TGR, "Deeper"

Last night in Truckee was the world premier of Jeremy Jones' "Deeper". I think I have watched a whopping 2 snowboard videos in my entire life -- this being one of them. But, as soon as I saw the trailer I was interested. Talk about next level! These guys are completely fearless! I spent most of the movie with my eyes as big as saucers and jaw dropped to the floor in amazement. Wow...that is all I can say! Super pumped that TGR decided to premier it out here in Tahoe, instead of Jackson Hole -- totally loved all the local shred footy that had in the movie. Seeing the time they riders spent in the Sierra Nevada's and Donner Pass was rad, from a local stand point, it is a great reminder of all the fantastic terrain that we have RIGHT here in our backyard. Totally pumped that I went to see this movie! (I am totally totally excited to see TGR's "Light the Wick" although, I know it is going to bum be out since I will be missing my first shred season in 23 years).  Huge props to the riders who are out there doing this stuff!!! Check out TGR's website to see if the movie will be premiering near you -- go see it. If you can't do that order it -- well worth it!

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