Life changing experience.

A few posts ago I wrote about how I was headed out to Burning Man. I had no clue what to expect -- I was nervous, anxious, all types of scared. At first there was a hiccup with my ride situation, but then Alix graciously found a ride for me out with Jillian and Kendyll. I was nervous because Kendyll and I had a history of not getting along....that all changed out on the playa -- I could not be more thankful that I spent time with her and all the other girls I was with. They are amazing and beautiful people both inside and out. Burning Man changes people -- I think that everyone should go. I am already excited to go back next year. The people I met were amazing, and the love out there on the playa was so strong.

This post is hard for me to write because I want to share all my stories with everyone -- but, in reality I know I wouldn't be able to muster up the words to express the collection of emotions that I experienced out there. I have never been in an environment with so many people that I didn't know (about 42,000 people) where everyone is so loving, caring and carefree, non-judgmental and just into life in general. Everyone was there to support each other.  I needed to experience that -- I also needed to have time to find parts and pieces of myself that I had never crossed. I changed....for the better. I cannot even start to tell you the happiness, and contentment I have found within myself over the last couple days. I am so lucky to live this amazing life that I have. I am even more lucky to have all you amazing people touch my life in so many amazing ways. I am happy with Bud, it is honestly the most satisfying feeling I could possibly have right now -- especially during such a large time of transistion in my life. Burning Man is a bonding experience, and you create amazing relationships -- most will last a lifetime and I am happy to say that I made many of those. 

The feeling of freedom out on the playa is insane. I feel in love. We dressed "Janky" (our camp's new favorite word), drank tequila and ate pounds of cheez-its (matter of fact if I never had to eat another cheez-it again I will be completely satisfied). We dances until the sun popped up over the mountains in the distance. We rolled around in the playa dust and took 'showers' with baby wipes. We were carefree. We shared so many hugs. We pounded coconut water, and talked to strangers. We tested out what the heck an Indian Taco was on the side of the road. We traded trink-its for other goodies. We road on abstract art cars. We made up words and drank iced coffee. We learned about each others lives and ups and downs we have all had. We dressed in the 'clothset'-- our clothing filled tent, and wore neon colored fur vests. We went through pounds and pounds of sparkle. We were fed otterpops while traveling across the dried lake bed. We didn't shower and had one REAL meal supplied by Alix's grandpa (which was amazing -- salmon!). We laughed until we cried. We wore the most bizarre clothing on the face of the planet, but it was normal there. We snuggled in a tent, only to find we would be awaken by dubstep which would excite us to go out and explore the vast city of tents and beautiful people. We walked for miles. We road bikes, and had a few stolen...or borrowed I guess. We found solace in the temple. My finger slammed in the car door and I remained completely calm. We had blisters on our feet and had to use outhouses all week. We played on jungle-gyms like kids. It was like we were in a dream. We googled at the indescribable artwork, and support each other when emotions got the best of us. We drank flavored vinegar and found new friends. We watched the man burn to the ground, and took in the beauty around us. 

359 days until I get to go back to the playa. I cannot get Black Rock City out of my head. As soon as I closed the door to the car Ashley and I started planning for next year. A 'camp' of structures must be constructed, a shower and meals must be considered. Next year (or at some point) I want to enter Burning Man by skydiving in, it happened several times a day and to watch the people dive in was so beautiful. They say that your first burn is the best, but I think that every year that I go burn it is only going to get better and better. I cannot wait to walk across the playa and watch the sun rise next year -- I cannot wait to turn right off the road and share a hug at the gate with the people greeting -- even if I am returning. I cannot wait to have playa hair and to dance dance dance.

My Janky girls. Ashley, Kendyll and Jillian.
The Temple. This actually happened to be the first thing that we walked up to our FIRST night on the playa -- we didn't plan to make it our first stop, but it was. Pretty deep -- lots of emotion.
The lady.
One of my favorite art cars on the playa. It was a dragonfly. It took the people two years of planning and constructing. The wings even moved!
Sheryll and I.
Spinny chairs. Amazingly fun. We went back a few times.
spinning. spinning. spinning.
Spinning the wheel. My spin landed on 'free beer', how convenient!
We ran into a collection of mannequins out in the playa one night. There faces had been cut out and replaced with speakers. each mannequin had a different recording in it or a person talking about something -- I feel in love with 'Marshall' -- he was talking about how girls need to respect themselves more -- ugh, if he was only real...
Jilly and my 'man' tattoos.
Playa family. Shelby and I met freshman year -- it was like we were making the full circle. Jilly and I were in Pi Phi (different years), Kendyll and I always hung out with the same people but didn't see eye to eye until our time on the playa. Alix was a part of the family too! Burning Man unites you.
I lost that umbrella.
Elliott was one of the many people I ran into out on the playa. I love my friends, really seriously friggin LOVE them.
359 days until I can go back to the Playa.
Dancing in the crows nest of the pirate ship art car in the middle of a dust storm with Kendyll.
Jilly and I braving one of the MANY dust storms.
The man at sunset.
Teef and tight pants. I love Jason.
Amazing art. I was so memorized by this thing I felt a litttttle narcissistic for constantly staring into the mirror and watching my reflection. 
next level.
Our little wild thing Ashley. <3
This is how I want to enter burning man next year, by sky diving. It was beautiful.
Jilly became one of my bestfriends on the playa.
Watching the man buuuuuuurrrn

Thank you to all the people who made my first Burning Man experience amazing. I love you all so much. I cannot wait until next year! And, another check off my bucket list....

so MUCH LOVE i can't even express it...

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  1. hehe.. you didn't get "free beer"! you got "5 minutes in the naughty tent", judging by the photo you posted!