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I have had a lot of people interested in the classes that I am taking at FIDM. They are far from the normal college classes which we are all familiar with. They are classes that I finish and look forward to going and doing my homework. I can't wait for the weekend to be over so that I can go to class on Monday. I have finally been able to pursue my passion in art and fashion -- it is amazing.

So, I am on campus two days a week -- Monday and Tuesday. Monday I go from 3 until 9 pm. Tuesday's I go from noon until 9 pm. I am enrolled in 15 units -- each class is about 3 hours long and 4 out of my 5 classes are all lab based classes. COOL!

Monday's I take Ideation Sketching followed by Marketing and Brand development. Ideation sketching is basically learning how to draw...yah, yah, yah, we all know how to draw, but this class really teaches you the right way. So far we have been working on room designs (our classroom) in elevation -- we learn how to measure things through the bare eye and put it to scale on our paper. We have learned how to work with markers and color pencils to match colors that need to be expressed in the sketch recreation. I have struggled a little in this class only because I can't use a ruler, so seeing some of my lines be crooked is driving me bonkers! But, I have learned a lot! There is a second sketching class that is offered, I am really looking forward to taking that. The improvements and skills that I have seen/gained in the last 5 weeks of class are amazing! I am really proud of my work -- it only keeps getting better! I wish I had some pictures of my work, but my teacher is grading it right now....

My second class on Monday is Marketing and Brand Development. This class is interesting, I we have spent the first 5 weeks focusing on marketing. Most of the information that we are learning I have previously been taught in Marketing 210 at UNR. It is a nice little "reminder" class. I really have enjoyed the teacher that I have, she works in PR (public relations -- which I am interested in), hearing her stories about really working in the industry has made understanding marketing concepts a lot easier. We started on a group (ugh!) project a few weeks ago. So far it is focusing on the consumer target markets -- pretty interesting, I never realized how diverse the consumer market can be.....of course when you grow up in small ski towns your entire life everyone is purchasing the same thing and there is no 'diversity' in the buying when the closest Wal-Mart is 45+ minutes away.

Tuesdays -- my favorite day! I start off with Digital Imagining, then head to Survey of Visual Communications and then I top my day off with Color and Design Theory.Digital Imaging has been really interesting so far -- I am finally starting to get a firm understanding on Adobe CS5 illustrator. We turned in our first project today. We had to create our own business cards. MattVance was nice enough to help me out with getting Illustrator and Photoshop on my computer before he took off back to Tahoe -- it is normally a $300+ suite, and for design it is almost vital these days....not to mention having the power to enhance your photos (younger, skinner, blonder, etc) is AWESOME! I have mid term next week and then we are moving into photo shop.I am thinking about getting some of these printed (seeing that I need to order some new cards this project couldn't have come at a better time!), and I designed the snowflake/wheelset sketch...pretty neat!
Business card #1

Business card #2
After computer class I head to my FAVORITE class out of my entire quarter schedule: Survey of Visual Communications. Now, my first day I had NO clue what this class was about....I quickly realized that 1) this was going to be the most hands on class ever. 2) my teacher is going to be WICKED hard. 3) I am going to learn a lot of information REALLY quick and it is time to show case my talent. So, basically our first assignment was to find a designer/design house that was worthy of showing in New York, Milan, Paris, London, etc and had to be their Fall 2010 line or Spring/Summer 2011 line. They would be our designer the rest of the quarter. I picked House of Holland, by designer Henry Holland focusing on his Spring/Summer 2011 line -- if you have no clue who I am talking about google it. He is a 'smaller' designer, but has left a major impact on the design world. You know all those neon colored teeshirts that you see people wearing with big huge bold block letters on them with short phrases on them (or even text messaging abbreviations)? You see twenty something year old girls walking around in them all the time....he is basically response able for those. His line for spring/summer is very metallic, banana leaf, and LOTS of fringe -- hence the lines name "something with a fringe on top". From their we researched our designer, wrote a paper and then the fun started. We had to create point of view boards for the class to see, as well as draw up a designer inspired bag which we will CREATE by the end of the quarter. Kind of hard to explain, but I will try to keep my blog up dated with my step of creation as they start to come together. Here is my sketch and my point of view boards so far....pretty awesome if I do have to say so....
Bag sketch board
Point of view boards
 Starting next week we will create the next step of the project. I know I am going to carry a lot of this over with me to the industry. I am so pumped, I couldn't have asked for a better teacher! Rigorous, but good!

My last class of the day is Color and Design Theory. It is very similar to my art class that I took at UNR, I could have opted out of taking the class but I decided that it would be a good idea to jog my memory since it has been about 2 years since I did anything artistic and education related. We have been working on basic things like line and color wheels, my teacher is pretty funny -- it is just a basic art class. I have enjoyed getting a little overly creative with my work...imagine that....
My color wheel. All hand painted.
So yah. My classes are really neat. I am starting to try and layout my classes for next quarter. Hard to believe how quickly this is flying by. I guess that is what happens when you do something you absolutely love.
Thank you everyone who made it so that I could be where I am.

MUCH LOVE -- time to start in on some homework.

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