In love.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get an internship with the jewelry company Hello Drama. I have mainly just been doing viral media (checking out other blogs, twitter, etc), well...today I went to my first photo shoot with them as assistant stylist. It was awesome! I am so happy and thankful that I was able to experience styling on this level.

The day started at 10 am in Burbank. It was hotter than hell and of course I decided to wear all black (and jeans and boots for that matter). Two cups of coffee later I was REALLY ready. We went to the location -- very minimal, but, full of potential. The photographer, Coy, one model (the other one had some transportation issues and so there was a scrabble to find a replacement) Megan, makeup artist Candance and myself got a start on things early. It was really neat to work/communicate back and forth with the makeup artist and the photographer on how the model needed to look and gain and sort of understanding on things they look for pre-shoot. It was incredible seeing the model transform through hair and make up -- in all the shoots that I have been involved with there was no make up, more of a natural aesthetic. The rest of the team (Kaila, Matt, Katt, and Anthony) arrived and I was able to see the line designed by Katt for the first time. It is SO innovative! LOVE IT! Most of it was made out of black trash bags, and the other pieces with pins, spikes and leather really reminded me of Balmain's spring/summer 2011 line! While we were getting the first model ready a second model was found -- that helped a lot! I loved watching the over all transformation of everything, and the beauty that the most ordinary thing on earth can posses -- for instance a trash bag. Katt did wonders with those things, transforming them into wonderful pieces of clothing -- I would have NEVER thought of something like that. The work on them was so intricate it really made everything special. A concrete slab/parking lot: Coy took essentially NOTHING and captured beautiful images of these girls displaying the clothing. And lastly, the models. They are a blank canvass and transformed so nicely into the most  sensual looking women with smokey eyes, bold lips and immeasurable hair designs. The girls were amazing to watch, they really knew how to work the camera and didn't need much guidance. The only real hiccup that happened during the shoot was the camera breaking, luckily Coy had a backup and I am sure that the photos will end up equally as outstanding.

I learned a tremendous amount of information about styling today. Of course, nothing will ever compare to the long days in SLC with Stahler driving a million miles an hour in a Tahoe on ice covered roads packed with ski clothes, or puttsing around in the Ford Focus from location to location trying to find the closest location for coffee.... I feel like going into the next shoot I am going to be much more prepared. I almost went in today 'blind' and I feel very comfortable now with understanding the 'duties' of a stylist and I cannot wait to learn more about the technical aspects of styling. I never felt so comfortable doing something -- I cannot wait to style another shoot! Time to put together a kit to carry around with me so I am always prepared (pins, tape, q-tips, etc). I think I found my calling? This is going to be great! The photos are going to be published in Harlow Magazine. I am really looking forward to seeing them, and being able to experience the full process of start to finish.


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