Melrose Trading Post

Something I have ALWAYS loved doing is thrifting. Sorry Saver's but you just weren't adequate enough for me in Reno (okay, yah, yah, yah, you can find some great things sometimes -- but we are talking seldom). Now that I live down in the city I am discovering zillions of thrift stores, flea markets, and other neat finds (the Fashion District, Alley is a given).

A few weeks ago MattVance and I were on a random adventure to find one of his favorite stores off Fairfax and we saw allllll these tents with lots of stuff, with LOTS of people hovering around so of course we decided we needed to check it out. It was the Melrose Trading Post -- yes, HI! sign me up! I was so pumped! there were soooo many goodies. Of course with our superior timing they were closing up. So, we decided that we had to go back, next time with some cash, and a lot of extra time.

That is just what we did on Sunday. After discovering Bagelmania (my 'new', My Favorite Muffin down here -- although nothing will ever replace MFM) and finishing my laundry we headed back to LA. MattVance was on a mission to find a new chain and dog tag like jewelry. That was easy. He ended up getting these really cool things made out of recycled bullet casings! I think that might be my next trading post purchase -- like I really need another chain? ha!

I was on the look out for either A) a sweater B) a fur coat C) a jean jacket D) another leather coat. I ended up with A. I found an AWESOME giant cable knit sweater for $15 (I think the lady felt sorry for me and so she gave me a deal. It was cold and sprinkling out and all I had on was a tank top). There was a LOVELY black fur jacket, but it just wasn't 'the one'.The sweater was 'the one', I have been living in my sweater. I can make it go with anything: jeans, shorts, spants, skirts and PJ's. I actually feel asleep in it the other night. If you know me, you know I am all about comfort. It can be 80 degrees out and I am still wrapped up in a down comforter because it gives me a feeling of security, comfort, etc. This sweater MIGHT have just replaced my comforter -- key word MIGHT. I really lucked out, it was made in Ireland and is obviously all wool. Plus I love love love the buttons and the neck line -- and it has POCKETTTTS....SCORE! 

The man who sold MattVance his new chain jewelry told him there was another man down the way that sold good quality chains and that was the place that he referred all his customers. We went on a hunt for this tent. OF COURSE, there HAD to be a variety of necklaces there all for $5. I am trying to get out of the habit of wearing my Tiffany's all over the place or it is going to break and that necklace means a lot to me. So I found a perfect little 'bud' necklace. It is an old school big-wheeler bike. MINE! I really didn't even have to think about it once I saw it, although there was a dinosaur necklace that I had my eye on too! The Fleamarketgirl have some of the best necklace ideas EVER! I can already tell you this is going to become a new obsession, and for $5 a necklace (charm and chain) that is a pretty darn good deal! MattVance got his chain, and I got my new necklace. We were both stoked! So, if you are at Melrose Marketplace I totally suggest trying to find this tent! The necklaces would make GREAT gifts for people, so don't be surprised if for your birthday that is what you get from me! ha!
It has 'Bud' written all over it!

If you want to join me on a Sunday adventure to Melrose Marketplace (when I don't have work, school stuff and internship stuff to do) just let me know!


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