"The Story" by Ski Channel

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

I am not celebrating this year. Last night I watched a not so scary movie.
I plan on over dosing on candy tonight while I am studying my brains out.
No pumpkin carving this year -- bummer. That is my favorite part.
Last time I carved a pumpkin I lived with Sami.
I am being blown up with e-mails today -- ugh.
Time to go to Melrose for a little bit I think....




I need to get some more flowers for my room. 
Maybe make a good cup of tea too!

I tremble.

Well, it's Halloween weekend. I am not going out. I don't believe in Santa, the Easter bunny or the tooth fairy anymore...so why believe in Halloween? Stupid.

My dad always says there are 4 holidays you never want to go out on, I think they are something like:
New Years, Your birthday, 4th of July, and Halloween. That is when people always get in trouble and accidents always occur. I know....it's not Halloween YET -- but everyone is very festive today. Yesterday, while I was running some errands I saw so many zombie kids running around Target I would have thought I was in a horror film. SURPRISE, I wasn't.

Today Pearce and I took a trip to California City. What a weird place. I have some pictures...I'll up load them later. We went hunting for desert turtles -- didn't find any. What a bust. We had some really good conversations. It is really nice having someone around that I have known for so long. We both agreed that being insecure is the pits, and it is hard to change your ways when you have been trained to act a certain way. Darn.

Speaking of...I said something REALLY dumb today. Opps.

My eyes are really tired right now. I didn't sleep well last night. I have a lot on my mind. I have a lot going on in my life. No, I am not stressed, I am just happily exhausted. I need some rest.

Scary movie marathon tonight?


MUCH LOVE! Be safe this weekend!


"Bud's Last Report Card"

This is a letter that I have been meaning to put up for a while now, I have just been so darn busy that I haven't had time. Now that I have school, an internship and a job on lock I have a little bit of time to get my ducks in a row and cross off some of the "to do's" on my long list today. This is a piece composed by my high school head master, Warren Witherell. It definitely put a smile on my face, and I hope you all enjoy it too (especially if you have been able to watch my life transition over the last 5/6 years). Enjoy. 


Warren, Thank you!


                                                  --   Remembering Elizabeth Reeder  --




              Warren Witherell,


                             Head of School, Crested Butte Academy 2004-2006

We first met at Crested Butte Academy in the spring of 2004. You were an 11th grade student; and I was the “newest kid” in school – a 69 year old Interim Headmaster. My first assignment was to meet (and learn the names of) all students, staff and parents. Your name -- “Bud” -- was as easy to remember, as your face was hard to forget.

When you were in a happy mood, you had the brightest and largest eyes I have ever seen, and a smile that lit up a room. You were the shortest girl in school, but always stood out in a crowd. To speak plainly, you weren’t just the cutest girl in Crested Butte – but probably in all of Colorado as well.

Such stunning beauty is almost always a mixed blessing – one that opens many doors in social and business worlds; but leads also to jealousy among females (who get mean), and to the intimidation of males (who get stupid). Your high school years had their ups and downs. Smiles and Frowns. I’ll spare you the memories in any more detail. Your mom could surely provide a long list.

On the “smile days,” you were always a joy to have around – fun, funny, thoughtful, productive, and creative. But on the “frown days,” you were often less fun, less thoughtful and less productive.  To be honest, you were a pain in the butt some days – like when you didn’t want to go to school meetings even though they were required for all students. You were pretty good at pouting when the real world wasn’t going your way.

On your worst days, you often frustrated this Headmaster and many of your teachers. This said,
a large part of me was always laughing at you on these days. I appreciated and respected your trying so hard to be your own person, to be independent, to impose your 16 year old will on older folks in positions of authority. Stubbornness can often be a virtue. It shows strength and self-confidence and a strong will. You had all three. You took great care, some days, to assure the world you were not a “push-over.” I usually enjoyed your stubbornness and thought it was a trait that would serve you well as you grew older and became an adult. Time, I think, has proven this judgment correct.

During your years at CBA, you were never the smartest kid in your class, or the best athlete on your sports teams, or the kid who would be elected a class officer, or a captain of the ski team.   BUT –

You were always the most interesting kid at Crested Butte Academy. You were more fully engaged in your life than most of your peers; and your brain was always in high gear.

You were a fascinating young girl, Bud!  It was a delight, every day, to watch you stretch and grow and explore your world.

You had amazing artistic talent, an indomitable spirit, and a creative mind.  Your imagination was usually bigger than the real world gave you permission  to exercise it in. This often frustrated you, fascinated me, and was completely missed by many of your teachers (and your student friends, too). I always thought you would become the most successful adult in your graduating class.

I especially enjoyed helping you get into UNR – because I knew you would be a success there; and your teachers and other students would enjoy and appreciate you. You were a bright light in a too often dull world. And now, look at what has happened …………………………………………….

