Arbor and Comune and The Story

Sorry I have been so horrible with BLAHging. I have been ridiculously busy the last few days, okay...make that weeks! This move was the best thing for me, I am so glad that I followed through. The experiences that I am getting both in school and out of class are next level! Although, it does make me sad to hear about the news of Vail now owning Northstar and snow starting to fly up in Tahoe I know that overall, and career wise, moving down to the city was a wise decision (plus.......skiing really isn't THAT far away).

Speaking of snow -- the last two weekends I have been able to see a handful of my Tahoe friends. Arbor Snowboards had a movie premier at their Venice location and my old roommate, NJ, Arbor and Porters team rider Nicky Visconti  and photographer extraordinaire Terren Gomez all came down. It was great to see them and to catch up! It is nice having a dose of Tahoe in south California, it is almost revitalizing! ha! Matt and Shelby went with me and we enjoyed some beers and two movies (ask me what movies? I have no clue....Ooops).

Most recently, I jetted down to Huntington/Costa Mesa area with yet again Shelby and Matt (my partners in crime evidently) for the Comune premier of their video installation of "Black Holes and Invisible Forces Bending Time Through Particle Deformation Creating Infinite Freedom in the Garden On The Moon", or you can just call it: BLKHLZINVZFS. I saw a BUNCH of my Tahoe friends (Alix, Brendan, Diggles, Liz, Brewer, Kelsey) it was AWESOME! The whole set up of the 'premier' was great, the art installations were great, legit music, free booze and food and just a FANTASTIC group of people. You can view the video installations on their website (word of mouth says that there are some clips of Christopher in the movies). To end the night Matt took me to a bar in Huntington to prove that they do carry tall boy PBR's in brown bags around here! ha ha ha!

Sunday, Matt grabbed Spencer and I and we headed to the Mann Chinese Theater (as in the place with all the hand prints in cement -- laugh all you want but I made the smart comment of 'ohhh this is the place' as we left the movie later on)  in Hollywood to see The Ski Channel's "The Story". Matt ended up getting us in to the movie, not only just getting us in -- but we were VIP. So, somewhere floating around in the virtual world there are pictures of Spencer, Matt and I on the 'white carpet', I'd LOVE to see them! The theater was HUGE! The movie was AWESOME! It was cool to see all the different aspects of snow life covered; from love, to siblings, to injury and on...The ski Channel really did a fantastic job of portraying the love and different lifestyle that a 'mountain/snow' person has.

So, still being around the 'industry', without living in the 'industry' is going pretty swimmingly I'd say!

I am so happy that I was able to be around my Tahoe friends. I am so pumped I got to see all the great films.

Shelby, Ali, and myself at Arbor

NJ, Matt and I

MattVance, AlixLacey and ElizabethCourtney ummm Ja-a-a-ay

My FIDM partner in Crime Shelby

Kelsey and I. East coast implants to Tahoe. Tahoe implants to LA.

No one will ever understand us. I don't even understand us....

Alix, Liz Squared and Messier + pink pumpkin (that pumpkin had some GOOD candy in it!)

Alix, Me, Diggles and Liz


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