Firefly Chronicles

As if I haven't bitten off enough to chew already I have been given an amazing opportunity to blog for a website, firefly chronicles! Talk about staying busy, wooooah! (full time student, intern, (hopefully -- soon to be) employed, I guess you could still call me an athlete although that is on pause at the moment -- busy busy girl). I am so grateful that I have been given all these opportunities, I absolutely love having something going on constantly!

But anyways, back to Firefly Chronicles. One of my co-workers in Tahoe, Nina, e-mailed me about writing for a blogsite that she was starting up. Of course I jumped on the chance since I LOVE writing. FFC is "A community for female athletes by female athletes. A place for firey girlies to share insider knowledge, ideas, and opinions about sports and all things outdoors". I love the idea of a site for ladies -- especially when they are geared towards topics that most outdoor/outgoing women can relate with. There is info about gear, about personal stories, about what is going on around your location! Such a fantastic idea, I am so pumped to be apart of it!

So, make sure you check out Firefly Chronicles!



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