Los Angeles adventures.

FINALLY I found someone who can keep up with my adventurous lifestyle! ha. Spencer has been awesome and accompanying me to all different museum locations around Los Angeles. Let's be real...I am a nerd. I love looking at old stuff. I am so excited to finally live in a place where I can go and spend hours on end in museums -- this place just keeps getting better and better.
Natural History Museum

On Tuesday Spencer and I headed to the Natural History Museum after I went to the FIDM career fair (I'd hate to be negative...but it was a waste of my time). Every 1st Tuesday of the month NHM has free admission, they are open from 9:30-5. Although entry is free be prepared to pay for parking (I think it was $8). We got there on the later side of 1:30 and didn't get to cover the entire museum (there are 3 different levels). I was a little disappointed in the dinosaur collection....Oh well. Next time. BUT, I still did feel like I was in a scene of "Night in the Museum" and the next corner that I was going to turn the animals would be climbing out of their displays. Some of the exhibitions are really neat and have a lot of interactive things, the inner-kid in me really likes that! The gem collections were AWESOME! Some of the rocks were SOOOOOOOOO pretty! It reminded me of how much fun I had in Carr's geology way back in college (hahaha!). The bird collection was neat, who ever knew there were so many different birds -- and some of them are so hideous! We laughed a lot when we saw the exhibitions full of "North American Mammals" because a majority of them were things that we saw a lot of living in Colorado. Did you know that another name for Elk is Wapiti? Welp, now you know! Next time you are driving and see a heard of elk, say "Wow, look at that heard of Wapiti..." It will totally impress your friends.....or just make them look at you like you are CRAZY! I wish that we would have had time to get down to the California History exhibition which was down on the bottom level -- I'll save that for another visit too. Ohhhhh they have REAL paleontologist working, that was neat to peek in the windows and see them discovering new things in hunks of dirt. I suggest you DON'T wear heels because I did. Horrible decision -- what? I came from the career fair! ha! I definitely suggest going and checking out the different collections there -- bring a friend!

Another rainy day adventure brought Spencer and I to the Norton Simon museum in Pasadena! I was super excited because I haven't seen quality art in a while. Students are free all the time as long as you have your student ID. They are open from noon to about 6 pm (9 pm on Friday's). We started downstairs where they had a feature exhibition Hiroshige: Visions of Japan. The attention to detail in a lot of the work was outstanding! The artist focused on different aspects of Japanese lifestyle in the 175 different prints; a majority of them were landscape based. The other art that was downstairs was Indian culture based -- very intricate stone sculptures dating back to the Gupta time period. Of course I LOVED all the different takes on Buddha and Ganesh. Upstairs was filled with 14th century  to modern artwork. The 14th century work was very vibrant and a great collection of Renaissance work, and obviously very religious based. I really enjoyed seeing how each artist interpreted Madonna differently. The 17th and 18th Century artwork was interesting, I have a lot of trouble looking at style life. Yah, I know it is beautiful...but I can only look at fruit still in a basket so many times. The landscapes and portraits featured were amazing -- there was a lot of Peter Paul Rubens work on display. Still to this day I cannot decide if I actually like his work or if it is tooooo 'mystical' for my taste.
I fell in love with this painting by Ambrosius Bosschaert I. You can't see it in this photo BUT the flowers were absolutely gorgeous! Oh my goodness! Another painting that was in this section of time had been x-rayed and the 'real' painting was seen underneath -- it was like magic. I liked that painting a lot too (I wish I could remember who did it..shoooot!). The Euro art from the 19th century was interesting to me, only because I have spent so much time learning about it. I was very opinionated on what I wanted to see and what I didn't. Spencer said I was all the sudden walking really fast...ha ha ha! Everyone loves seeing Picasso's work as well as van Gogh -- they have a few paintings there. van Gogh's work always fascinates me, not because of the actual work but because of the techniques used and the overall outcome and expression of the work. I struggle looking at prints and seeing the uniqueness of his work, that is why I take it in when I get to see his actual paintings. The Picasso pieces at the Norton Simon are neat, some of his more geometrical work. I wish that there would have been more Cezanne! Ahhh! His work is SO beautiful -- I honestly could look at his artwork all day and be completely satisfied. They had several Monet's there too -- nothing special, but seeing a piece of his always puts a smile on my face. It reminds me of the prints that used to be on the walls of my bedroom as a young girl in Vermont -- his work also reminds me of my aunt Nancy. If you are a fan of Degas then the Norton Simon is the place for you! Gosh, they have A BUNCH of his work. Sorry, but I am not a fan. Something about the ballerinas that just turns me away from his work. Don't get me wrong though the 19th century is full of great artwork and fantastic artists whom paved the way for modern artists. I suggest using a lazy day to go and check out the Norton Simon!

Tonight I am going to explore the MOCA. It is free Thursday nights from 5-8 pm , and with a student ID it is only $5 during the normal hours of entry. 

This place is filled with so many great exhibitions to go and see. I love it. I bet you are thinking "she need's to get a job.' Don't worry, I have 17 applications out, I am just waiting to hear. I start school on Monday, I am SO excited! It is finally sunny out and I can't leave the house do to my lack of finances -- this is getting old REALLY quickly. I vow never to work for another company who promises they will pay me 'cash' and then 3 weeks later I still haven't seen anything -- just e-mails promising it next week, and next week, and in a few days. If you say you are going to do something, do it -- What is the statistic? For every bad experience one person has with a company they go and tell 10 people? Pretty sure this is a bad experience. I am bummed . Don't lallygag -- especially when you are a corporate company, there are no excuses why things should not be done in a timely manner. 

Wish me luck with the job hunt. I'll be sure to keep you updated on my latest discovery in Los Angeles! 


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