I love cupcakes. Okay, wait...I don't like the frosting, I just like the cake part. But, it's not a cupcake without the frosting. Weird. I know. While I was doing my morning Interweb surfing I came across the idea of cupcakes in a jar. Personally, I think it is the neatest thing ever! Imagine how pumped you would be to get a little gift like this?! I remember back in middle school when the big thing to do was give your teacher a ball jar filled with all the dry ingredients for cookies -- this idea is WAY better!

Almost all of the companies that I have found that do 'cupcakes in a jar', use recycled jam jars! What a great idea....if you think about it having the cupcake in a container is a fantastic idea because instead of feeling wicked guilty about eating the entire cake, you can toss the lid back on and save it for later. In reviews I have read people have said that the cakes stay moist because of the jar too! There is nothing worst than a DRY cake. yuck!

There are a lot of places that offer the cupcakes in a jar, but this one gdesserts seemed to explain everything the best, total bummer they are UK based -- time to find  place in LA that bakes them, perhaps my own kitchen?

Much love!

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