I guess fashion does this to you....

It's 1:38 in the morning. I am madly shoving macaroni and cheese in my mouth (it is the first thing I have had today besides cereal this morning at 9 am). I just got home from work -- yep. My does it feel good. I am absolutely exhausted from today, but it was well worth it. I have to do it all over again tomorrow. I received an e-mail from the photographer this evening once I got off my real job and it put a huge smile on my face...it was a picture from the shoot I had today. Pictures speak a thousand words and I cannot begin to tell you how rewarding it was to see how fantastic the picture turned out; it made me realize that I love what I am doing right now.....even if I am barely able to keep my eyes open at night and I am racing around downtown LA rounding up stuff from the next shoot in the wee hours of the morning -- in the long run it is so rewarding. I am so grateful to have these experiences, and to work with the people that I am working with!

Photo: Mkye Gonzaga
Model: Miss Tiffany
Outfit: Hello Drama
Stylist: Elizabeth R ( ME!)
Hair and Make-up: Nica G

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