Red Truck

Red Truck parked outside of Cyclopaths
Today Christopher and I met up for a nice road bike ride up Donner Pass. I haven't been able to do that climb allllllll summer due to my busy work schedule and my knee injury. I knew it was going to be painful, but I was totally ready for it -- it is a brutal climb. 3 miles of up, my fastest time ever was 19 minutes about two summers ago when I was riding REALLY well. Bosco did it today in 18:10. I was about 4 minutes behind him. AWESOME! I climbed at a good steady pace, I was satisfied. I have ridden a lot lately, my legs are toast right now -- but, that won't stop me from going out tomorrow and pedaling some more.

It was really nice to play catch-up. After the ride we Chris mentioned food, we were both pretty damn hungry, even after our short but grueling pedal. He asked if I had tried the Red Truck yet, I had NO clue what the heck he was talking about. Then I realized I had seen it a few times, and way back when we were dating we had seen something similar to it on Food Network. The basic concept is a moving food cart. The location changes daily, and they have an assorted menu of delicious lunch meals to satisfy everyone's craving. You figure out where the truck is via social Interweb network (facebook, twitter, etc), Bosco figured out with his handy dandy iPhone 4 that it was going to be parked outside of Cyclopaths in downtown Truckee. They were just setting up. It was pretty neat. They have great tunes, a table to enjoy your grub at and the service was friendly and fast! I went for the tikka malsasa chicken tacos for $5 (which includes two small tacos, topped with tzatziki, slaw, cucumber pico and crispy quinoa! YUM! Bosco when for the $9 Nanwich with beef. The portions were perfect! The food was light and good lunch food. The flavors of the tacos were out of control good!  The sauces, which are on just outside the ordering window, were super tasty -- we tried them all while we were waiting for our food. I went for one that I am guessing was some sort of cilantro sauce (it was light green), they have spicy ones, and mild ones, and according to Chris one that tasted like hummus (I disagree, but everyone's pallet is different). The prices are reasonable I guess, but on the expensive side of reasonable. We also tried a two of their drinks on the menu. I went for the watermelon aqua fresca for $3, and Bosco when for the mango lassi for the same price. The aqua fresca was good, fairly bland just like a watermelon. But, the mango lassi that Bosco got was AMAZING, it was a tad bit thicker than a normal drink consistency, full of flavor. YUM YUM YUM (I wish I would have gone with the lassi--next time).

I think that the Red Truck is a fantastic idea! The food is well worth the money, the tastes of everything is incredible. The outdoor in and out atmosphere is pretty awesome! So, if you are in Truckee and you happen to see the Red Truck stop in and grab some grub! The one MAJOR downside is that they don't take credit/debit cards sooooo make sure you have cash or else you are S.O.L!!!! Check out their website, and figure out where the Red Truck is parked today: Red Truck Tahoe


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