Clean up. Clean up. Er'rybody do your share!

Pet Peeve: leaving dishes in the sink for days at a time.
Pet Peeve: leaving the sponge in the sink. Wet, and dirty. (hello...germ central!?)
Pet Peeve: not using the dishwasher.

My room may not always been the cleanest thing. Looking around right now I have pillows thrown all around -- one MAY think that I just finished an epic pillow fight. Ohhhh no, that was just where they ended up last night when I went to bed. I have piles of fabric, different types of glue, paper and 4 different rulers all over my floor. This is my mess.

I am not saying my roommates are messy at all. Actually, this is probably the most organized house I have EVER lived in. BUT, there are always those little things that bother me -- hence the list of pet peeves above.

Every house that I have lived in since I was 18 (actually even young with ski racing) we have had to create a list of things that need to be done to keep the place clean. With Katrina, Carissa, Kristen, Sally and Katie we had a weekly chore list. Each week we were in charge of something different i.e. taking the trash out, vacuuming, mopping, etc. It worked out great -- no one was left with the weight of doing all the cleaning.

With Chelsey we just had to rotate cleaning the kitchen and remind each other to pick up. I created this little magnet for the dishes, so we would always know the state of our dishes. Probably my best invention to date! Yah...I am proud of it!

I carried that little creation over to living with NJ and Ericson. Again, BEST invention EVER!

Of course, my understanding of cleanliness is completely different compared to everyone else. Trash your room. I don't care -- that is your own business. Common area? Keep it clean -- and help pitch in.

So, today I recreated my little 'dishes' magnet in effort to show my roommates that they shouldn't leave their dishes sitting in the sink. Fingers crossed that it works. Plus, utensils only being hand washed. GROSS -- put them in the dish washer to eliminate germs. Also, if there the magnet says the dishes are 'clean', then put them away! So simple. I really should sell my little creation!

Well, off to battle traffic and head to work!

Tomorrow is going to be solely dedicated to finishing my homework -- ohhh there is SO much! Yikes!


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