Things are starting to fall into place and I couldn't be more excited! Yesterday I went to West Hollywood for an interview for an internship with a jewelery company called 'Hello Drama' -- "—I’m an addict for anything dramatic—We are a LA based, rock, anime, and lyrically inspired jewelry line! Characterized by kitschy and vibrant boutique-themed designs and fueled with a little bit of drama and a lot of passion!". I am incredibility grateful that I was chosen to do viral marketing work for them, this is a step in the right direction for my career. I really like all of their product, and the people that I was able to meet from the company seem really nice! I am so excited for this adventure! I can't wait to update everyone! 

As for a job-job...I had an interview today, I made it to the next step --- so, just a few more and hopefully I will have a job! Fingers crossed! 

School is going fantastic! I absolutely have enjoyed diving into the books to study daily! 

AND, a big big big big big thank you to Ed! He has been my life saver this week, I honestly cannot thank him enough! I was finally able to go grocery shopping yesterday -- it was by far one of the best days of time here so far! 

Last night I went to Venice and caught up with some Tahoe friends. It was really neat. We watched some snowboard movies -- I have pics, I'll put them up soon! 

Today, Matt and I went on quite the adventure. First to find bagels, and then tonight we rode bikes down the boardwalk in Huntington down to Newport Beach THEN we got Yogurtland all while doing laundry! Talk about an eventful night! 

I am really enjoying everything about this move. This has probably been the BEST thing I could have done for myself, I really noticed that last night especially when I was around my Tahoe friends. 


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