"Without Money, we'd all be rich"

LeMond Fittness owes me a fairly large amount of money for working for them at Interbike. It has been over a month now and I have yet to see anything fro them. I have done my best with trying to contact the company, even with that effort it is seldom I get a reply back. I am frustrated. 

I am depending on this money. I feel like this is very unprofessional of them; especially being a corporate company. Because of this dilemma it is actually affecting me getting to and from school, eating, and basically living life -- to me, this is far from fair. 

My wish right now is that magically that check is going to show up in my mailbox tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

On a brighter note -- job opps are starting to come in! Wahoo!


  1. hey, i just saw this and called my dad about why you havent been paid, this is horrible to hear, if you want to email me at Scottlemond@me.com, how much you are owed, i will get them to pay you, or my parents will pay you personally. so sorry to hear that they fell through on this. let me know

  2. Hey Scott!

    Thanks for your concern and trying to get things squared away! I am hoping that the wheels might be finally turning...its been a drag. I know everything will work out -

  3. My parents will send you a check tomorrow morning if you need it, just let us know.

  4. Hi Scott,

    I will let you know by some point this afternoon. I am really hoping that Eric comes through and says that it is in the mail...

    thank you!