Elizabeth Reeder is the first graduate of the CBA Class of 2005 to complete four years of college, and then (HELP!) go on to Graduate School. And not just any graduate school, but FIDM  -- one of the best art and design schools in America. That was a dream you had way back in high school. And you have made your dream come true. Good for you, Bud. Is this stubbornness rewarded? Yes!

Crested Butte Academy (if it was still alive) would be very proud of you.

So please accept this “Report Card” as formal recognition by your CBA Headmaster that you are, from this day forth, and forever after, to be recognized as the:

                               “MOST ACCOMPLISHED GRADUATE”
                                           “OFFICIAL SUPER STAR”    
                                                             of the 

                                                   CBA Class of 2005

                                                 !   Congratulations  !            

                                              A VISUAL REMEMBRANCE


                                                              Bud Reeder

In closing, I would like to share an image I have of you from our CBA days. It lives in my memory as a symbol of the faith I have that you were (and still are) “the most interesting student, athlete, and person” I was privileged to know at CBA.”

Whenever I think of you Bud, this image comes as clearly to my mind as things that happened yesterday. Here is the image:

The last time I saw you in Crested Butte was in the late summer of 2006. You stopped by my office at school to say “Goodbye” before you went west to Nevada, and I moved east to Vermont. It was a quick visit to wish each other well in the new lives we were embarking on. We walked together to the front door, stepped outside, wished one another “good luck,” and -- as you turned to go -- I added:

“Keep in touch.” It was a throw away line, not something I had thought carefully about. But as you walked away, the idea expanded rapidly in my mind. You turned left and walked down Whiterock Avenue toward the Community School. You never looked back; but I kept looking forward. I watched you intently for as long as possible, until you disappeared from view. I watched every step you took -- with a mixture of fascination, appreciation and respect.

I was completely surprised by the intensity of my emotions and my desire to know how your life would evolve. I cared to know this with a depth of curiosity that I couldn’t explain to another person, or even to myself.

As you walked away, I felt I was watching the end of a Hollywood movie where the heroine walks (or rides a horse) off into the distance, and her image fades, and the theatre lights come on. Those who have been fascinated by the heroine in a movie want to know more -- want to know if there will be a sequel to the film. It is really difficult when a character, whose life you have shared for a limited time, just disappears.

Watching you walk away, I wondered if I would ever see you again, or know how your life turned out. I wanted very much to know. I have said “goodbye and good luck” to many hundreds of kids on graduation days – kids I knew and loved and cared about because they were students in my classes, and players on my teams, and special partners in building communities at the schools where I worked. But never have I wanted so much to know how one kid’s future life would turn out.

I have had five years to think about this Bud, and I still can’t explain it. It just is.

As I turned to walk back to my office, I hoped I might keep in touch  with your mom and get occasional reports from her on “what Bud is doing.” Never, in my wildest imagination, did I think that one day I could click on an internet blog and know almost everything that is going on in your very interesting world. What a gift! Especially to an old school man who loves to watch kids grow. I smile every day when I read your blog and observe your growth. It’s both fun and inspiring to watch your life unfold. Most of all it is fun to see you fulfilling so much of your potential. 

I have taken time to write of this so you can know how privileged I feel each day to be a witness to so many of your thoughts, experiences, and emotions. Talk about “keeping in touch!” 

But most important – as you are heading to a new school and turning new pages in your life story – I want you to know how strongly I feel that you are an extraordinarily talented young woman. I’ll bet my last dollar, Bud, that you will be the most interesting student at FIDM. You should walk into your new environment with enormous confidence that you are going to be someone very, very special in the design world.

I believe you will be a “most accomplished graduate” of your class at FIDM, and truly a super-star in the design world. You have extraordinary gifts of personality, imagination, energy, and beauty, (and, when needed, stubbornness). Stubbornness is a useful trait in a competitive world!

Enjoy every day of your new life, Bud. And always believe in your extraordinary talent and imagination.

Take Los Angeles by storm!

And keep in touch.

With love and respect,


Indian Virginity -- Bucket list

Indian food. A food which I have always questioned. Something about it totally turned me off. I have never tried it before -- I have been in an Indian restaurant and watched my dad eat it while I sat their (stubborn) eating the Naan. So, it would only be right for me to add eating Indian food to my bucket list, right?

Spencer really likes Indian food and since I moved here it has been a constant topic of conversation. ha. So after a prompting text message from Spencer's dad saying to take me out to dinner, we adventured up to Pasadena for a Target stop. I was in wicked need of more Dr. Bronners. We headed over to a place called Mezbaan to order some food (to go, of course! duh...best way to enjoy food!). The lady there was awesome, very kind and welcoming. Spencer picked out all the food that we were going to feast on. I was SO nervous -- I really didn't want to get all this food and not like it. He chose garlic naan, Chicken Tikka Masala, Baingan Bharta and rice. We went and walked around Pasadena while we were waiting for the food to be prepared. Of COURSE we had to go into a shoe store. I walked out without anything, but we did see some REALLY cool Nikes. ahhh my weakness. The food smelled divine when we picked it up.

