Webber Falls

Wilson and I were lazily laying around on my bed this afternoon when there was a knocking at the door -- we had NO clue who it was until Priscilla and Dave walked in. They said they decided to stop in and say hi since they were on a search mission to find this place Webber Falls. Without hesitation I said, lets go!
Priscilla had discovered Webber Falls when she googled "Waterfalls in Truckee", yep -- that simple! They came across Squaw when they realized that 89 ended, and the directions seemed wrong, orrrrr so they thought. Turns out 89 North is completely the opposite direction than the way they were headed. So, we gathered up some stuff and headed out.
The falls are pretty closet to Sierraville (about 8 miles South). It was fun searching for them. Super easy to access, which in our case seemed to be very important. It was REALLY pretty down there once we got down there, of course -- with more water it would probably be even neater.

Me standing at the top of one of the falls
Wilson and I at Webber Falls
Priscilla, Wilson and Dave
One of the many pools at the falls.
Totally cool place. A great and simple afternoon adventure! I highly suggest it!


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