California Lustin'

Huntington Beach. CA.

Pumped to be stoked.

Camera man.

This pier is a little different than the piers in North Carolina.

HB, CA pier.

The 'Used Camera Store' in HB, probably the COOLEST thing EVER!

Mexican food, on the beach with my bestfriend Vance watching surfers. Awesome.

Manhattan Beach, CA with Pearce.
A year ago I hated California and just wanted to leave. I moved, I am in love with California now. I have a great place to live, my life is one big adventure. I am surrounded by great people...seriously it couldn't get much better.

I went to school yesterday! It was AWESOME! Esther is the sweetest lady on earth! I am so excited to start classes. The facility is next level! I felt right at home once I walked through the front doors. My class schedule is going to be really fun, I am going to be attending sit in classes (gosh I haven't done that in 2 years) two days a week starting at noon and finishing around 7-8 at night -- this will allow me to work a full time job...phew!

It has been really nice having friends around here like Vance, Spencer and Pearce -- they are all adventurous. I can't wait to blog about all my LA adventures -- heck, just going to the grocery store here is an adventure! I absolutely LOVE it down here! I am so glad that I made the move!

Yesterday after school I headed to Huntington to meet Matthew Vance, eat, do some laundry, computer nerd out, and just hang. We went to this place called Chronic Tacos. It was awesome! I was craving some Mexican food. We took it to the beach and watched some people surf -- these guys are good down here! Then we went and decided to was time to adventure to the Apple store after Vance 'spider manned' his phone screen. Ugh, the people at the Apple store were so rude. I want to file a complaint.
(hold on I am drinking coffee and it is really hot! -- I am looking out my living room window right now at downtown, and it looks like DT is a lot further away than 4 miles -- I think that googlemaps is lying to me).Vance and I headed to Huntington to take some peeeeektures of the sunset, I can't wait for him to upload them -- it was beautiful out. But, we realized that in order for Matt to fit in with all the other photog's out there he probably needs a tripod. ha! I had on a really great outfit yesterday. Someone called me Ke$ha -- I wanted to punch them!

Spencer and I have managed to find: Little Tokyo, Chinatown, Little Armenia, and Little Ethiopia -- most of the time we find them on an adventure for YogurtLand. Did you know that there is no little Italy here? Yah, how weird. I guess I will just have to make my kitchen 'little Italy' every once and a while. There is also not a little Mexico here.......

I have been living on bananas and coffee.

The 5 is REALLY noisy today.

So happy we have internet again -- we might get lucky and have the fridge put in today too! Big day here on Ave 26.

Well, time to get ready for today's adventure...oh and Em is calling! 



Big City Life

Me and my U-Haul
Vegas was vegas. Interbike was AWESOME! Met a lot of great people, pedaled my ass off at LeMond Fittness. Got some sweet Smith stunna' shades from Heather Crawford -- she also gave me this REALLY rad bag with speakers built in, which has been the BEST thing on earth while I have been moving in! 
Speaker box? Puhlease, I have a speaker BAG!
So, yah. Let's see what else I have been up to....hummm....well, I once again moved EVERYTHING up two flights of stairs all by myself because I am WAY to stubborn to ask for help....My back hurts right now..ha! Spencer has been the BEST and hanging out with me, he has been a huge help when it comes to hanging things up high that I can't reach and doing math to figure out how many inches apart my mirrors have to be...ha! The place looks great! Very spacious! I have never felt so at home...although it is REALLY hot. Currently, we don't have a fridge so there isn't toooo much food around, I have been living on coffee and bananas. Pretty over it. 

(sorry I am getting side tracked right now -- downloading some new music) 

Pearce (and former CBA) student and I met up yesterday and explored. We started off at my house, and then headed up to Pasadena and had some Jake's, probably one of the most legit burger places I have been. Don't worry if you come to visit I will PROBABLY take you there. Then we went on a driving expedition -- downtown, Hollywood (The Lot, where Pearce works!)  Bel-Air, Venice and  Manhattan Beach. We walked down the beach. It was soooo awesome. It makes me wish that I lived over that way -- maybe in a few months if I get over living downtown. I will admit that living here had been a little bit of a culture shock. I cannot be as independent and trusting as I would like to be... Pearce and I created a list of all the things that we want to do while we live down here -- it is looking pretty awesome right now! PUMPED! 
OH MY GOSH, how could I forget...I went to a TWO story Target! Yah, they exist! Spencer claims there is a 3 story one over near his house....we will see about that....