We grabbed some wine from Trader Joe's and came home. Spencer did all the dishing because I had no clue what on earth I had gotten myself into. The sauces were interesting and VERY different to me at first. I LOVED the rice. Oh man. I think I could eat that all day! I was tentative with the chicken dish at first it tasted ummm I don't know the work...weird. But the other dish, which was eggplant was SO good. Mix them together aaaahhhhhhhmazing! I had TWO helpings! Then, we both passed out on the floor! ha!

So eating Indian food has now been checked off the bucket list and I will totally be going back there!
Thank you Spencer!!

MUCH LOVE -- go try something different!


Melrose Trading Post

Something I have ALWAYS loved doing is thrifting. Sorry Saver's but you just weren't adequate enough for me in Reno (okay, yah, yah, yah, you can find some great things sometimes -- but we are talking seldom). Now that I live down in the city I am discovering zillions of thrift stores, flea markets, and other neat finds (the Fashion District, Alley is a given).

A few weeks ago MattVance and I were on a random adventure to find one of his favorite stores off Fairfax and we saw allllll these tents with lots of stuff, with LOTS of people hovering around so of course we decided we needed to check it out. It was the Melrose Trading Post -- yes, HI! sign me up! I was so pumped! there were soooo many goodies. Of course with our superior timing they were closing up. So, we decided that we had to go back, next time with some cash, and a lot of extra time.

That is just what we did on Sunday. After discovering Bagelmania (my 'new', My Favorite Muffin down here -- although nothing will ever replace MFM) and finishing my laundry we headed back to LA. MattVance was on a mission to find a new chain and dog tag like jewelry. That was easy. He ended up getting these really cool things made out of recycled bullet casings! I think that might be my next trading post purchase -- like I really need another chain? ha!

I was on the look out for either A) a sweater B) a fur coat C) a jean jacket D) another leather coat. I ended up with A. I found an AWESOME giant cable knit sweater for $15 (I think the lady felt sorry for me and so she gave me a deal. It was cold and sprinkling out and all I had on was a tank top). There was a LOVELY black fur jacket, but it just wasn't 'the one'.The sweater was 'the one', I have been living in my sweater. I can make it go with anything: jeans, shorts, spants, skirts and PJ's. I actually feel asleep in it the other night. If you know me, you know I am all about comfort. It can be 80 degrees out and I am still wrapped up in a down comforter because it gives me a feeling of security, comfort, etc. This sweater MIGHT have just replaced my comforter -- key word MIGHT. I really lucked out, it was made in Ireland and is obviously all wool. Plus I love love love the buttons and the neck line -- and it has POCKETTTTS....SCORE! 

The man who sold MattVance his new chain jewelry told him there was another man down the way that sold good quality chains and that was the place that he referred all his customers. We went on a hunt for this tent. OF COURSE, there HAD to be a variety of necklaces there all for $5. I am trying to get out of the habit of wearing my Tiffany's all over the place or it is going to break and that necklace means a lot to me. So I found a perfect little 'bud' necklace. It is an old school big-wheeler bike. MINE! I really didn't even have to think about it once I saw it, although there was a dinosaur necklace that I had my eye on too! The Fleamarketgirl have some of the best necklace ideas EVER! I can already tell you this is going to become a new obsession, and for $5 a necklace (charm and chain) that is a pretty darn good deal! MattVance got his chain, and I got my new necklace. We were both stoked! So, if you are at Melrose Marketplace I totally suggest trying to find this tent! The necklaces would make GREAT gifts for people, so don't be surprised if for your birthday that is what you get from me! ha!
It has 'Bud' written all over it!

If you want to join me on a Sunday adventure to Melrose Marketplace (when I don't have work, school stuff and internship stuff to do) just let me know!


Arbor and Comune and The Story

Sorry I have been so horrible with BLAHging. I have been ridiculously busy the last few days, okay...make that weeks! This move was the best thing for me, I am so glad that I followed through. The experiences that I am getting both in school and out of class are next level! Although, it does make me sad to hear about the news of Vail now owning Northstar and snow starting to fly up in Tahoe I know that overall, and career wise, moving down to the city was a wise decision (plus.......skiing really isn't THAT far away).

Speaking of snow -- the last two weekends I have been able to see a handful of my Tahoe friends. Arbor Snowboards had a movie premier at their Venice location and my old roommate, NJ, Arbor and Porters team rider Nicky Visconti  and photographer extraordinaire Terren Gomez all came down. It was great to see them and to catch up! It is nice having a dose of Tahoe in south California, it is almost revitalizing! ha! Matt and Shelby went with me and we enjoyed some beers and two movies (ask me what movies? I have no clue....Ooops).

