week I took my written final and I was worried that I completely bombed it. Turns out.....I can add another A to my list of grades. HECK YES!!!  I also had a presentation, which I did on Lululemon, and since I LOVE public speaking I blew that out of the water, I also feel VERY confident about my research paper....fingers crossed!

Three more finals tomorrow.....the pressure is on. I am gluing and painting like a mad hatter tonight!




Check out my latest post on Firefly Chronicles  

I am so happy I finally had sometime to do a new blog entry phew.


if you happen to be a Tahoe reader and you have any tickets for Northstar or Squaw that you would be willing to share I would REALLY appreciate it (gas money too! -- think of all those tickets I have hooked you all up with in the past -- now it is your turn) I am trying to come/go see my friendlies...and need some help. No one wants to be alone on the holidays and unfortunately since I can't get back to see my family in the east I have to pack up and go where my heart and friends are...
So, shoot me an e-mail.....

MUCH LOVE........
let's get this holiday season over with....I want to start my second quarter of school.....


the bag

The side

The back

The front
One of my projects that I have been working on almost all quarter is for my survey class. I had to pick a designer and style a bag off the inspiration from an upcoming line. I chose Henry Holland, from the House of Holland. This bag has been a pain, it has caused a lot of tears and frustration -- but in the end I am really pumped with how it turned out. I still have another part of it that I have to work on that is due this week. I am SO happy with the final product!

More final project pictures to come....


I really wish...

..that I had one of these right now...

Sorry I have been so bad with following through with promises I have made over the last few weeks. I am swamped with school and other silly unexpected life hiccups. Gahhh!

For my birthday my amazing grandmother sent me a neat little sign that said "Everything happens for a reason" -- that is my motto I decided.

I found a heads up penny the other day. That is always a good sign.

I took a final the other day -- the only probably was....I forgot I had it that day. Ooops.

There is a stack of Real Simple's staring at me, saying "read me! read me!", I have my work cut out for me over Christmas break. I must admit I am sad I have to take a 'break' from school, I just want to keep on going. I love FIDM way toooooooo much.

I decided tonight that my #1 wish right now is that a portion of my loan's magically become paid off. I guess I need to catch up on my witchcraft reading....

My projects are all next level right now! I am so proud of them!

Looks like the hunt for a second job will have to start soon.....when I will actually have time to have a second job is beyond me.

What is everyone doing next Thanksgiving? ha, just kidding! For some reason that saying always reminds me of my friend Trenton. He randomly asked it one day on the chairlift like the DAY after turkey day -- it caught us all off guard.

I am OBSESSED with Aloe Blacc right now! Oh my goodness! Such a fresh artist!!

Welp, bedtime perhaps? I deserve it!



"Money matters, but less than we think. Family is important. So are friends. Envy is toxic. So is excessive thinking. Beaches are optional. Trust is not. Neither is gratitude."-geography of bliss


picture update.

My life is complete chaos right now. My room is a mess and I hate it. The kitchen floor REALLY needs to be cleaned, but I have so many other important things to take care of before that. Ugh. Finals are approaching at school; this means both exams and projects. Talk about overload!
I have had a pretty rough week. Sunday started with the gate of my apartment complex being rammed into the side of Syd, now after our almost 6 year relationship she has her first REAL boo-boo (I am hoping management will pay for it to be fixed). Monday I was sent home from class because I looked sick (which was okay with me -- I was able to get a lot of homework done), but of course before this Syd's check engine light came on so I had to bring her into a shop immediately -- I AM SO OVER HER. Tuesday. I was up at 5:30 am to sign up for classes! I got all the times and teacher that I wanted for next quarter (one of my classes is 6 hours long!). I also was able to go out to breakfast with mah girl Kerry B from Tahoe, we worked together this summer! It was nice to have some Tahoe in my life, even though it was only for 2 hours. I have been working on a giant project for my survey class, it was alllllll put together until I went to class where it was deconstructed because one of the sides was not perfect. I lost it. I don't think I have ever left a class crying before -- yep, I was that bummed out. Luckily, it has been put back together (and because Spencer is the best and was able to go get me the supplies I needed). Wednesday was Wednesday - work, work, work. Thursday, some more work. Friday, a little more work (this afternoon). I am super backed up with Hello Drama work right now too. Of course, to add to this mess all 3 of my e-mail accounts are not pushing to my outbox, sooooo if you are wondering why I haven't e-mailed you back it is probably because there is a message sitting in my outbox for you. Yesterday, my heart broke just a little more when it came to family. The realization of Christmas without family hit pretty hard. Humm, what else happened so far this week? I went and saw Harry Potter the other night -- I had no clue what was going on...I was just happy I was able to have some junior mints.

Here are some random pictures:

Model: Miss Tiffany, Photog: Kevin Weaver, MUA: Sarah Bachman, Stylist: Me! wardrobe: Hello Drama

Big City Life. I actually life traffic, it gives me time to think.

Breakfast with Kerry at the Pantry off 9th and Hope (I think), right near school!! Fast, inexpensive, friendly and YUMMY!

A drawing I did for ideation....

Yummmm! NOT!

The project that made me cry.

Dinner the other night. PB&J wings, garlic green beans and roasted potatoes! SO GOOD!

Syd needs a band-aid, but because she is being so mean to me she doesn't get one.

My mess of a living room.

waiting for glue to dry...story of my life this week.

Christmas list ideas:

1. New windshield (I need it no later than the 28th...thank you LAPD for the ticket you gave me on my brithday -- jerks).
2. Renew my Real Simple
3. A small gnome that will do all of my homework for me and allow me to sleep.
4. A few days of quality shred time up in Tahoe. I just need gas $ and a few tickets. I'll sleep in my car if I have to.....



this makes me happy

My friend from my college years at the University of Nevada, Reno (who I can proudly say defeated Boise in football last week...HELL YES!), Tim (who coincidentally used to play football for them) has this AMAZING bLAHg Taste The Married Life. It is all about his experiences with, well...being married. HA! He got hitched last spring in Arizona. I was planning on adventuring down for the festivities but of course I had to go and mess my knee up only days before the shindig. Anyways, I REALLY enjoy reading his blog whenever he gets around to updating it -- it is VERY random, and HILARIOUS. Most of the time it makes absolutely NO sense and that is what I love about it. He put this on his blog a few days ago and it really made me smile, AND it made me want to go to the grocery store and turn all the labels...ha ha ha! I know the text is TINY, but, if you can read it -- it might just make you giggle too!