California Lustin'

Huntington Beach. CA.

Pumped to be stoked.

Camera man.

This pier is a little different than the piers in North Carolina.

HB, CA pier.

The 'Used Camera Store' in HB, probably the COOLEST thing EVER!

Mexican food, on the beach with my bestfriend Vance watching surfers. Awesome.

Manhattan Beach, CA with Pearce.
A year ago I hated California and just wanted to leave. I moved, I am in love with California now. I have a great place to live, my life is one big adventure. I am surrounded by great people...seriously it couldn't get much better.

I went to school yesterday! It was AWESOME! Esther is the sweetest lady on earth! I am so excited to start classes. The facility is next level! I felt right at home once I walked through the front doors. My class schedule is going to be really fun, I am going to be attending sit in classes (gosh I haven't done that in 2 years) two days a week starting at noon and finishing around 7-8 at night -- this will allow me to work a full time job...phew!

It has been really nice having friends around here like Vance, Spencer and Pearce -- they are all adventurous. I can't wait to blog about all my LA adventures -- heck, just going to the grocery store here is an adventure! I absolutely LOVE it down here! I am so glad that I made the move!

Yesterday after school I headed to Huntington to meet Matthew Vance, eat, do some laundry, computer nerd out, and just hang. We went to this place called Chronic Tacos. It was awesome! I was craving some Mexican food. We took it to the beach and watched some people surf -- these guys are good down here! Then we went and decided to was time to adventure to the Apple store after Vance 'spider manned' his phone screen. Ugh, the people at the Apple store were so rude. I want to file a complaint.
(hold on I am drinking coffee and it is really hot! -- I am looking out my living room window right now at downtown, and it looks like DT is a lot further away than 4 miles -- I think that googlemaps is lying to me).Vance and I headed to Huntington to take some peeeeektures of the sunset, I can't wait for him to upload them -- it was beautiful out. But, we realized that in order for Matt to fit in with all the other photog's out there he probably needs a tripod. ha! I had on a really great outfit yesterday. Someone called me Ke$ha -- I wanted to punch them!

Spencer and I have managed to find: Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Little Armenia, and Little Ethiopia -- most of the time we find them on an adventure for YogurtLand. Did you know that there is no little Italy here? Yah, how weird. I guess I will just have to make my kitchen 'little Italy' every once and a while. There is also not a little Mexico here.......

I have been living on bananas and coffee.

The 5 is REALLY noisy today.

So happy we have internet again -- we might get lucky and have the fridge put in today too! Big day here on Ave 26.

Well, time to get ready for today's adventure...oh and Em is calling! 


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