Most recently, I jetted down to Huntington/Costa Mesa area with yet again Shelby and Matt (my partners in crime evidently) for the Comune premier of their video installation of "Black Holes and Invisible Forces Bending Time Through Particle Deformation Creating Infinite Freedom in the Garden On The Moon", or you can just call it: BLKHLZINVZFS. I saw a BUNCH of my Tahoe friends (Alix, Brendan, Diggles, Liz, Brewer, Kelsey) it was AWESOME! The whole set up of the 'premier' was great, the art installations were great, legit music, free booze and food and just a FANTASTIC group of people. You can view the video installations on their website (word of mouth says that there are some clips of Christopher in the movies). To end the night Matt took me to a bar in Huntington to prove that they do carry tall boy PBR's in brown bags around here! ha ha ha!

Sunday, Matt grabbed Spencer and I and we headed to the Mann Chinese Theater (as in the place with all the hand prints in cement -- laugh all you want but I made the smart comment of 'ohhh this is the place' as we left the movie later on)  in Hollywood to see The Ski Channel's "The Story". Matt ended up getting us in to the movie, not only just getting us in -- but we were VIP. So, somewhere floating around in the virtual world there are pictures of Spencer, Matt and I on the 'white carpet', I'd LOVE to see them! The theater was HUGE! The movie was AWESOME! It was cool to see all the different aspects of snow life covered; from love, to siblings, to injury and on...The ski Channel really did a fantastic job of portraying the love and different lifestyle that a 'mountain/snow' person has.

So, still being around the 'industry', without living in the 'industry' is going pretty swimmingly I'd say!

I am so happy that I was able to be around my Tahoe friends. I am so pumped I got to see all the great films.

Shelby, Ali, and myself at Arbor

NJ, Matt and I

MattVance, AlixLacey and ElizabethCourtney ummm Ja-a-a-ay

My FIDM partner in Crime Shelby

Kelsey and I. East coast implants to Tahoe. Tahoe implants to LA.

No one will ever understand us. I don't even understand us....

Alix, Liz Squared and Messier + pink pumpkin (that pumpkin had some GOOD candy in it!)

Alix, Me, Diggles and Liz


In love.

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get an internship with the jewelry company Hello Drama. I have mainly just been doing viral media (checking out other blogs, twitter, etc), well...today I went to my first photo shoot with them as assistant stylist. It was awesome! I am so happy and thankful that I was able to experience styling on this level.

The day started at 10 am in Burbank. It was hotter than hell and of course I decided to wear all black (and jeans and boots for that matter). Two cups of coffee later I was REALLY ready. We went to the location -- very minimal, but, full of potential. The photographer, Coy, one model (the other one had some transportation issues and so there was a scrabble to find a replacement) Megan, makeup artist Candance and myself got a start on things early. It was really neat to work/communicate back and forth with the makeup artist and the photographer on how the model needed to look and gain and sort of understanding on things they look for pre-shoot. It was incredible seeing the model transform through hair and make up -- in all the shoots that I have been involved with there was no make up, more of a natural aesthetic. The rest of the team (Kaila, Matt, Katt, and Anthony) arrived and I was able to see the line designed by Katt for the first time. It is SO innovative! LOVE IT! Most of it was made out of black trash bags, and the other pieces with pins, spikes and leather really reminded me of Balmain's spring/summer 2011 line! While we were getting the first model ready a second model was found -- that helped a lot! I loved watching the over all transformation of everything, and the beauty that the most ordinary thing on earth can posses -- for instance a trash bag. Katt did wonders with those things, transforming them into wonderful pieces of clothing -- I would have NEVER thought of something like that. The work on them was so intricate it really made everything special. A concrete slab/parking lot: Coy took essentially NOTHING and captured beautiful images of these girls displaying the clothing. And lastly, the models. They are a blank canvass and transformed so nicely into the most  sensual looking women with smokey eyes, bold lips and immeasurable hair designs. The girls were amazing to watch, they really knew how to work the camera and didn't need much guidance. The only real hiccup that happened during the shoot was the camera breaking, luckily Coy had a backup and I am sure that the photos will end up equally as outstanding.

I learned a tremendous amount of information about styling today. Of course, nothing will ever compare to the long days in SLC with Stahler driving a million miles an hour in a Tahoe on ice covered roads packed with ski clothes, or puttsing around in the Ford Focus from location to location trying to find the closest location for coffee.... I feel like going into the next shoot I am going to be much more prepared. I almost went in today 'blind' and I feel very comfortable now with understanding the 'duties' of a stylist and I cannot wait to learn more about the technical aspects of styling. I never felt so comfortable doing something -- I cannot wait to style another shoot! Time to put together a kit to carry around with me so I am always prepared (pins, tape, q-tips, etc). I think I found my calling? This is going to be great! The photos are going to be published in Harlow Magazine. I am really looking forward to seeing them, and being able to experience the full process of start to finish.




