waste of a day

Thanksgiving dinner for one. Ginger tea. Sweet......I only salivate when I think of turkey, mashed potatoes with gravy and pie.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope that you all enjoyed your brown foods and time with your family.
I am sitting in a lonely apartment that reeks of spray adhesive enjoying a cup of tea.
My roommates both went home (luckies!).
Spencer and I went on a hike today. That was probably the only good thing that happened. 

I have been working on homework like a mad women -- well I was working on it until I realized I needed more supplies and conveniently EVERYTHING is closed for this holiday. Dumb if you ask me. Thanks giving has turned into another excuse for everyone to have a day off.

I envy all of you who have been able to spend today with your families. I don't even care about the food part, but not seeing my family is really starting to get to me. Plain and simple: it sucks. Two years ago I was flying back to the east coast almost every holiday, now a days....I head back east twice a year. I actually miss my 8 hours on the airplane adventures.

Days like today I wish my mom still lived in CB because I would have hopped in Syd and we would have made the trek 14 hours just to spend Thanksgiving with her. 

I guess not being with your family are the sacrifice  you have to make when you are trying to start a career. If I am told 'it is because you are growing up' by one more person I am going to scream and karate chop their hand off like a ninja -- growing up does not mean grown away from your family (that is unless they completely tell you to bug off..ha).

Well, back to exacto-ing and gluing.


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