 I will put up pic's of my going away party as soon as I get internet at my casa. 
I miss mah Tahoe girls tremendously! Thanks for all the love and support everyone has been shooting my way it has helped out a lot with this big transition! 

Okay, well siting in Starbucks is fun, but I think I am going to go home and pretend to do something! 
Hope erryone is doing well! 



Angry One-- apperal & cards with impact

Conventions. They are all about networking and seeing new product. When you are spending 5 hours pedaling a bike that doesn't happen as much (ha, or as much as I am used tooooooo). I was lucky enough to meet the president of Angry One, a company devoted towards making sure that you can express yourself in the right way essentially. Stacey, the creator of Angry One, was a model for LeMond Fitness as well during Interbike. She mentioned her company on the first day and then the second day she brought in some of her product and I was really able to see what the company was. Pretty darn neat if I have to say so!
I was brought up in a family where my mom always emphasized the importance of cards and handwritten letters to people. When I was younger I thought that was so silly, when I would get a card I wouldn't really even read it and then I would toss it. I hated having to do thank yous, ugh. BUT -- they were always a must do at holidays. Then, I am not sure what it was a switch went off and I realized how important cards, letters and sending thanks yous are to people. I started saving every single cards -- I haven't thrown one out since I think my freshman year in high school (one of the Tupperware I am moving is filled with cards). I also realized how AWESOME thank you cards are and how much then mean to people, so I ALWAYS have a STACK somewhere in my room with a bunch of stamps and I send them out randomly thanking people for all the nice things they have done for me. Cards can really brighten someones days. A group that I have always struggled with doing cards for are actually my closest girlfriends -- of course, when it comes to birthday cards that's easy just grab the extra cheesy over muscular guy in a speedo card. DONE. But, of course (and I know this for a fact) getting a card like one of Stacey's creations during a rough patch would make me wicked pumped! They say great things on them like "Some people think before they speak..........obviously you're mot one of them", or "Finally I see you....As the person you really aren't", how about "He's so not worth it....let it go", and "I deserve....so much better". She also has a line of tee shirts that are fantastic too! I was lucky enough to be given a shirt and a small pile of cards (I have the shirt on now -- it is the short sleeve version of the one above). Check out the Angry One website, click here. See all the fun products that Stacey has created and support her business! I know a TON of people that would LOVE these cards!

Time to pack up the truck for the last leg of the drive....GET ME OUT OF VEGAS!

MUCH LOVE from an exhausted driver....

and, thank you to all everyone who was there to support me last night when I had my first meltdown realizing that Tahoe is gone -- and that I was facing some other stuff too. All the kindness means a lot to me!


good things come in 3's.

Well, for those of you who care I made it to Vegas. I have been working here for the last two days at Interbike for LeMond Fitness. It has been wicked fun, everyone was super nice! I am pretty sore from getting so much spinning in after not being able to ride a majority of the summer.

As for the move. It was going smoothly. Now I am just completely stressed. I actually have been a complete basket case since I picked the U-haul up the other day. I have no one to friggin support me right now and it is really really hard on me. I am emotionally a mess, and more shit just keeps flying at me. I have NO clue what to do. Why can't things like this go smoothly?

They say good things come in 3's. I think that once you reach your limit of 3 good things a day something really bad also happens. I am trying to stay as opened minded as I can, but it is just not working. Good things that happened today were: Cycling, seeing Heather and getting a few presents from her (THANK YOU!), and hanging out with a friend Bo. It was nice and relaxing to be around the people that think similar tooooooo me, especially after all the commotion that is circling my life these days. I am ready to crawl into a cave for the next few days, if all goes well.