I love cupcakes. Okay, wait...I don't like the frosting, I just like the cake part. But, it's not a cupcake without the frosting. Weird. I know. While I was doing my morning Interweb surfing I came across the idea of cupcakes in a jar. Personally, I think it is the neatest thing ever! Imagine how pumped you would be to get a little gift like this?! I remember back in middle school when the big thing to do was give your teacher a ball jar filled with all the dry ingredients for cookies -- this idea is WAY better!

Almost all of the companies that I have found that do 'cupcakes in a jar', use recycled jam jars! What a great idea....if you think about it having the cupcake in a container is a fantastic idea because instead of feeling wicked guilty about eating the entire cake, you can toss the lid back on and save it for later. In reviews I have read people have said that the cakes stay moist because of the jar too! There is nothing worst than a DRY cake. yuck!

There are a lot of places that offer the cupcakes in a jar, but this one gdesserts seemed to explain everything the best, total bummer they are UK based -- time to find  place in LA that bakes them, perhaps my own kitchen?

Much love!


Love this!


Quick life update

Okay. So, I know I have been horrible at blogging lately -- only because my life is hectic right now -- sorry (but really I am not sorry at all because I am absolutely in love with my new lifestyle)!

Let's see...hummm...what is new so far....

Well, you all have probably read that I am now interning for the company Hello Drama. I am really excited about the opportunities that this will bring. I am so pumped that I was chosen! I REALLY love the style of their jewelry! I kind of started today....

Finished up my second week of classes today. Being in classes 9 hours a day is exhausting, especially when they are in 3+ hour blocks. But, I am enjoying everything about school. I don't think I have ever dedicated myself to something so much. I LOVE doing homework...as odd as that sounds....

I was trying to check something else off my bucket list today (donating blood) but it takes 45 minutes and I just didn't have that much time in my 15 minute passing period.

I have TWO job interviews this Thursday. I am super pumped about one of them! Keep your fingers crossed! Boy-OH-Boy do I need a job.

Still NO CHECK. yah, lame.

More Tahoe friends come in this weekend. More importantly, Christina is supposed to be around! YESSS!

Um, wow...my brain is completely overloaded right now.

MUCH MUCH MUCH LOVE -- Follow your dreammmmmmmmms!

Firefly Chronicles

As if I haven't bitten off enough to chew already I have been given an amazing opportunity to blog for a website, firefly chronicles! Talk about staying busy, wooooah! (full time student, intern, (hopefully -- soon to be) employed, I guess you could still call me an athlete although that is on pause at the moment -- busy busy girl). I am so grateful that I have been given all these opportunities, I absolutely love having something going on constantly!

But anyways, back to Firefly Chronicles. One of my co-workers in Tahoe, Nina, e-mailed me about writing for a blogsite that she was starting up. Of course I jumped on the chance since I LOVE writing. FFC is "A community for female athletes by female athletes. A place for firey girlies to share insider knowledge, ideas, and opinions about sports and all things outdoors". I love the idea of a site for ladies -- especially when they are geared towards topics that most outdoor/outgoing women can relate with. There is info about gear, about personal stories, about what is going on around your location! Such a fantastic idea, I am so pumped to be apart of it!

So, make sure you check out Firefly Chronicles!






Things are starting to fall into place and I couldn't be more excited! Yesterday I went to West Hollywood for an interview for an internship with a jewelery company called 'Hello Drama' -- "—I’m an addict for anything dramatic—We are a LA based, rock, anime, and lyrically inspired jewelry line! Characterized by kitschy and vibrant boutique-themed designs and fueled with a little bit of drama and a lot of passion!". I am incredibility grateful that I was chosen to do viral marketing work for them, this is a step in the right direction for my career. I really like all of their product, and the people that I was able to meet from the company seem really nice! I am so excited for this adventure! I can't wait to update everyone! 

As for a job-job...I had an interview today, I made it to the next step --- so, just a few more and hopefully I will have a job! Fingers crossed! 

School is going fantastic! I absolutely have enjoyed diving into the books to study daily! 

AND, a big big big big big thank you to Ed! He has been my life saver this week, I honestly cannot thank him enough! I was finally able to go grocery shopping yesterday -- it was by far one of the best days of time here so far! 

Last night I went to Venice and caught up with some Tahoe friends. It was really neat. We watched some snowboard movies -- I have pics, I'll put them up soon! 

Today, Matt and I went on quite the adventure. First to find bagels, and then tonight we rode bikes down the boardwalk in Huntington down to Newport Beach THEN we got Yogurtland all while doing laundry! Talk about an eventful night! 

I am really enjoying everything about this move. This has probably been the BEST thing I could have done for myself, I really noticed that last night especially when I was around my Tahoe friends. 



Cali P - We Miss You

Excellent song, worth the listen!

RIP CR Johnson. 

MUCH LOVE -- give those you love a hug or tell 'em you love them cause you never know what may come.


