What happens when you put two indecisive people together in a room and tell them to pick out something they want to eat -- ohhh wait, that happens almost every meal with me. I never every want to be the person left with making the decision on what we are eating, where we are eating, and all that jazz -- only because I don't want the other person (people) to not enjoy it. Unless I am cooking that is..then it is my show.

Yesterday, after a stop at the Melrose market place, a VERY quick stop to the grove (I was way to overwhelmed with the amount of people...surprise) and a stressed filled homework afternoon food was on our minds. Spencer is worst than I am about deciding what he wants, so I am sure you can only imagine how making dinning decisions can be a challenge..hahaha! He wanted a salad. I wanted to do homework. He went home. I decided I wanted a burger. He came back over. We went on a mission to find food, I made sure that In-N-Out wasn't on the list of possible grubs for the evening (you don't want to over do it with that fine cuisine). He couldn't think of anything, and then he went off on this tangent about kebab's, he was basically speaking another language (which happens often). He suggested this place Spitz, and said he thought I would like it. Okay, bring it on -- decision made! YES!

Okay, the short story (only because I am in a hurry to get some stuff for class):
Spitz is a restaurant that was started by two Occidental students (where Spencer went to school). The idea of this eatery was born after one of the students was abroad and he was introduced to the Doner Kebab. He brought the idea back to the US and grab his friend and they started Spitz.

The menu was really awesome. It reminded me of Crested Butte's "Pita's in Paradise". Same atmosphere. I had a chicken Doner wrap, "Street cart style" (garlic aioli -- YUM!). It was REALLY good! I was sooooooooooooooo full, but a good full. The food was fairly light, and totally healthy. Of course......the meal wasn't complete without some sweet potato fries -- Ahhhhhh! The price's seem fairly reasonable, which is nice for those of us baller's on a budget! It didn't take long for the food to be prepared. Lots of places to sit, parking is a little iffy. It is pretty close to my house, I know I will be going back! (there is one downtown too in Little Tokyo!). Bring your friends!


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