Big City Life

Me and my U-Haul
Vegas was vegas. Interbike was AWESOME! Met a lot of great people, pedaled my ass off at LeMond Fittness. Got some sweet Smith stunna' shades from Heather Crawford -- she also gave me this REALLY rad bag with speakers built in, which has been the BEST thing on earth while I have been moving in! 
Speaker box? Puhlease, I have a speaker BAG!
So, yah. Let's see what else I have been up to....hummm....well, I once again moved EVERYTHING up two flights of stairs all by myself because I am WAY to stubborn to ask for help....My back hurts right now..ha! Spencer has been the BEST and hanging out with me, he has been a huge help when it comes to hanging things up high that I can't reach and doing math to figure out how many inches apart my mirrors have to be...ha! The place looks great! Very spacious! I have never felt so at home...although it is REALLY hot. Currently, we don't have a fridge so there isn't toooo much food around, I have been living on coffee and bananas. Pretty over it. 

(sorry I am getting side tracked right now -- downloading some new music) 

Pearce (and former CBA) student and I met up yesterday and explored. We started off at my house, and then headed up to Pasadena and had some Jake's, probably one of the most legit burger places I have been. Don't worry if you come to visit I will PROBABLY take you there. Then we went on a driving expedition -- downtown, Hollywood (The Lot, where Pearce works!)  Bel-Air, Venice and  Manhattan Beach. We walked down the beach. It was soooo awesome. It makes me wish that I lived over that way -- maybe in a few months if I get over living downtown. I will admit that living here had been a little bit of a culture shock. I cannot be as independent and trusting as I would like to be... Pearce and I created a list of all the things that we want to do while we live down here -- it is looking pretty awesome right now! PUMPED! 
OH MY GOSH, how could I forget...I went to a TWO story Target! Yah, they exist! Spencer claims there is a 3 story one over near his house....we will see about that....

 I will put up pic's of my going away party as soon as I get internet at my casa. 
I miss mah Tahoe girls tremendously! Thanks for all the love and support everyone has been shooting my way it has helped out a lot with this big transition! 

Okay, well siting in Starbucks is fun, but I think I am going to go home and pretend to do something! 
Hope erryone is doing well! 


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