Take me home

Take me back home to the Playa

Please. I am ready to go back. I want to be in that environment -- not that there is anything wrong with LA, I am completely in love with this place. But, there is something about the Playa that is begging me to come back deep within my heart. Where technology, money, and all this non-supportive junk is obsolete. Yep....I want to be back there with my girls right now.



"Without Money, we'd all be rich"

LeMond Fittness owes me a fairly large amount of money for working for them at Interbike. It has been over a month now and I have yet to see anything fro them. I have done my best with trying to contact the company, even with that effort it is seldom I get a reply back. I am frustrated. 

I am depending on this money. I feel like this is very unprofessional of them; especially being a corporate company. Because of this dilemma it is actually affecting me getting to and from school, eating, and basically living life -- to me, this is far from fair. 

My wish right now is that magically that check is going to show up in my mailbox tomorrow. Keep your fingers crossed.

On a brighter note -- job opps are starting to come in! Wahoo!


First day of class.

Today was my first day of class! I cannot even explain to you how pleased I am. Sitting in my ideation sketching class today I knew that this was the right move for me. I am so happy here. The people that I have surrounded myself around all share the same love and passion for creativity, fashion and design that I do. I thrive in this type of environment.

In my Marketing and Branding class that I had tonight my teacher brought up an interesting point....she was talking about the immense amount of research that she had done before the birth of her child. One of the points she mentioned that caught my ear and I found worthy of noting was, the first 18 months of a child's life is when personal understanding of being is established. So, depending on how your parents show their affection towards your actions, and reactions make you mature a certain way -- much of this follows you into the remainder of your life.

That really got me to thinking. Hummm.......remembering 18 months old is close to impossible to do...but if you think about how you act now, can you depict how you were treated when you were younger?

Pay it forward

I don't know if he was trying to pay it forward, or just being plain nice. I felt as though it was only appropriate for me to do something nice in return, for someone else (and him too).

Living in a new place not near either of my parents means no more calling dad and asking him to fix things for me RIGHT away. It means I have to up the ante when it comes to being a big girl and figure out stuff that I never have had to conquer before. Okay, so yes I still make the cry for help phone call until I realize about halfway through my babbling that exerting my worries are will only lead to a "its okay. Everything will be alright.Take a deep breath. I wish there was something I could do, but there isn't." -- ohhhhhh I have heard them all too much lately (and I am thankful, because I am growing as a person, of course who doesn't like the supportive love from the parents on occasion -- I love it).  I will be completely honestly...sometimes it totally sucks that no one is around anymore. I find myself 'freaking' out about the smallest things often, but then I find myself completely satisfied when I figure out my life hiccup all alone.

There is one hiccup that I am dealing with right now that I have been working incredibility hard on my end to create a communication path, but the company I am dealing with has just proven to be a GIANT failure. It is frustrating to put so much effort into something and get no response -- I guess you could say in some respects I am used to it (or never doing good enough).

The second hiccup that I had to deal with was yet another Syd problem -- if you know my vehicle you know that it is constantly delighting me with problems. My advice to you, never buy a jeep. Yes, they look awesome. Yes, they are a complete money pit. Yes, Syd has been a decent car for the last 5 years. Yes, I would be more than ecstatic if I was finally given that new car that has now only become a figment of my imagination. Driving home for Huntington last weekend I was pulled over in downtown. I was informed by the police officer (whom was surprisingly nice) that both of my taillights (and brake lights were out). He gave me a 'fix it' ticket and I was on my way. Of course, fixing things cost money, and when you have no money you most likely face a problem of fixing what is broken. Funny how that works, eh? Luckily, a VERY small check graced me the other day where I was able to go and afford a quarter tank of gas and dinner last night. I have lived in LA for close to 3 weeks now and haven't been able to go grocery shopping -- pretty over it. Well, at least I look good...haha! The next thing I needed to tackle was the ticket. I headed to AutoZone, which is right up the road from me, and picked at their heads for what the problem could potentially be. Of course, it was the bulbs. Well, it WAS until I got home and realized that the bulbs in my taillights were still fully intact. Great. All I could stress about at this point was the fact that I had to drive home from school at 9 pm the next day. This morning was devoted to figuring out the problem. I headed back to AutoZone and returned the bulbs, and picked their brains a little more. The idea of a sensor being out became the new potential problem. I was given an estimate for the price to replace just the part. I was looking at well over $100 -- that is a lot when all you have is $4 in your account. The young man behind the desk must have seen the worry on my face and the flustered attitude that I was carrying around and he said 'hold on, come back here with me'. I followed him behind the counter and back to a phone. He dialed a number while shoving a Dorito into his mouth at the same time -- he rambled off some Spanish and hung up. He said 'okay, this is what I did...' and went into explaining how he had called some friends to get me a free diagnosis so that we could figure out which part I needed to purchase. He scribbled down some directions on the back of a receipt with a permanent marker and I was on my way. Broadway Radiator, hum, okay...where the hell is it? I must have passed it 3 times confusing it with a junk yard. As I pulled into the small drive way a group of older men sat around on a well used floral couch, the all looked up as when I opened the door. I had been instructed to ask for Juan when I got there. I did. An older man stood up and waddled over to my car. He flipped a few switches and spit out a few words to his co-workers, all of which I didn't understand. They started taking parts and pieces of my car apart and all I could think of was how Spencer had explained to me the week before what a 'chop shop' was -- for a second I thought I might have been at one -- only, they didn't need to steal my car I was dumb enough to bring it to them. I was wrong -- don't judge a book by its cover. I kept my phone grasped in my hand and followed the mens every move around my car. After some contraption was hooked up to my battery and it started beeping, small talk was quickly made and I realized these were good people. I was at ease, well at least as much as I could have been considering the situation. My taillights were ripped out of Syd and the 'problem' was found -- how to fix the problem was an entirely different problem. The electrical throughout the car was fine (thank goodness), the taillights, not so much. Grand! New taillights? Are you kidding me? That is going to cost me an arm and a leg. At this point I just wanted to drive Syd into a river, or better yet a lake and leave her there and take my chances with walking around downtown L.A. I don't know if these men were magic or not but all the sudden the lights started to flicker! Who knows what they did next, but soon I was back in business and I had lights again. They did this all for free. It was my turn to pay if forward -- I will admit, I am still working on it. I immediately felt the urge to bake them cookies -- that was the nicest thing that crossed my mind at the time. I baked the man at AutoZone cookies as a thank you for calling his friends. I baked the older men from the auto shop cookies to thank them for fixing a problem that was hunting me. Everyone was more than pleased. I later on received a random text message from the AutoZone man thanking me, and how no customer had ever done anything like that before. I am glad that I was able to make someones day, and I am thankful that I was able to be touched by such a nice group of people, who I would have normally never given my attention to. I am glad that I was able to solve this by myself at the end of the day.