I have worked incredibly hard to do everything in a cool, calm and collective way when it comes to FIDM, and I am proud to say I have done a majority of it on my own. Having to ask for help is one of the hardest things for me to do, and most of the time I prepare myself for the worst because I know that 98% of the time that is what is going to happen. I wish that I had someone around to help me out right now. I could just use a friggin hug. So please, if you feel like sharing some positive news with me and a hug I would love it. Pleaseeeeee someone just help me out a little....


Syd and I are a powerhouse

My new home.
Found some roommates. Found a place to live in LA. Couldn't be more pumped! WAHOO! The condo is perfect! I can't wait to move in! It is so nice to not have to stress about that anymore. After Vance and I played around in Pasadena I decided that it would probably be most beneficial if I headed back to Tahoe. I got back around 1:30-2 am. I was EXHAUSTED. My plan for today was to sleep in and enjoy it, because my life is going to be a whirlwind the next couple of days.

Tomorrow there is a toodaloo tahoe shindig here around 5. It is going to be really hard saying ta-ta to all my friends -- but I know most of them will stick around and stay really awesome friends. They have really made Tahoe special to me.

I have to figure out a trailer. Ugh. And which room I want to take...I am leaning towards the master right now....buttttttttt I could go for the normal sized room too. The condo is in a great location. I am really looking forward to buying a single speed and mobbing around all the different parts of LA with Vance and my other friends. I am so excited I can't even explain. I was so pumped to be in LA I smiled the entire time I was in traffic! haha!

I take off for Vegas (Interbike) at some point on Tuesday.
Work Wednesday, and possibly Thursday.
And then I am trying to convince Christina to come and help me move in on Friday.
Then San Diego to see the prego Stahler (hopefully I will be able to get down there).
Then I have a few days to get aquaantied with my new city via orientation.
THEN back to Vegas for the UNR v. UNLV football game ( WHICH I have NEVER gone to in the 4 1/2 years that I was at UNR --I HAVE TO DO IT NOW, pretty sure it is on my bucket list).
Then, more orientation and school starts.



Yes, Please do...

True Alumni

I caved.
Alix, Britt and I @ Sliver peak for lunch
I caved. I bought an "alumni" license plate holder. It is AWESOME -- I'll admit, it was on my to-do's for today (and signing up for the alumni society is also on my to-do's). I got a little sad when I was walking around the bookstore and driving down Virginia -- it made me think of all the amazing times that I had at the University of Nevada, Reno. The fact that I graduated really set in today.  I am proud to say that I was a part of the wolfpack! UNR provided not only an education, but time for me to grown up, and become the person that I am today (while allowing me to ski ohhh 6 - 7 days a week! bahahahaha!). I experienced so many wonderful things and met so many fabulous people -- I wouldn't trade the last 5 years of my life for anything. (FYI -- I already looked at FIDM alum plate holders -- I figure that one will have to go on the front! ha...how cheesy! LOVE IT!)

I had a "going away/ catching up" lunch with Alix and Britt today. Gosh, I am going to miss those girls. But, I know that we will always be friends -- I can't wait for them to come down South to visit me. Time to start planning the going away party -- the more people I have to say goodbye to the harder it is going to be. BUT I am SO excited for the next chapter of my life. Although trying to work out the finer details of moving has become a complete pain in the ass I know in the long run it is all going to be worth it!

MUCH LOVE from a proud UNR alum!


Red Truck

Red Truck parked outside of Cyclopaths
Today Christopher and I met up for a nice road bike ride up Donner Pass. I haven't been able to do that climb allllllll summer due to my busy work schedule and my knee injury. I knew it was going to be painful, but I was totally ready for it -- it is a brutal climb. 3 miles of up, my fastest time ever was 19 minutes about two summers ago when I was riding REALLY well. Bosco did it today in 18:10. I was about 4 minutes behind him. AWESOME! I climbed at a good steady pace, I was satisfied. I have ridden a lot lately, my legs are toast right now -- but, that won't stop me from going out tomorrow and pedaling some more.

