Indian Virginity -- Bucket list

Indian food. A food which I have always questioned. Something about it totally turned me off. I have never tried it before -- I have been in an Indian restaurant and watched my dad eat it while I sat their (stubborn) eating the Naan. So, it would only be right for me to add eating Indian food to my bucket list, right?

Spencer really likes Indian food and since I moved here it has been a constant topic of conversation. ha. So after a prompting text message from Spencer's dad saying to take me out to dinner, we adventured up to Pasadena for a Target stop. I was in wicked need of more Dr. Bronners. We headed over to a place called Mezbaan to order some food (to go, of course! duh...best way to enjoy food!). The lady there was awesome, very kind and welcoming. Spencer picked out all the food that we were going to feast on. I was SO nervous -- I really didn't want to get all this food and not like it. He chose garlic naan, Chicken Tikka Masala, Baingan Bharta and rice. We went and walked around Pasadena while we were waiting for the food to be prepared. Of COURSE we had to go into a shoe store. I walked out without anything, but we did see some REALLY cool Nikes. ahhh my weakness. The food smelled divine when we picked it up.

We grabbed some wine from Trader Joe's and came home. Spencer did all the dishing because I had no clue what on earth I had gotten myself into. The sauces were interesting and VERY different to me at first. I LOVED the rice. Oh man. I think I could eat that all day! I was tentative with the chicken dish at first it tasted ummm I don't know the work...weird. But the other dish, which was eggplant was SO good. Mix them together aaaahhhhhhhmazing! I had TWO helpings! Then, we both passed out on the floor! ha!

So eating Indian food has now been checked off the bucket list and I will totally be going back there!
Thank you Spencer!!

MUCH LOVE -- go try something different!

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