Saw some Monet...

There was a giant comb, good thing Spencer needed to fix his hair


Some Jeff Koons

"Teach me how to dougie"

Hide and Seek with Andy Warhol


Museum adventure time was well over due. SO -- last night Spencer and I headed to LACMA (Los Angeles County Museum of Art). It is free from 5:30-9 on week days if you are an LA county resident. Pretty awesome?!?! They are an interesting section featuring some of Blinky's 'Retrospective' work. They had some really great photography from William Eggleston -- his photo "Memphis" which was the LP cover for Jimmy Eat World was there! Neat! I have really enjoyed all the museums that we have gone to lately that have photography exhibitions. In another building there was a collection of European fashion, the textiles were beautiful! Wow! Some of the detail was just insane! It made me want to go right down to the district and buy some fabric (I haven't had time to sew for a while now...ugh -- I need some time to get creative). We saw some other interesting things......but my favorite was the Andy Warhol and Jeff Koons. I REALLY want to head over to MOCA sometime soon to check out more modern art.
I highly suggest heading over to LACMA on a week day night and taking advantage of the free admission if you live here! Ohhhh and they will be featuring a TIM BURTON exhibition starting at the end of May, I AM SO EXCITED! He had an exhibit in the MOMA a few months back that I REALLY wanted to go and see, but of course that is on the opposite side of the country. Darn. I decided that museuming at night is the BEST because you are able to spend the entire day doing whatever else needs to be done..... Well, check out LACMA [dot] COM to see what is going on!

ANDDDD of course...to make the night even better Spencer and I went to Dots cupcakes and Mezbaan to make our night that much more AHHHHHHMAZING! If you have time to run by Dots when you're in Pasadena get the Dulce de Sel -- probably the most amazing cupcake I have EVER had (no joke). General consensus is: get the mini cupcakes so you can sample and decide which is your favorite. AND seeing that each mini cupcake is only $1.50, you can splurge and get ohhhhhh 8 and not feel guilty. ha! The big ones are only $2.75, plus the people that worked there were really nice! As for Mezbaan....my favorite...duhhhh!!!!!!

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