Just like a coloring book...just more time consuming.

Okay, soooo some of the photos wouldn't let me rotate them...but this is 1 of the 6 drawings that I had to do tonight...I made it 3 deep, I am going to finish the other 3 tomorrow before class. Pretty awesome though...I love looking at how it all comes together with color (and yes, I am fully aware that my lines are crooked -- we aren't allowed to use a ruler in this class, it kills me!) -- I wish I would have taken pictures of the one that I did before this one because it turned out AMAZING! Oh well, its not like this is the last thing I will be coloring in this quarter.....

It's funny because I get on such a roll with my homework and I don't want to go to sleep because I am so into what I am doing. I love every second of school! I never thought I would be counting down the days until my weekends were up, and dedicating my free time willingly to homework and creating -- I can even justify waking up early to color! ha. 


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