I'm going to the zoo, zoo, zoo, how about you, you, you?

This made me laugh..it reminded me of "fir wood' in good ole' Quechee, VT.

Saw some Zebras. I still think to this day that it would be cool to show up to a horse show on a one...

Those were goats of some sort...

King of the jungle.

My little sister...ha! Just kidding...

The black bear was going for a quick dip.


At Jake's of Pasadena they have PBR on tap. Probably my new favorite place for ever and ever!

The sunset was unreal.

This makes me giggle. It says "BUCK OFF" instead of "Starbucks" ha ha!

Quality pic of Pearce, circa 2002 maybe....I think we were headed to D.C...but it could have been Europe too...
So. Let's see. Life update. Caroline (one of my roommates), Spencer and I went to the zoo the other day. It was RAD! Of course, it also was a gazillion degrees out so all the animals just kinda' laid around and looked dead....we will have to go back in the winter when it is a little cooler out and hopefully they will be moving. LA Zoo on a scale of 1-10 I will give it a 6, I have been to better. Now I really want to go to the San Diego zoo....add it to the adventure list.

The flamingos smelled horrendous.

Then. Spencer and I were SOOOO hunger we couldn't decided what we wanted to eat. After aimlessly walking around we went to Jakes. I am becoming a sucker for their burgers and fries...and of course now since I have learned that they have PBR there I am even more of a fan! Spencer also took me to the ultimate art store, Blick, where I was able to grab a sketch book for school. I could have spent hours on end in there collecting pointless materials -- good thing I was on a time schedule. I was even lucky enough to convince Spencer to come to Target! Big time! ha! The one thing I REALLY needed was printer cartridges -- that was an epic failure. Darn. I helped Tiff move some more stuff in. Mike, Tucker and Brandon arrived from Vegas, we traded vehicles and now Syd and I are happily reunited. I missed her. Especially after having to drive that monster truck around for such a long time.

3500 truck + downtown Los Angeles = No thanks. (I am brushing up on my math for next week)

Yesterday (Thursday) I spent a majority of my day adventuring (or running errands with Pearce). Always a good time when hanging out with him. We went to Ikea. Trouble....actually we managed to make it in and out REALLY quickly. He got a mattress. I got some lights and two cinnamon buns. We got lost. His GPS has been dubbed Vicky. What a great name for a GPS. Our adventure list is getting longer and longer, we have to get a move on it! After Ikea, we went to Fox studio's! It was unbelievable! I've never seen anything like it in my life. After a quick hustle home (mind the traffic) I changed and booked it back out to Hollywood again to The Lot for a screening of the movie that Pearce is working on. It was awesome. I am so lucky and happy and thankful that I was able to go.
After the movie operation 'put up lights' started. I hung 4 and then gave up. That is the next project that I am going to get started on after I say goodbye blogging world....and the essay I need to do, and the football image I need to finish...Oi!


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