Mmmmm Yogurt


Go and check out Mmmmm Yogurt off Robb Dr (where Cold Stone used to be)! It is a new frozen yogurt bar in Reno that one of my girlfriends, Kaitlyn's, dad opened up! Go support some good people and get a tasty healthy sweet treat! I wish I was there so that I could go and play around with some yummy flavors (reading and hearing about the flavors makes my mouth water). It is about time Reno had something awesome like this, what a fantastic idea! A few more locations should be popping up over the next few months -- how exciting! I was VERY briefly able to talk to Kaitlyn on Friday, and she told me they had only opened hours before and they had been flooded with people -- good for them! I love the enthusiasm that Kaitlyn had for the new store and the unique flavors that they are going to have at Mmmmm Yogurt (Dreamy Dark Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Pumpkin, Pomegranate Energy, Blood Orange sorbet and Pink Grapefruit sorbet, etc), and I am sure that their assortment of toppings is next level.

Check out the website: Mmmmm Yogurt dot com or their facebook: Mmmmm-YogurtFB. I wish Mmmmm Yogurt the best of luck!

Much love!

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