Angry One-- apperal & cards with impact

Conventions. They are all about networking and seeing new product. When you are spending 5 hours pedaling a bike that doesn't happen as much (ha, or as much as I am used tooooooo). I was lucky enough to meet the president of Angry One, a company devoted towards making sure that you can express yourself in the right way essentially. Stacey, the creator of Angry One, was a model for LeMond Fitness as well during Interbike. She mentioned her company on the first day and then the second day she brought in some of her product and I was really able to see what the company was. Pretty darn neat if I have to say so!
I was brought up in a family where my mom always emphasized the importance of cards and handwritten letters to people. When I was younger I thought that was so silly, when I would get a card I wouldn't really even read it and then I would toss it. I hated having to do thank yous, ugh. BUT -- they were always a must do at holidays. Then, I am not sure what it was a switch went off and I realized how important cards, letters and sending thanks yous are to people. I started saving every single cards -- I haven't thrown one out since I think my freshman year in high school (one of the Tupperware I am moving is filled with cards). I also realized how AWESOME thank you cards are and how much then mean to people, so I ALWAYS have a STACK somewhere in my room with a bunch of stamps and I send them out randomly thanking people for all the nice things they have done for me. Cards can really brighten someones days. A group that I have always struggled with doing cards for are actually my closest girlfriends -- of course, when it comes to birthday cards that's easy just grab the extra cheesy over muscular guy in a speedo card. DONE. But, of course (and I know this for a fact) getting a card like one of Stacey's creations during a rough patch would make me wicked pumped! They say great things on them like "Some people think before they speak..........obviously you're mot one of them", or "Finally I see you....As the person you really aren't", how about "He's so not worth it....let it go", and "I deserve....so much better". She also has a line of tee shirts that are fantastic too! I was lucky enough to be given a shirt and a small pile of cards (I have the shirt on now -- it is the short sleeve version of the one above). Check out the Angry One website, click here. See all the fun products that Stacey has created and support her business! I know a TON of people that would LOVE these cards!

Time to pack up the truck for the last leg of the drive....GET ME OUT OF VEGAS!

MUCH LOVE from an exhausted driver....

and, thank you to all everyone who was there to support me last night when I had my first meltdown realizing that Tahoe is gone -- and that I was facing some other stuff too. All the kindness means a lot to me!

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