Quick life update

Okay. So, I know I have been horrible at blogging lately -- only because my life is hectic right now -- sorry (but really I am not sorry at all because I am absolutely in love with my new lifestyle)!

Let's see...hummm...what is new so far....

Well, you all have probably read that I am now interning for the company Hello Drama. I am really excited about the opportunities that this will bring. I am so pumped that I was chosen! I REALLY love the style of their jewelry! I kind of started today....

Finished up my second week of classes today. Being in classes 9 hours a day is exhausting, especially when they are in 3+ hour blocks. But, I am enjoying everything about school. I don't think I have ever dedicated myself to something so much. I LOVE doing homework...as odd as that sounds....

I was trying to check something else off my bucket list today (donating blood) but it takes 45 minutes and I just didn't have that much time in my 15 minute passing period.

I have TWO job interviews this Thursday. I am super pumped about one of them! Keep your fingers crossed! Boy-OH-Boy do I need a job.

Still NO CHECK. yah, lame.

More Tahoe friends come in this weekend. More importantly, Christina is supposed to be around! YESSS!

Um, wow...my brain is completely overloaded right now.

MUCH MUCH MUCH LOVE -- Follow your dreammmmmmmmms!

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