Truckee River

Lake Tahoe is beautiful. Donner is awesome. And the Truckee River is next level.Yah, so what it is a river....I didn't think it was anything special until I started biking or running next to it for the last two months. It is such a sleepy serene body of water. I have seen some of the most alluring sunsets on the face of the planet as I slowly pedal down the narrow bike path -- but, the part that always irks me is the amount of trash that covers the riversides during the summer. The Truckee river is known for floating, grab your tube, your friends and a 24 pack of liquid gold. I admit, I love floating...but to see the amount of crap that people leave makes me so sad. You are hurting the ecosystem -- be kind to our earth. Don't leave your empties on on the bike path, or better yet at the bottom of the river. Take out what you take in. It is not hard to keep an eye on all of your trash. One of the worst things is when people leave their deflated rafts just laying there. To local kids my age those are gold -- only because a river run costs a mere $20. There river is lined with trash cans and port-o-potties. Use them. The trash not only hurts the river life, but then the trash is also a disturbance to those of us who use the bike path -- it is not fun to swerve around cans, bottles, rafts, and drunken people. Keep Tahoe clean so that generation after generation can enjoy this lovely place. Where you pollute is my home, and home to many others -- we don't go to your home and leave trash all over the place, so out of respect people do the same here.


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