It was really nice to play catch-up. After the ride we Chris mentioned food, we were both pretty damn hungry, even after our short but grueling pedal. He asked if I had tried the Red Truck yet, I had NO clue what the heck he was talking about. Then I realized I had seen it a few times, and way back when we were dating we had seen something similar to it on Food Network. The basic concept is a moving food cart. The location changes daily, and they have an assorted menu of delicious lunch meals to satisfy everyone's craving. You figure out where the truck is via social Interweb network (facebook, twitter, etc), Bosco figured out with his handy dandy iPhone 4 that it was going to be parked outside of Cyclopaths in downtown Truckee. They were just setting up. It was pretty neat. They have great tunes, a table to enjoy your grub at and the service was friendly and fast! I went for the tikka malsasa chicken tacos for $5 (which includes two small tacos, topped with tzatziki, slaw, cucumber pico and crispy quinoa! YUM! Bosco when for the $9 Nanwich with beef. The portions were perfect! The food was light and good lunch food. The flavors of the tacos were out of control good!  The sauces, which are on just outside the ordering window, were super tasty -- we tried them all while we were waiting for our food. I went for one that I am guessing was some sort of cilantro sauce (it was light green), they have spicy ones, and mild ones, and according to Chris one that tasted like hummus (I disagree, but everyone's pallet is different). The prices are reasonable I guess, but on the expensive side of reasonable. We also tried a two of their drinks on the menu. I went for the watermelon aqua fresca for $3, and Bosco when for the mango lassi for the same price. The aqua fresca was good, fairly bland just like a watermelon. But, the mango lassi that Bosco got was AMAZING, it was a tad bit thicker than a normal drink consistency, full of flavor. YUM YUM YUM (I wish I would have gone with the lassi--next time).

I think that the Red Truck is a fantastic idea! The food is well worth the money, the tastes of everything is incredible. The outdoor in and out atmosphere is pretty awesome! So, if you are in Truckee and you happen to see the Red Truck stop in and grab some grub! The one MAJOR downside is that they don't take credit/debit cards sooooo make sure you have cash or else you are S.O.L!!!! Check out their website, and figure out where the Red Truck is parked today: Red Truck Tahoe


Webber Falls

Wilson and I were lazily laying around on my bed this afternoon when there was a knocking at the door -- we had NO clue who it was until Priscilla and Dave walked in. They said they decided to stop in and say hi since they were on a search mission to find this place Webber Falls. Without hesitation I said, lets go!
Priscilla had discovered Webber Falls when she googled "Waterfalls in Truckee", yep -- that simple! They came across Squaw when they realized that 89 ended, and the directions seemed wrong, orrrrr so they thought. Turns out 89 North is completely the opposite direction than the way they were headed. So, we gathered up some stuff and headed out.
The falls are pretty closet to Sierraville (about 8 miles South). It was fun searching for them. Super easy to access, which in our case seemed to be very important. It was REALLY pretty down there once we got down there, of course -- with more water it would probably be even neater.

Me standing at the top of one of the falls
Wilson and I at Webber Falls
Priscilla, Wilson and Dave
One of the many pools at the falls.
Totally cool place. A great and simple afternoon adventure! I highly suggest it!



“We are shaped by our thoughts. We become what we think. When the mind is pure, joy follows like a shadow that never leaves.” - Buddha

TGR, "Deeper"

Last night in Truckee was the world premier of Jeremy Jones' "Deeper". I think I have watched a whopping 2 snowboard videos in my entire life -- this being one of them. But, as soon as I saw the trailer I was interested. Talk about next level! These guys are completely fearless! I spent most of the movie with my eyes as big as saucers and jaw dropped to the floor in amazement. Wow...that is all I can say! Super pumped that TGR decided to premier it out here in Tahoe, instead of Jackson Hole -- totally loved all the local shred footy that had in the movie. Seeing the time they riders spent in the Sierra Nevada's and Donner Pass was rad, from a local stand point, it is a great reminder of all the fantastic terrain that we have RIGHT here in our backyard. Totally pumped that I went to see this movie! (I am totally totally excited to see TGR's "Light the Wick" although, I know it is going to bum be out since I will be missing my first shred season in 23 years).  Huge props to the riders who are out there doing this stuff!!! Check out TGR's website to see if the movie will be premiering near you -- go see it. If you can't do that order it -- well worth it!

