San Diego and Navy weddings?

Christina came from Vegas on Friday and fetched to be her date at a Navy wedding down in San Diego on Coronado island. It was fun. We laughed a lot. We tried to pretend we were really mature. We at delicious seafood, we drank too much wine. I am so glad that I have such an amazing bestfriend. Thursday night our adventure started with trying to find a grocery store -- that was interesting. Friday we headed to San Diego and went for a really awesome run on the bayside path -- talk about relaxing! We found this great place called The Fish Market (similar to the Black Pelican in Kitty Hawk). We had a great time, went to some bars. Slept in wicked late Saturday. Walked around the bay, got ready and headed to Shalita and Jerome's wedding on the Navy base over in Coronado. It was um, interesting to say the least......came back this morning. It is nice to be back in LA -- I love it here! First day of classes tomorrow!!!

I found a grocery store near me that sells PBR. Thank goodness!

Christina experiencing a two story Target -- yes, we have those in LA.

Chowdahhh and vino. Awesome night.

Connect the dots challenge queen.

Fly like a G6.

A ship.

Some art.


Shalita and Jerome's wedding.

Reno girls.

Oh just dancing with her new bff.

bubble blowing.

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