a weekend of festivities, South Lake edition

This weekend was one of my good girlfriends, Alix, birthday. We started the shindig in Reno on Saturday night with a Vokab Kompany concert, to bar hopping, to dancing the night away at Work (yes, I danced!). The next day we moved up to her fathers LOVELY house and played and played and played! It was epic....words honestly cannot describe the funness of my weekend, it has to rate in my top 5.
Janine, Alix and I at Seven on West waiting for Vokab to play
Casey came out. 
Thank goodness the girls had some food in the car
Vance and French. No clue what I would do without this kid.....
Ran into Jason "tight pants" Kell, from our days of "tits, teef, and tight pants"
Whatdaya know, Bryce Newcomb was there and Shaw before his trip to Parr.... 
Keep it classy Reno.
The boys went swimming in the rain
While I played photographer and drank mimosas in the rain
This was the sunset we had that night. Pretty epic, eh?
It isn't a party without Jenga.
Q: how many bottles of Mimosas can one person go through? A: 4
Texting...of course.... 
this is what a tower of beer looks like in case you were wondering
Then, it started to get messy. We had a food fight with cake.
Day 3 group foto.
Jenga down? Finish your drink.
There was dancing.
Kota and Stella were pooped after running away twice.
There was A LOT of wrestling. I won when I was wrestling...duh. 
Vokab Kompany. Love it!I cannot even explain how pumped I was to see them!
Sparkle vest Alex.
The right way to start a sunday funday.
We pop bottles.
Thug life.
There was TONS of silly bandz trading
Stella run away #1
Monday was beautiful
Super Fly-ing Ashley
Monday sunset.
Justin has the key to my heart...hahah..noooo not really..I found it again
Marshmellow man
Tuesday's sunset at work was pretty epic too.
So, yep..this weekend was amazing. A few hiccups along the way...but really awesome. I love my friends. I am enjoying life. This is great.


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