Kipling's "If", Dr. Bronners bottles and biking.

Glass Mountain mountain bike ride, over looking Lake Tahoe. Friggin gorgeous.


If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you,
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you
But make allowance for their doubting too,
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:
If you can dream--and not make dreams your master,
If you can think--and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools:
If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when there is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"
If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings--nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you;
If all men count with you, but none too much,
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run,
Yours is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And--which is more--you'll be a Man, my son!
By Rudyard Kipling (1865-1936).

Dr. Bronner's

I remember being back in Vermont when I was a little tyke and bathing with Dr. Bronner's Magic Soap. 23 years later I still have a bottle on hand in my shower. I read the bottle every time that I am in the shower -- I thought that "If" by Kipling was something good to share. It is amazing what you can find on those Dr. Bronner's bottles if you take the time to read them!You should probably invest in some Dr. Bronner's next time you are at the store (16 oz. for about $9) -- you can find it in health stores (and CVS in Truckee carries it, HUGE surprise!). If you don't want to spend $9 on a certified fair trade product, at least check out the Dr. Bronner's website. It is full of really awesome information, it shows the companies array of products to suite everyone's needs, and gives a VERY interesting family history that all goes into the making of the pure-castile soap with 18-in-1 different uses (Legit...I'd say so!, someday I will figure out exactly what all 18 uses really are. You know that classic saying "A little bit will go a long way", that totally applies with this soap -- who ever knew you could get so EXCITED about soap! ha!

I have been spending a bunch of time on my bike lately. Wilson has shown me a bunch of RAD rides...of course right before I plan to leave! ha! I have enjoyed every single second of it, I am so thankful to be out pedaling. Something I have found interesting is the lack of smiles that are shared on the bike path. How can you NOT smile when you are riding a bike?!?! AHHH -- I love it! I will admit I am pretty zonked right now (I even squeezed in a cat nap this afternoon!). I was going to take a day off from biking until I friend said he just got back from a ride...then the wheels in my head started to turn and I said HECK WHY NOT?! 

I have really enjoyed my last several days in Tahoe. I am trying to make the most out of them before I move to the concert jungle -- and don't get me wrong, I am ecstatic about the move, a little nervous...but it wouldn't be worth it if I wasn't nervous. I am ready for a change, I am ready to meet new people, I am ready to slowly start my "big girl" life.   


Life changing experience.

A few posts ago I wrote about how I was headed out to Burning Man. I had no clue what to expect -- I was nervous, anxious, all types of scared. At first there was a hiccup with my ride situation, but then Alix graciously found a ride for me out with Jillian and Kendyll. I was nervous because Kendyll and I had a history of not getting along....that all changed out on the playa -- I could not be more thankful that I spent time with her and all the other girls I was with. They are amazing and beautiful people both inside and out. Burning Man changes people -- I think that everyone should go. I am already excited to go back next year. The people I met were amazing, and the love out there on the playa was so strong.

This post is hard for me to write because I want to share all my stories with everyone -- but, in reality I know I wouldn't be able to muster up the words to express the collection of emotions that I experienced out there. I have never been in an environment with so many people that I didn't know (about 42,000 people) where everyone is so loving, caring and carefree, non-judgmental and just into life in general. Everyone was there to support each other.  I needed to experience that -- I also needed to have time to find parts and pieces of myself that I had never crossed. I changed....for the better. I cannot even start to tell you the happiness, and contentment I have found within myself over the last couple days. I am so lucky to live this amazing life that I have. I am even more lucky to have all you amazing people touch my life in so many amazing ways. I am happy with Bud, it is honestly the most satisfying feeling I could possibly have right now -- especially during such a large time of transistion in my life. Burning Man is a bonding experience, and you create amazing relationships -- most will last a lifetime and I am happy to say that I made many of those. 