San Diego and Navy weddings?

Christina came from Vegas on Friday and fetched to be her date at a Navy wedding down in San Diego on Coronado island. It was fun. We laughed a lot. We tried to pretend we were really mature. We at delicious seafood, we drank too much wine. I am so glad that I have such an amazing bestfriend. Thursday night our adventure started with trying to find a grocery store -- that was interesting. Friday we headed to San Diego and went for a really awesome run on the bayside path -- talk about relaxing! We found this great place called The Fish Market (similar to the Black Pelican in Kitty Hawk). We had a great time, went to some bars. Slept in wicked late Saturday. Walked around the bay, got ready and headed to Shalita and Jerome's wedding on the Navy base over in Coronado. It was um, interesting to say the least......came back this morning. It is nice to be back in LA -- I love it here! First day of classes tomorrow!!!

I found a grocery store near me that sells PBR. Thank goodness!

Christina experiencing a two story Target -- yes, we have those in LA.

Chowdahhh and vino. Awesome night.

Connect the dots challenge queen.

Fly like a G6.

A ship.

Some art.


Shalita and Jerome's wedding.

Reno girls.

Oh just dancing with her new bff.

bubble blowing.



What would you do without technology?
Every now and then I try to think of what my life would be like if I didn't have my iPhone...If I didn't have my iPad...and if I didn't have my Mac Book Pro. I am on all three of them constantly -- okay, so maybe that isn't a good thing BUT think about all the things you are able to connect to with these amazing devices! By a click of the mouse I can physically see my mom and/or any of my friends  because of the camera on my computer. I can fire off a novel, or a single word to friends in a matter of seconds rather than depending on the postal service. Think about how angry we get when our computer isn't working correctly, or how much of a pain it is to do the updates for iTunes every few days. I know I take these things fore granted -- STOP IT! Technology is a wonderful thing, but sometimes I feel like I need to take a break from it -- these days it is almost impossible. The only time I get away from it is when I sleep at night, and even then I am awoke in the morning my the chime of my phone. Hummmm....interesting. What would you do with out technology?

Los Angeles adventures.

FINALLY I found someone who can keep up with my adventurous lifestyle! ha. Spencer has been awesome and accompanying me to all different museum locations around Los Angeles. Let's be real...I am a nerd. I love looking at old stuff. I am so excited to finally live in a place where I can go and spend hours on end in museums -- this place just keeps getting better and better.
Natural History Museum

