Syd and I are a powerhouse

My new home.
Found some roommates. Found a place to live in LA. Couldn't be more pumped! WAHOO! The condo is perfect! I can't wait to move in! It is so nice to not have to stress about that anymore. After Vance and I played around in Pasadena I decided that it would probably be most beneficial if I headed back to Tahoe. I got back around 1:30-2 am. I was EXHAUSTED. My plan for today was to sleep in and enjoy it, because my life is going to be a whirlwind the next couple of days.

Tomorrow there is a toodaloo tahoe shindig here around 5. It is going to be really hard saying ta-ta to all my friends -- but I know most of them will stick around and stay really awesome friends. They have really made Tahoe special to me.

I have to figure out a trailer. Ugh. And which room I want to take...I am leaning towards the master right now....buttttttttt I could go for the normal sized room too. The condo is in a great location. I am really looking forward to buying a single speed and mobbing around all the different parts of LA with Vance and my other friends. I am so excited I can't even explain. I was so pumped to be in LA I smiled the entire time I was in traffic! haha!

I take off for Vegas (Interbike) at some point on Tuesday.
Work Wednesday, and possibly Thursday.
And then I am trying to convince Christina to come and help me move in on Friday.
Then San Diego to see the prego Stahler (hopefully I will be able to get down there).
Then I have a few days to get aquaantied with my new city via orientation.
THEN back to Vegas for the UNR v. UNLV football game ( WHICH I have NEVER gone to in the 4 1/2 years that I was at UNR --I HAVE TO DO IT NOW, pretty sure it is on my bucket list).
Then, more orientation and school starts.


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