The feeling of freedom out on the playa is insane. I feel in love. We dressed "Janky" (our camp's new favorite word), drank tequila and ate pounds of cheez-its (matter of fact if I never had to eat another cheez-it again I will be completely satisfied). We dances until the sun popped up over the mountains in the distance. We rolled around in the playa dust and took 'showers' with baby wipes. We were carefree. We shared so many hugs. We pounded coconut water, and talked to strangers. We tested out what the heck an Indian Taco was on the side of the road. We traded trink-its for other goodies. We road on abstract art cars. We made up words and drank iced coffee. We learned about each others lives and ups and downs we have all had. We dressed in the 'clothset'-- our clothing filled tent, and wore neon colored fur vests. We went through pounds and pounds of sparkle. We were fed otterpops while traveling across the dried lake bed. We didn't shower and had one REAL meal supplied by Alix's grandpa (which was amazing -- salmon!). We laughed until we cried. We wore the most bizarre clothing on the face of the planet, but it was normal there. We snuggled in a tent, only to find we would be awaken by dubstep which would excite us to go out and explore the vast city of tents and beautiful people. We walked for miles. We road bikes, and had a few stolen...or borrowed I guess. We found solace in the temple. My finger slammed in the car door and I remained completely calm. We had blisters on our feet and had to use outhouses all week. We played on jungle-gyms like kids. It was like we were in a dream. We googled at the indescribable artwork, and support each other when emotions got the best of us. We drank flavored vinegar and found new friends. We watched the man burn to the ground, and took in the beauty around us. 

359 days until I get to go back to the playa. I cannot get Black Rock City out of my head. As soon as I closed the door to the car Ashley and I started planning for next year. A 'camp' of structures must be constructed, a shower and meals must be considered. Next year (or at some point) I want to enter Burning Man by skydiving in, it happened several times a day and to watch the people dive in was so beautiful. They say that your first burn is the best, but I think that every year that I go burn it is only going to get better and better. I cannot wait to walk across the playa and watch the sun rise next year -- I cannot wait to turn right off the road and share a hug at the gate with the people greeting -- even if I am returning. I cannot wait to have playa hair and to dance dance dance.

My Janky girls. Ashley, Kendyll and Jillian.
The Temple. This actually happened to be the first thing that we walked up to our FIRST night on the playa -- we didn't plan to make it our first stop, but it was. Pretty deep -- lots of emotion.
The lady.
One of my favorite art cars on the playa. It was a dragonfly. It took the people two years of planning and constructing. The wings even moved!
Sheryll and I.
Spinny chairs. Amazingly fun. We went back a few times.
spinning. spinning. spinning.
Spinning the wheel. My spin landed on 'free beer', how convenient!
We ran into a collection of mannequins out in the playa one night. There faces had been cut out and replaced with speakers. each mannequin had a different recording in it or a person talking about something -- I feel in love with 'Marshall' -- he was talking about how girls need to respect themselves more -- ugh, if he was only real...
Jilly and my 'man' tattoos.
Playa family. Shelby and I met freshman year -- it was like we were making the full circle. Jilly and I were in Pi Phi (different years), Kendyll and I always hung out with the same people but didn't see eye to eye until our time on the playa. Alix was a part of the family too! Burning Man unites you.
I lost that umbrella.
Elliott was one of the many people I ran into out on the playa. I love my friends, really seriously friggin LOVE them.
359 days until I can go back to the Playa.
Dancing in the crows nest of the pirate ship art car in the middle of a dust storm with Kendyll.
Jilly and I braving one of the MANY dust storms.
The man at sunset.
Teef and tight pants. I love Jason.
Amazing art. I was so memorized by this thing I felt a litttttle narcissistic for constantly staring into the mirror and watching my reflection. 
next level.
Our little wild thing Ashley. <3
This is how I want to enter burning man next year, by sky diving. It was beautiful.
Jilly became one of my bestfriends on the playa.
Watching the man buuuuuuurrrn

Thank you to all the people who made my first Burning Man experience amazing. I love you all so much. I cannot wait until next year! And, another check off my bucket list....

so MUCH LOVE i can't even express it...