On Tuesday Spencer and I headed to the Natural History Museum after I went to the FIDM career fair (I'd hate to be negative...but it was a waste of my time). Every 1st Tuesday of the month NHM has free admission, they are open from 9:30-5. Although entry is free be prepared to pay for parking (I think it was $8). We got there on the later side of 1:30 and didn't get to cover the entire museum (there are 3 different levels). I was a little disappointed in the dinosaur collection....Oh well. Next time. BUT, I still did feel like I was in a scene of "Night in the Museum" and the next corner that I was going to turn the animals would be climbing out of their displays. Some of the exhibitions are really neat and have a lot of interactive things, the inner-kid in me really likes that! The gem collections were AWESOME! Some of the rocks were SOOOOOOOOO pretty! It reminded me of how much fun I had in Carr's geology way back in college (hahaha!). The bird collection was neat, who ever knew there were so many different birds -- and some of them are so hideous! We laughed a lot when we saw the exhibitions full of "North American Mammals" because a majority of them were things that we saw a lot of living in Colorado. Did you know that another name for Elk is Wapiti? Welp, now you know! Next time you are driving and see a heard of elk, say "Wow, look at that heard of Wapiti..." It will totally impress your friends.....or just make them look at you like you are CRAZY! I wish that we would have had time to get down to the California History exhibition which was down on the bottom level -- I'll save that for another visit too. Ohhhhh they have REAL paleontologist working, that was neat to peek in the windows and see them discovering new things in hunks of dirt. I suggest you DON'T wear heels because I did. Horrible decision -- what? I came from the career fair! ha! I definitely suggest going and checking out the different collections there -- bring a friend!

Another rainy day adventure brought Spencer and I to the Norton Simon museum in Pasadena! I was super excited because I haven't seen quality art in a while. Students are free all the time as long as you have your student ID. They are open from noon to about 6 pm (9 pm on Friday's). We started downstairs where they had a feature exhibition Hiroshige: Visions of Japan. The attention to detail in a lot of the work was outstanding! The artist focused on different aspects of Japanese lifestyle in the 175 different prints; a majority of them were landscape based. The other art that was downstairs was Indian culture based -- very intricate stone sculptures dating back to the Gupta time period. Of course I LOVED all the different takes on Buddha and Ganesh. Upstairs was filled with 14th century  to modern artwork. The 14th century work was very vibrant and a great collection of Renaissance work, and obviously very religious based. I really enjoyed seeing how each artist interpreted Madonna differently. The 17th and 18th Century artwork was interesting, I have a lot of trouble looking at style life. Yah, I know it is beautiful...but I can only look at fruit still in a basket so many times. The landscapes and portraits featured were amazing -- there was a lot of Peter Paul Rubens work on display. Still to this day I cannot decide if I actually like his work or if it is tooooo 'mystical' for my taste.
I fell in love with this painting by Ambrosius Bosschaert I. You can't see it in this photo BUT the flowers were absolutely gorgeous! Oh my goodness! Another painting that was in this section of time had been x-rayed and the 'real' painting was seen underneath -- it was like magic. I liked that painting a lot too (I wish I could remember who did it..shoooot!). The Euro art from the 19th century was interesting to me, only because I have spent so much time learning about it. I was very opinionated on what I wanted to see and what I didn't. Spencer said I was all the sudden walking really fast...ha ha ha! Everyone loves seeing Picasso's work as well as van Gogh -- they have a few paintings there. van Gogh's work always fascinates me, not because of the actual work but because of the techniques used and the overall outcome and expression of the work. I struggle looking at prints and seeing the uniqueness of his work, that is why I take it in when I get to see his actual paintings. The Picasso pieces at the Norton Simon are neat, some of his more geometrical work. I wish that there would have been more Cezanne! Ahhh! His work is SO beautiful -- I honestly could look at his artwork all day and be completely satisfied. They had several Monet's there too -- nothing special, but seeing a piece of his always puts a smile on my face. It reminds me of the prints that used to be on the walls of my bedroom as a young girl in Vermont -- his work also reminds me of my aunt Nancy. If you are a fan of Degas then the Norton Simon is the place for you! Gosh, they have A BUNCH of his work. Sorry, but I am not a fan. Something about the ballerinas that just turns me away from his work. Don't get me wrong though the 19th century is full of great artwork and fantastic artists whom paved the way for modern artists. I suggest using a lazy day to go and check out the Norton Simon!

Tonight I am going to explore the MOCA. It is free Thursday nights from 5-8 pm , and with a student ID it is only $5 during the normal hours of entry. 

This place is filled with so many great exhibitions to go and see. I love it. I bet you are thinking "she need's to get a job.' Don't worry, I have 17 applications out, I am just waiting to hear. I start school on Monday, I am SO excited! It is finally sunny out and I can't leave the house do to my lack of finances -- this is getting old REALLY quickly. I vow never to work for another company who promises they will pay me 'cash' and then 3 weeks later I still haven't seen anything -- just e-mails promising it next week, and next week, and in a few days. If you say you are going to do something, do it -- What is the statistic? For every bad experience one person has with a company they go and tell 10 people? Pretty sure this is a bad experience. I am bummed . Don't lallygag -- especially when you are a corporate company, there are no excuses why things should not be done in a timely manner. 

Wish me luck with the job hunt. I'll be sure to keep you updated on my latest discovery in Los Angeles! 



Most magnificent book cases EVER! I want!