We live in a beautiful world

I road my bike home the other night and this was what I was able to enjoy. I am lucky.
There is something about biking and running that makes me feel complete. I take in my surrounds so much more when I am out there in nature. If I would have been driving I would have never been able to get a picture like the one above.

Today, I went running around Donner Lake. The sunset was unbelievable. I wish you could have seen it...The pinks, oranges, blues and purples across the sky almost took my breath away (which in my case wouldn't have really been good since I was running...). The sunset was peeking through the trees, there was one point when a bird swooped into the beautiful scene that I have been playing through my head this entire night. I love the lake. I enjoy the Tahoe area for its beauty....I am excited for a change. I think that when you grow up in such amazing places, like the ones I have been blessed to live in, you take the beauty and uniqueness for granted. It is time for me to be out of my comfort zone....even more. I need to take in the outdoors while I am here.

Go out and enjoy a sunset. Take in the beauty that you have surrounded yourself in may it be cement towers or hundred foot pine trees -- everything holds something special, and you will not notice that until you slow down.


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