Another check to the 'list', ending in victory.

Going to a UNR v. UNLV football game was something on my bucket list. Thanks to my best friends Christina and Matt they got me to Vegas for kickoff.

Vance and French. We had a very uneventful ride down filled with hours of traffic and cheesy radio station music.

Sunset at the tailgate. Beautiful.

Mah girl Christina and I.

Possibly the funniest picture of the night.
I hit up the penny slots hoping it would make be a millionaire. It didn't. I started with $1.

Christina's newest roommate 'Rom'. He is HUGE!

'Quis and I at the game.

Just playing unicorns and dragons...nbd.

Diddy and Christina.

Love her. Love our shirts!

Marching band!

Christina, Me and Olga. It was so hot it was uncomfortable.

Christina, Diddy, 'Quis and I. Great group of people!
Another check off the bucket list. I have always wanted to go to a University of Nevada, Reno verses University of Nevada, Las Vegas football game. I attended UNR for 4 1/2 years and was never able to go, normally because I either had class or had a bike race -- this year two of my bestfriends made my adventure to the game possible. Matt decided to head down to Vegas from Huntington so I decided I would scoot down and keep him company for the 3 hour car ride to sin city, which quickly turned into a 6 hour adventure due to traffic. In Anaheim we could have basically put the car in park on the middle of the highway. We made it though -- Matt dropped me off with my trog full of dirty laundry at Christina's house just outside downtown Las Vegas. He headed to the strip and Christina and I headed to her living room. ha! We caught up since we hadn't seen each other in ohhhhh 4 days...ha, and started to prep for the next day. Christina's mom had gotten us tickets for the game, and we were planning on meeting up with some other friends. Kaydence (Christina's pitbull) took up the ENTIRE bed as always and Christina and I were too busy laughing and sharing gossip stories with each other to notice that the sun was rising. Oh great! We went to this place called The Griddle for a hearty breakfast and some much needed coffee. Then it was time to get dolled up! Darn we looked fantastic! We headed to the tailgate and ran into a BUNCH of people we knew. It was great playing catch up with people I haven't seen in over a year (and those I haven't seen in just a few weeks too). I love all my friends from Reno -- they are great people that tremendously impacted my life. We had great seats on the UNR side of the stadium, right on the 30 yard line.  There sure were a lot of 'Rebels' fans there, but the school spirit of the wolf-pack was totally alive! Things got pretty crazy in the game, whether it was people being escorted out, other passing out, or whatever else happens at football games it was VERY eventful. I laughed a lot. Just what the doctor ordered. I love my friends. UNR won, of course! The final score was 44-26. We actually left a little early so that we could avoid that traffic, we thought this was a good decision until we realized that all the other UNR fans left too because of our obvious victory. Matt came over to Christina's and forced me to hang out with him and some other friends after the game...shucks..ha, JK. We ended up having a VERY mild night and just walking the strip and calling it a night. The next day Matt and I had all the intentions in the world to leave early....well, early turned into leaving Vegas at 3 in the afternoon -- again we found ourselves in traffic. I am learning to NOT love it. I got back late. After I was pulled over for my taillights BOTH being out -- hum, pretty convenient that I get my car back and the window is left cracked open after I have said numerous times NOT to open it, spit down the inside of the window, a broken phone charge, a bashed in fog light and......I think that is all....how nice. I am pretty bummed out about that actually, very disrespectful. Luckily, the police officer was nice and gave me a warning and explained to be how to get home since I was 98% lost in downtown LA at 8 pm.

I don't think I will go to another UNR v. UNLV football game. But, I am glad that I went. It was an experience. I am glad that my friends were so in to making sure that I could go without essentially spending a cent. It means a lot to me to have such supportive people in my life. I am so glad that I got to go and see what all the talk is about when it comes to this specific football game.




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